Is Uddhav Thackeray asking Yogi be the next leader of India?

Is Uddhav Thackeray asking Yogi be the next leader of India?

Is Uddhav Thackeray asking Yogi be the next leader of India?
Is Uddhav Thackeray asking Yogi be the next leader of India?


  1. Since there prevails the atmosphere of hatred politics which is beyond all issues of Nation so nobody ask any questions to ruling party as they suffer all hardships to get peace in future by disturbing their awn present life and keeping their generation in danger of dadly hatred politics

    • Leave aside questions all types of wild allegations and abuses have been hurled at the present prime minister and up cm by so called preachers of love and free speech they are living there life happily as the government is unwilling to act upon them what motivates these abusers pure hatred trowards these two and above all trowards the nation

  2. Yogi after 20 years of being MP cannot control poor infant mortality rate in the town where he has his ashram, namely Gorakpur. Not so long ago, there was a big news in media about 60+ kids getting killed in a very short time. As infant deaths of Gorakhpur is an ongoing event, now nobody cares about it anymore. What is Yogi’s claim to fame to consider his as a potential PM candidate. Did Yogi pilot any great bill in 20 years of being an MP? Was Yogi famous like Atalji for his debating skills in parliament? Was Yogi famous for being a consensus builder during his stint as MP. Parchuted CMs (non elected ) being non-grassroot CMs just know how to order officials to work and make a spectacle of it in this era of all pervasive social media.

    Is the caption of the cartoon indirectly admitting that only dictators would go on to become PMs in the near future?

    • Yogi is the best chief minister in India whatever nonsense the idiot intellectual thugs peddle is irrelevant yogi has controlled the deadly enciphillets in his 2 and half years reign and for the period of 2 decades of his mp ship there were governments of so called secularist and Democrats in the state what were they doing yogi was enough popular in the state that is why modi and co were forced to make him cm and it is yogis popularity in the country that people are seeing him as future pm

    • Consensus builder ???? another crap term from a pseudo intellectual idiot yogi worked for people and people consistently voted for him greatest consensus builder are of course the pseudo liberal thugs consensus build by them that they all are idiots

    • 60 thousand plus kids killed in your dreams the nonsense peddled of course by the leftist online trashcans who portray themselves as news portals

    • 25000 killed in up due to encephalitis from 1978 to 2017 2017 the year yogi took over 1978 to 2017 years when so called liberal learned intellectual Democrats like Congress mayawati mullhayam were ruling the great kingdom of uttar pradesh river of milk and honey was flowing

  3. Yogi Adityanath is doing a fantastic work in UP.
    Udhav Thackeray is a chocolate boy for Congress & NCP to pinch his cheeks as much as they can.
    Udhav Thackeray has no skills of running his own home & became Chief Minister to commit suicide of his party

  4. Is it the author’s case that son Uddhav must inherit all views, positions and thoughts of his father Balasaheb? When is that authors of articles and cartoons in pgurus always are critical of people who oppose Modi and the Sanghis?

    • I don’t think the author is saying that. He was implying, at least the way I look at this, as polity votes for name recognition because they expect some continuation and not necessarily mimicry.

    • For being critical one has to be educated and wise this idiot mumbai gundaa who won 56 seats in maharashtra assembly elections just because he fought in alliance with bjp and then ditched bjp to sleep with the italian whores party is just scared that he will loose the cm position and once that happens he and his party will be beggars politically hence he is blabbering nonsense

    • No dictators need not always be prime ministers sometimes dictators continue to loot and plunder the nation for 10 long years as super PM while leaving PM’s post to an impotent slave


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