Is YouTube blogger Karthik Gopinath arrested or kidnapped?

Is YouTube blogger Karthik Gopinath arrested or kidnapped by some people wearing the uniform of Tamil Nadu Police?

Documents attached below:
1. Details of money being kept in Milaap.Org, a crowdsourcing site

2. Karthik’s point by point rebuttal to TN HR & CE

3. More on rebuttal

4. Karthik’s response to AC Kanda Kumar on being summoned to Avadi PS


  1. Dear Sir, good you are giving publicity to this criminal act and possible kidnapping of this young man You should also consult governor and home minister asap for his security. May be the forces that were damaging the temple were behind this also They do not want temples to be repaired and made devotees friendly . what a shame that Hindus are not safe in the state. Put pressure on police and make sure he is found asap.


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