Is UN relevant?

UN risks losing its relevance if it continues to be biased in its choice of member countries to head up organizations such as the UNHRC

Is UN relevant ?
Is UN relevant ?

For countries such as India, China and most of South East Asia, these are challenging times at the UN.

In 2019, India paid about $23m to UN, while China paid $334m to UN body. Likewise, other non-Muslim countries pay as per their economic size. Some of the largest donors are the US, UK, Japan, China, Russia, Germany and some others. As a percentage, Islamic countries pay a very little amount to the UN, but still, they get to call shots at non-Muslim countries through various UN committees. It’s crucial to identify pro Islamic analysts that protect Islamic terrorism from within UN offices. USA pays almost 28% of the UN budget to keep it running, which includes a permanent physical location in NYC. There have been demands to move UN headquarters out of the USA by left-leaning European and Middle Eastern governments. But the fear of losing American financial support is keeping them quiet for the time being. The day UN relocates to Europe, that will be the end of United Nations because Europe is plagued by political correctness. United Nations will be relevant only if it defends truth and dispels propaganda. UN needs to accept that today the world needs protection from predatorial ideologies that create wars more than anything else. Even though the UN missed the peacenik bus in the mid 90s and early 2000s, now it’s time to redeem itself. Information wars are the new frontier where the UN itself shouldn’t become a tool in the hands of aggressors.

The goal is to destabilize western countries and then capture power by identifying and exploiting fault lines for their Islamic cause.

Most of the atrocity reports against non-Muslim countries are prepared at UNHCR offices in Geneva. These atrocity literature are prepared by committees which are dominated by Islamic and ultra-leftist leaning analysts. There is no room for an alternative view in those committees. Their foregone conclusion is that Islam is under threat whereas the reality is that Islam is threatening other native cultures. These reports are prepared by analysts which always assume Muslims to be the victims while completely overlooking the facts on the ground. The UN agencies such as UNHCR have become a big propaganda tool in the hands of Islamists and ultra left-wing governments. UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) should be called UNICR (United Nation’s Islamic Commission on Refugees) because it completely overlooks the interests of people from faiths other than Muslims.

The agenda of UNHCR is to protect Human Rights across the world. However, UNHCR has gone particularly against non-Islamic countries such as China, India, Israel and the USA on many issues concerning with human rights & refugees…

Some of the failures of UN agencies are listed below:

  • In January 2019, UNHCR admonished India for repatriating 7 Rohingya Muslims back to Myanmar.
  • In Feb 2019, UNHCR admonishes India on human rights of Islamic terrorists in Kashmir
  • Report of June 2018 again repeated in June 2019.
  • Report against China for Uighur Muslims in June 2019
  • Report against Myanmar for Rohingyas in June 2019
  • No report over Islamic Violence against Nigerian Christians
  • No report against Islamic genocide of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • No report of Islamic attacks on Thai Buddhists
  • No report on Islamic attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka
  • UN has been blatantly misused by Saudi Arabia in their Sunni Islamic war against Shia Yemen. No UN report on that
  • No UN report condemning Palestinian aggression against innocent Israelis
  • No UN report against Islamic Terror in Kashmir
  • All UN reports discriminate against Hindus, Buddhists, Jews

By calling Islamic Terrorist groups such as Jaish-e-Mohamed as Armed Groups, UN has further destroyed its reputation. Now it is clear that the UN is completely infiltrated with Islamic terrorist supporters who are spreading Jihad against Kafirs. With recent admonishment of India at the hands of UNHCR and the usual rejection of their report by Indian MEA, things seem to look normal again until the next damning report against India. UNHCR has worked overtime to undermine the sovereignty of nations by constant interference.

Who is producing these reports and with what purpose? We have to analyze that how come so many such irresponsible analysts get regularly hired by the UN. All UN agencies have turned into ultra-leftist organizations because of the nature of their recruitment drives. In today’s workplace, public organizations have to consider the ideology of people getting hired by them. The universities are somewhat responsible for producing these highly irresponsible individuals. While it’s important to question, but questioning without the goal of a constructive responsible outcome is lacking. Maybe the definition of a constructive outcome needs to be redefined. While ideologies help us shape our personality, it’s time to question ideologies themselves that have created disturbance in human society in the first place. Ideologies create a mindset.

