Sree Iyer at Indo-American Press Club Webinar on India-US relations offers 2 steps for Modi Govt.

In a post-Covid world, how will India create jobs? As infrastructure lays in distress and the US looking to move manufacturing away from China, what does India have to do to attract these American companies. Two steps done and two more to go - Sree Iyer explains the two simple steps needed to be done by the Modi government and India will blow through the 5 T dollar economy mark. Watch till the end.

Complete discussion can be watched at – IAPC Webinar on “Impact on India-US Defense Collaboration Agreements” by: KERALA VISION Live Stream


  1. I’d like to see more favorable coverage of India, Hindus and a halt to offensive content from the US mainstream media about us. If they can’t do that, we need to rethink the relationship with the media organizations.

  2. Indo-US relationship should play a much more proactive role to thwart expansioism and terrorism due to convergence of their geo-political objectives at least in the Indian subcontinent and Indo-Pacific.


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