Is Imran Khan becoming fascist? Jails friend, media personality Mohsin Jamil Baig – who’s next?

Imran Khan, seeing the writing on the wall is lashing out

There have been a series of media people being targeted by Imran Khan. In the past it was Hamid Mir of Geo TV, who criticized Imran Khan. He and his whole family were targeted, including his father.

As Imran Khan’s political position is now being rumored as headed towards dethronement, via no-confidence motion in Parliament, he is lashing out at anyone speaking against him.
At a recent news show, Imran Khan’s private association with Murad Saeed referred to in Reham Khan’s book was mentioned, only the book was mentioned, not the content. This resulted in the woman anchor being targeted, and the TV show being shut down. A complaint was registered against Maryam Nawaz for mocking the first lady by the FIA. All this is being seen as Imran Khan becoming more and more fascist in trying to maintain his power.

Now, according to, The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday raided the residence of media personality Mohsin Jamil Baig in Islamabad and arrested him after he allegedly shot at and roughed up members of the raiding team. For those who don’t know, the FIA is the equivalent of the FBI in the USA or the CBI in India.

According to the FIA, Baig was arrested on the basis of a First Information Report filed by Federal Communications Minister Murad Saeed, who accused Baig of tarnishing his reputation in a TV program. Many of the program panelists had questioned the decision to award one of the Top 10 performing ministers in the Federal Government.

A video put out by a Special Asst. to the PM on Political Communications, Dr. Shahbaz Gill (@SHABAZGIL) is provided as evidence that Baig had a pistol

As he was being taken away, Baig said in his defence that he did not say anything new in the program and was merely quoting from a book that had been published a while back. The book he was referring to was the one written by Reham Khan.

“They came to my house in the middle of the night and took me away and manhandled me in the jail,” Baig said. He further insinuated that all this was done at the behest of Imran Khan. Explaining why he shot, he said that the intruders were not in uniform and that all of the weapons owned by him were licensed.

At the hearing, police asked the court to send Baig on a five-day physical remand.
But his lawyer urged the court to send Baig on judicial remand instead, saying he would be subjected to torture in police custody.

The court, however, sent Baig on a three-day physical remand in police custody and directed police to get his medical check-up done.

An once-upon-a-time-friend of Imran Khan finds himself behind the bars now.

Shehbaz Sharif tweeted that Im the Dim is in panic mode:

“Arrest of Mohsin Baig, once a fast friend of IK, shows how panicked the regime is. Niazi saab gives long sermons on democracy & morality but cannot stand even minor criticism. Free speech has vastly been curtailed in the last 3.5 years of his rule. It is the worst time in the nation’s history.”

Is Shehbaz Sharif next?
Imran Khan probably sees Shehbaz Sharif as his biggest and most probable replacement, therefore his biggest enemy. He has been trying to put Shehbaz Sharif behind bars with various cases. Now the FIA, which is directly under his control, has filed cases against Shehbaz. The next hearing is on Feb 18, and there is a high probability that he will go after Shehbaz whether or not Shehbaz goes for the court date.

What is Imran trying to do? According to reliable sources, he has turned fascist. Some are saying that he is even threatening Bajwa with blackmail! Does he want martyrdom rather than be removed from his position? There are political insiders predicting the no-confidence motion to remove IK around Feb 27. Also – there is a Foreign funding case against him which will be decided on Mar 1 by the Supreme Court, which can possibly disqualify him.

We had predicted that events were moving fast in Pakistan and here you go!


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