There are hardly any centrist mindsets left in the North American and European universities today. Most European and North American Universities are today filled with Socialist, Communist and Islamist Ideological teachers because of the nature of their funding from authoritarian and dictatorial Islamic regimes in the Middle East. Islamists paint themselves to be victims in universities while being the only aggressors in the real world. Questioning is forbidden in that culture. Not only that, they accuse others of Islamophobia when confronted with facts. The middle eastern regimes are also funding ultra left-wing ideologies. For Islamic regimes, their goal is to capture power in western countries through indoctrination of students at an early age. It’s no wonder that left-leaning Newspapers are the biggest carriers of Islamic propaganda. Antifa movement, Socialism, Left liberalism are all funded by Islamic regimes to spread anarchy. The goal is to destabilize western countries and then capture power by identifying and exploiting fault lines for their Islamic cause. For example, an Islamic politician will side with a gay and lesbian leader to win power, or they will put one race against another to win power. The centrists have no voice left especially in media.

For countries such as India, China and most of South East Asia, these are challenging times at the UN.

In today’s world, Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and also Ideological Quotient (IdQ) matter in a potential hire, especially for public organizations. I am introducing this term Ideological Quotient (IdQ), which actually captures the philosophical mindset of an individual. IdQ will determine in which direction an individual’s thought process belongs,  from ultra leftwing on the far left of the spectrum to ultra-right-wing on the far right of the spectrum. The talent pool from Europe can be highly Islamist and ultra left-wing with a highly apologetic political-correct mindset. Usually, Islamic activists from the Middle East study in Europe to carry out their Islamic agenda which they were taught since childhood. The kafir-phobia prevents such analysts to think rationally. The victimhood narrative of Islamists is protected by the educational institutions because they were funded by such organizations. Even though Islamic terrorists are the aggressors in many terror affected regions such as the Middle East and other parts of the world, but they also claim to be the victims such as that in Bosnia, Syria, India, Afghanistan and also the USA. These lobbies are enriched and protected by organizations such as Amnesty and UNHCR, because of these European analysts.

Why refugees from Islamic countries are given preferential treatment by UNHCR? Why UNHCR fails to recognize the problems of Hindu, Buddhist refugees in Islamic countries? Despite being a UN agency, UNHCR is openly supporting the Islamic Terrorists’ agenda against sovereign states by protecting them under the argument of human rights while willfully ignoring the rights of legal security forces of member states. UNHCR assumes that democratically elected state governments and their armed forces are aggressors and not defenders. UNHCR labels Islamic terrorist organizations in some harmless category as Armed groups on purpose to carry out the agenda of Islamic Jihad as prescribed by the analyst’s faith.

The original Indian fascination with UN that started in 1945 during British Raj, has been dented to a large extent over the last 70 years of constant UN reprimands. The UN charter has been willfully misused by dominant global powers and now it’s being blatantly used by Islamists to wage religious wars against non-Muslim member countries. The ideology of the UN has changed drastically over the years. The religious-political ideology is now the deciding factor against perceived non-compliant member states. For countries such as India, China and most of South East Asia, these are challenging times at the UN. Most of the scathing UN reports are reserved for secular, democratic member states. The utopian philosophy of borderless states is being promoted to solidify aggression against native cultures. The rights of defenders are ignored while the rights of aggressors protected.

Whether the UN is relevant today, that will depend on whether the UN is able to bring inclusiveness to its agencies such as UNHCR.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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  1. Really! We includes all those who kicked the corrupt Congress govern mentioned out. It includes all those ‘concerned Indians’ who seek a better life for themselves and for others. There’s a current of life in this country that will not back injustice. That’s the We!

  2. Although there are a few informative points in the article, it doesn’t say much about the relevance of UN..

  3. Hard-hitting. You are absolutely right about their recruitment preferences. Many top Western universities have become ideological factories that churn out left-leaning, ‘secular,’ anti-majoritarian students who have infiltrated media, NGOS, universitities, powerful bodies such as the UN and the upper bureaucracy of The US and The UK. The attitude of The BBC towards India makes all that you have said pertinent. Also, the US State departments remarks on the so-called persecution of minorities in India smells of a larger conspiracy. I think we should ignore such selective criticisms offered by the UN and Western powers and go ahead. After all, they pay no heed at all to our concerns. Let’s return the compliment.

    • ‘We should ignore and go ahead’. Where? To the slaughterhouse? Conversion factories?

      That We word has long lost its meaning especially if you think that BJP is included in it.


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