It behooves the US to shelve the Islamophobia Bill piloted by Ilhan Omar

The US is playing a dangerous game by passing the Islamophobia Bill, whose effects they do not comprehend

The Islamophobia Bill was passed in the US Congress on the 14th of December, 2021. Since then,

In Rajasthan, India, Kishan Boliya was shot dead by motorcycle-borne men in retaliation for a Facebook post he had shared on January 6 on Jan 25th because someone claimed that his Facebook post hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community. 2 mullahs and a few others have been arrested.[1]

In Anaj Mandi, Sind, a 44-year-old Hindu businessman identified as Sunil Kumar was shot dead on January 2nd. The demand for the immediate arrest of the assassins of the Hindu trader was raised during the protest. The incident led to the shutdown of the city[2]. More on this later.

Indoctrination against Hindus in schools in Pakistan

In fact, last month, a Pakistani journalist had revealed how hatred against Hindus is indoctrinated in educational institutes in the country. He made the remarks in the aftermath of the brutal lynching of a Sri Lankan factory manager on charges of blasphemy in Sialkot, a city in the Punjab province in Pakistan.

During a program held on ‘Tellings with Imran Shafqat’, one of the panelists lamented about the intolerance and bigotry taught at both governmental and non-governmental schools in Pakistan. “What are our children being taught in schools? When my children return from school, they ask me bizarre questions. One day, my son asked whether we have Hindus in Pakistan. I told him about my Hindu friend. He then told me how his teacher encouraged him to kill Hindus in Sindh.”

Five brothers run over and killed and 3 critical in a deliberate hit and run accident in Bangladesh

Explaining the reason behind this, Munni one of the survivors said that on 29 January 2022, a mob of 40-50 people attacked her family. A day after that incident, his father died of a heart attack. Munni says her father used to organize Durga Pujas in the area, which had already angered Islamic fundamentalists. In January last month, his brother Deepak Sushil, who lives abroad, had brought 4000 bricks and gravel to build a small temple in the Hasinapara area, which angered Muslims.

About 30-35 Hindu families live in this village, but since the construction of the temple was started, Munni’s father was threatened. Mrunalini Sushil, the mother who had lost her children, cried, “Who will I go to with the grandchildren of my five sons? Next Monday, Champak’s daughter will turn one month old. My children have never done any harm to anyone. Why were my five children killed like this?”

The surviving sister related the accident that happened on Feb 8th as follows: “My 6 brothers and one sister were about two feet away from the road on the day of the accident. While my brother and I were on the road. Instead of hitting both of us, the pickup man crushed my brothers. After that, he returned again and crushed my brothers and my sister.”

The five brothers killed are Dr. Anupam Sushil (47), Nirupam Sushil (45), Deepak Sushil (40), Champak Sushil (30) and Swarn Sushil (24). His father Suresh Sushil had died 10 days ago. As a part of his funeral, all the seven sons and two daughters of the family were going to the temple to worship on the day of the incident.[3]

Is the passing of this bill encouraging them? Judging by the fact that Pak TV channels discussed nothing else for days afterward, I have to say Yes. It is clear that religion, as it is being taught now in schools in some countries, needs serious introspection.

The United States would be doing grave harm by passing a bill whose ramifications they have no clue of. Stop this madness. Stop wasting taxpayer money.


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