Is NDTV off its axis? Or is it in an alternate reality?

NDTV appears to have lost its perspective completely as the headline has no bearing on the content

NDTV appears to have lost its perspective completely as the headline has no bearing on the content
NDTV appears to have lost its perspective completely as the headline has no bearing on the content

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]H[/dropcap]as NDTV lost its marbles? Yesterday, in their website an article titled Why PGurus’ Accusations Against NDTV are Truly Anti-National, there was no link between the headline and the content. This rant appeared within two days of the release of my book NDTV Frauds in Delhi.

The article claims that ED told the Court that there was no prima-facie material against the TV channel. Who are you fooling after being slapped a fine of Rs.2030 crores for foreign exchange violations?

NDTV is just lashing out at the Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate (ED) for slapping fines of Rs.525 crores and 2030 crores respectively for Money Laundering and illegal routing of payments through tax havens. NDTV was caught by agencies for covertly receiving 150 million dollars from the US giant General Electric (GE, founded by the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison) and its subsidiary NBC through a Bermuda based shell company in 2008. From Bermuda, this money was accepted by NDTV through its shell company floated in the Netherlands.

Income Tax declared this money laundering as a “sham transaction.” Now NDTV wonders why the GE Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt and Jeff Zucker (former CEO of NBC and now President of CNN) met with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and how agencies called their company’s deal with NDTV a “sham transaction.” Meeting Narendra Modi is a whitewash for their sins? And when did NDTV start respecting or giving credence to Narendra Modi, who for the longest time was described by them as a “mass murderer”?

If a person meets Narendra Modi, then automatically he/ she should not be probed by the investigative agencies? What sort of perverted logic is that?

The article claims that ED told the Court that there was no prima-facie material against the TV channel. Who are you fooling after being slapped a fine of Rs.2030 crores for foreign exchange violations?

The last point in the article is laughable. I leave it to you the reader to judge on NDTV’s claim that they are “committed to fighting the attempts to suppress independent media in India.” There is an old joke in West Bengal which Prannoy Roy’s generation might be aware. When a thief is caught by police, he will shout – “’Naxalbari Zindabad, Inquilab Zindabad!” – to escape. Don’t claim media cover after being caught for tax evasion and money laundering. Pay Tax. Tax evasion is also an anti-national activity.

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  1. NDTV they dont even have a comment section for their article on Pguru. Shows how hallow their article is . they are afraid of getting trolled

  2. Best way to minimise crooked businesses is not to patronise them.I don’t watch NDTV or visit its website.Every time I do, they get a number on their visitors and it gives a false info to their backers crooked money bags that people are following them.No visit , so no my number in their visit list.Same is the case with other crooked businesses.No jio or airtel even if these jokers give it to me free.I try to use as much as possible PSU products however crooked/shoddy they are but not the crooked money bags.I think time has come to educate the young about the tyranny of “BRANDS”Instead we must train them to look for value and honesty of business practices.Like a campaign against smoking, a campaign to train the minds for looking for value has come.

  3. You Mr SreeIyer along with Drvaidya,Guru ,Shetty and sons,gopi many more to name here esp. ones in VHS are doing a wonderful job of backing DrSwamy but then you guys are up against a granite wall.If one joker govt. gets dislodged by another things are still the same.Nothing much gets changed because the jokers who get into power work for powerful money bags.All this good governance, i will not eat will not allow others to eat are fake jobs.Ultimately somewhere in his journey 56″ must have thought why not me with a chaiwallah background become biggest neta of the land when so many crooked have become netas?So his journey is to seek power and his clever mind must have told him the way of projecting an image to fool public.Watch present potus closely.he too must have felt when jokers can become potus, why not me?We are innit with the 56″ , wish you guys all success because this nation desperately needs a change of course and a path back to honest living.

  4. Basically, NDTV is threatening to malign India’s name in the business world just to counter the genuine accusations by ED. What can be more anti-national than that? They have realized their days are numbered. Indians are not taking their sickular and burka BS anymore. Their staff is mostly wives of congress politicians or some naxalite proxy. Their TRP’s are down, they’ve been asked to cough up crores of money, profits are nose diving. I would say that is very much in the national interest that NDTV winds up, and the day is not far! BTW the burka dutt resigning is an eyewash. She is still with NDTV. Maybe she will return after pappu becomes PM?

  5. The Krantikari aNti Democratic TeleVision (NDTV) is such a fattooo, cheat company that everytime it writes an article to defend itself or prove others that blame the channel wrong, it deactivates COMMENT section.
    So, people don’t criticize it.
    So much for FOE & FOS, the self acclaimed crusader for FOE & FOS.

  6. It’s upto courts to decide on NDTV now.. but what i can analyze with your writing is that you seem to be one of those well paid Social media influencers working for RSS / BJP… carry on doing what you are paid for but remember Truth will eventually knock out all lies being propagated.. as you sow in your society so shall you reap from the society/upcoming generations.. time to save India from all such lies for the benefit of upbringing of our children and evils that follow..

    • NDTV too could have stopped as you said, “courts will decide”. Can NDTV or you can deny the “routing” of money? Why should two gentlemen Jeffs need “route” through channels?

  7. It’s a white collar black money syndrome. Yo! Pranoy Roy. You honest journo? Gave birth to one of the most hated journalist @bdutt India never knew. Cultivated and endorsed “paid media” through it’s subsidiaries. Thought they could stamp out BJP/NDA government with their vicious propaganda politics but failed miserably.

  8. Shree Iyer Sir, i have check ur website many times for ur comeback. After reading it, its well worth it. Compared to thier first rebuttal i can see that thier consequtive sqeals are getting louder and more wierd. Indeed they have lost thier marbles, its with ED.

  9. Accusations anti national. India is Indira and Indira is India Syndrome. If money launderers are US citizens then does that mean they should not be investigated. On the same logic Hafiz Saeed should also not be targeted. If meeting the PM is the reason for not investigating then Mallaya should also be left off. There is no logic in the article. NDTV is misusing the privileges as a media. First it was paid journalism now it is distract journalism. shame on you Prannoy Roy.


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