INX Media bribery case – CBI seeks Sanction for Prosecution against four officers for conniving with corrupt Chidambaram

CBI seeks Sanction for Prosecution from the government of 4 IAS officers in the illegal FIPB clearance for INX Media

CBI seeks Sanction for Prosecution from the government of 4 IAS officers in the illegal FIPB clearance for INX Media
CBI seeks Sanction for Prosecution from the government of 4 IAS officers in the illegal FIPB clearance for INX Media

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has sought Sanction for Prosecution against four former officers working in Finance Ministry including three Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officers in the INX Media case involving charges of bribery against former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and son Karti. The officers found in the investigation to be in conspiracy with Chidambaram in illegally approving the FIPB clearance in 2008 were former NITI Aayog CEO Sindhushree Khullar, former secretary of the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Anup K Pujari and current principal secretary in the Himachal Pradesh government, Prabodh Saxena and a retired Under Secretary Rabindra Prasad.

These officers were then working at the Economic Affairs Department and illegally approved the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance to INX Media where Chidambaram’s son Karti was caught for accepting a bribe of Rs.5 crores from the TV channel promoters and accused Indrani Mukerjea and Peter Mukerjea. Indrani has already become an approver in the case, blaming Chidambaram for pressurizing her to pay a bribe to save from the Income Tax prosecution.

Sindhushree Khullar was the then additional secretary in the Economic Affairs Department and was earlier Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Chidambaram when he was the Finance Minister in the Deve Gowda Government. Anup Pujari was Joint Secretary and Prabodh Saxena, Director in Finance Ministry and illegally approved the FIPB clearance to INX Media. The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) already approved with CBI’s sanction for prosecution and the files are currently in Finance Ministry now[1].

The CBI is expected to file a charge sheet soon in the fast track court meant for MPs and MLAs as the two accused, P Chidambaram and Karti are Parliamentarians. The CBI has already arrested Karti in February 2017 and attached his Rs.54 crores worth properties in Delhi, Ooty, Cambridge and Spain[2].

INX Media bribery was unearthed in the joint raid of Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax headed by the Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh in connection with the Aircel-Maxis scam in Karti’s home and firms in December 2014. ED found that in 2007, the INX Media got FIPB approval to receive just Rs. five crores as FDI. But the TV channel owners illegally brought in Rs.305 crores and were caught by the Income Tax Department. From saving from the Income Tax department’s prosecution, Indrani and Peter approached Chidambaram and paid a bribe of Rs.5 crores to Karti. The bribe money was routed through Karti’s firms Advantage Strategic Consulting and Chess Management Services Private Limited. After receiving the bribe, INX Media got illegal post-facto FIPB clearance for the illegally brought Rs.305 crores to be saved from Income Tax prosecution.

Meanwhile, Delhi High Court has already reserved for Orders in January 2019 on the anticipatory bail granted to Chidambaram and CBI’s request to cancel it seeking custodial interrogation of the former Finance Minister.  Delhi HC is expected to pass the verdict in July when courts open after summer vacation.


[1] CVC seeks sanction to prosecute ex-NITI Aayog CEO, former MSME secretary, serving IAS officer in INX Media caseJun 20, 2019,

[2] ED attaches Rs.54 crores worth assets of Karti Chidambaram in the INX Media bribery caseOct 11, 2018,

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  2. ‘Seeking Sanctions for Prosecution’, ‘Protection from Arrest’, ‘Anticipatory Bail’, ‘Pleas to quash Summons or FIRs’ are the main ‘legal loopholes’ which high class criminals like Chidambaram exploit to the fullest.

    Fast Track Courts for political criminals should deny these undue advantages to the Accused & conduct day to day proceedings without Adjournments

    5 years after the people rejected the UPA Mafia, CBI is still seeking Sanctions for Prosecution’??!!

    Modi.2 should identify the moles in CBI, Judiciary, Prosecution Team, Secretariat Babus & terminate thrm

    • Good crisp comments.
      Criminals go to jail forenoon and return before sunset with garlands…huge supporters taking their criminal neta in a procession back home!!

      By the time Mod-II govt “identifies” and take actions possibilities of “corrupt men/women/officers may become mice”!!

  3. Dr Swamy is a respected Fighter for Hindus. One of the greatest in Modern Times, but he also could not make the Courts move on Ram Mandir before 2019..IT HAS HAPPENED as PAKIPANJABI, OUTSIDER, White Nazi genetic lumpen, 1947 rattlesnakes had demanded. 2019, because Italian and Vatican mafia first buys media and judiciary. Anybody who has read Godfather by Mario Puzo would know, and it is a story of Real Mafia working.
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  4. Its a bloody shame. Nobody in the prosecuting agencies or government can close this case. Its unprecedented that inspite of so much evidence being published on social media, nobody has been arrested. What more can be said. Its becoming a joke. How can India become a super power if they cannot prosecute top politicians inspite of so much evidence. The system is inefficient and the judiciary n government officials totally corrupt.

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  6. Nothing will happen to PC and prodigal son Karti. They are born to enjoy and have connections high up in the BJP caucus as well as all ears and eyes of the Delhi IAS Cadre and judicial machinery to cover and look after their interests without losing any money. Done deal with all media hype fooling Aam Admi of India. PC and Karti will fly on protected Guarded Govt. paid Business class fares to commute back and forth between MDU-MAA-DEL while claiming rental car expense charged for travel between Karaikudi and Madurai. India is ready to drain money pampering Palaniappan Clan, PC, the Perennial Corrupts of India.

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  7. INX Media bribery case – CBI seeks Sanction for Prosecution against four officers for conniving with corrupt Chidambaram. I guess the same CBI waited for 6 to 12 months to get former FM AJ’s nod to prosecute against four officers for conniving with corrupt Chidambaram!!

    2019 Elections defeated corruption issue. BJP has shown Dr.SS his place!! Sorry to say this!!
    BJP will not risk its second term mandate and in office also!!

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