IndoPak2016: Musharraf to not speak – chicken or disinvited?

Musharraf and Haqqani are not in the panel of speakers at IndoPak2016 event at NYU.

For reasons unknown, Musharraf and Haqqani will not be speaking at IndoPak2016
For reasons unknown, Musharraf and Haqqani will not be speaking at IndoPak2016

The schedule of events for tomorrow at the New York University conference titled The first Collegiate Conference on India and Pakistan has changed, drastically. Former President and Chief of the Army Pervez Musharraf and Fmr. Ambassador of Pakistan to the US Hussain Haqqani are no longer going to be speaking at the event. The updated schedule of events for tomorrow is shown below:
IndoPak2016 Schedule change
This throws up a few questions:

  1. Did Musharraf change his mind at the last moment? If yes, what was it that triggered the change? It is difficult to not draw parallels between this and the delayed acceptance of Nawaz Sharif to attend Modi’s oath taking ceremony… Is Mr. Musharraf not the master of his domain? But what about Haqqani? Why did he change his mind?

  2. Did New York University withdraw the invitation citing Baloch Human Rights violation as an issue? This compelling video, released just two days ago shows Pakistan army allegedly attacking Balochistan people. While the exact date of occurrence is not known, the video is disturbing. The United States (US) State Department spokesperson John Kirby on September 13th stated that the US does not support independence for Balochistan. Has the US stance changed?

Whatever be the reason, Pakistan’s troubles are deepening after the Surgical Strike by India. Intrusions are continuing to happen along the border with India and new reports of perceived threats in Ayodhya and Gaya are emerging on the Social Media. Is the end near for this failed state? Only time will tell.

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  1. Whatever is conveyed by Mr Swamy is going to be denied/opposed by the failed State.
    However there are two Pak supporters speaking,one erstwhile scion of opportunistic rulers of Kashmir after ensuring its division, the present admirer of separatist/terrorist/extremist elements and an inconsequential Pak actor who will rant about ‘culture/art without borders’ without similar reciprocation by Pak, supporting pure commercial money making exercise.
    The organisers however should have arranged for a wider spectrum of speakers to have balanced authenticity.


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