Jihadis in Tamil Nadu wage war against Sangh Parivar

Video detailing accounts of Jihadis murdering Sanghis has ruffled feathers in Tamil Nadu.

Video detailing accounts of Jihadis murdering Sanghis has ruffled feathers in Tamil Nadu.
Video detailing accounts of Jihadis murdering Sanghis has ruffled feathers in Tamil Nadu.

Sangh Parivars murdered by Jihadis while AIADMK government watches

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]H[/dropcap]indus in Tamil Nadu survive on the whims and fancies of the AIADMK government which is hand in glove with Jihadis (Islamic terrorists) in the State. The last five years saw eight prominent leaders of Sangh Parivar getting murdered in gruesome manner by Islamic terrorists. The government led by Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa portrayed the killings as part of business rivalry and claimed it has nothing to do with religion.

A television documentary produced by Hindu Munnani has come out with a comprehensive account of these murders. The investigation gave out startling revelations which prove beyond any doubt that all the murders were the handiworks of Islamic fundamentalists based in Tamil Nadu.

Hindu Munnani founder Sri. Rama Gopalan released the DVD, and Dr. Subramanian Swamy received the first copy of the DVD on February 21st, 2016.

Within a few days, all hell broke loose in Tamil Nadu. Islamists complained to the AIADMK government that the documentary was an attempt to portray them as terrorists. But having watched the documentary, one can tell with authority that there is nothing against Islam or any other religion in it.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he Police are on the look-out for the director to arrest him for appeasing the minority community leaders who do not want the people of Tamil Nadu to know the truth behind the murders. The documentary has profusely used news clippings and footages aired by the secular and pro-minority channels like Sun TV, Thanthi TV, Puthiya Thalamurai, in which Islamic leaders could be seen threatening police officials if they dare to arrest any Muslims in the State.

The documentary has shocking visuals of the Ambur riots in Vellore district in 2015 when Islamic Jihadists went on a rampage and destroyed public properties worth crores of rupees following the death of a Muslim youth who was arrested and released by the Vellore Police in connection with a murder case. The riots brought out the helplessness of the Tamil Nadu government in public for the first time as women police officers and constables were heard telling their superiors not to depute them for any law and order duties as the Islamic jihadist had molested them many times even as their male counter parts remained mute spectators.

Dr Arvind Reddy, the young medical wing secretary of the Tamil Nadu BJP, Ramesh, the widely respected chartered accountant from Salem who was also a BJP general secretary of Tamil Nadu, Vellaiyyappan, state leader of the Hindu Munnani, Suresh, an RSS activist at Paramakkudi are some of the prominent Hindu leaders who fell to the knives of the Jihadists.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]nterestingly, none of these leaders had any business dealings with anybody. Ramesh, popularly known as Auditor Ramesh, was a social activist in Salem working for the upliftment of Hindu youth who were struggling to complete their studies because of financial problems. Dr Arvind Reddy and Vellaiyyappan, both hailing from Vellore were beacons of hope and light for community members who always rushed to the aide of people in distress and trauma. Vellaiyyappan’s “crime” was that he created an awareness among the Hindu girls about Love Jihad, a new strategy devised by the Jihadists to kidnap Hindu girls and convert them to Islam for selling them in the flesh market.

The documentary has comments from many youth who owe the success of their families to Vellaiyyappan. Vellore, where the two leaders were murdered had become a kind of Mecca for the Muslims in Tamil Nadu. Reports of girls being hijacked and kidnapped in the name of love marriage were rampant. Those who questioned and challenged the love jihads had to pay with their lives as the Islamic Jihadists ran amuck all over Vellore. There were Muslim lawyers and notaries specializing in love jihads and religious conversion.

The documentary has also covered certain villages in Ramanathapuram which are inaccessible to outsiders without the permission of local Jamaaths. “Outsiders are Not Allowed”, say big billboards displayed at the entrances of these villages which has the name of local Jama aths which had issued the order.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he documentary has no political statements or complaints other than the details of the murders and the perpetrators of the crime whose details were collected through CCTV footages and witnesses. K Ramanujam, the then director general of Tamil Nadu police who claimed that all these murders were the fall out of business rivalries had to swallow his own words and accept the reality following the findings made by the Tamil Nadu police

Dr Swamy, who released the DVD told that some of his police officer friends had confided to him that though they knew who the murderers were, they were not allowed to arrest the culprits by the powers that be.


  1. Well… I got to read this only now. Don’t worry… god will not let that happen. … Once Hinduism suffered in the hands of Buddhism and jainism. ..and then with the help of many Hindu saints , Hinduism was restored. ..
    Now its the turn of Christians and Muslims. …., they will suffer…. and Hinduism will regain it’s lost prosperity. …..

  2. bit.ly/1QtzcCb, obscure US Commission on International Religious Freedom, or USCIRF is a joke for easy access for Christian conversion
    bit.ly/1QtzjNW, India block the entry of a Christian fraud commission of USA
    India should ban Islam in India as did by Angola

  3. the first muslim suicide bomber in India was in TN against hindu munnani office. First jihadi school in TN conducted by a Palestinian student. Likewise christian missionaries have targetted hindus in a massive wasy in TN with Biriyani conversion to christianity. Supply biriyani and convert idiotic tamils are the norm. Te priests also supply christian boys and christian gils for marriage to hindu families if they convert and was putting notices informing this all over Chennai including my residence. Maximum number of different types of churches in the world is located in Chennai. One side the muslim Jihadis kill hindu leaders, the christians convert hindus and most of the missionaries are from Kerala christian families. ther is a need to ban conversion and Islam. dailym.ai/1Y6TjZI, Angola bans Islam and shuts down all mosques across the country

  4. The documentary was produced and released by HINDU MUNNANI, TAMILNADU. It was not made by any TV Program Producer, please correct it.

    Also the following details are found missing:
    Hindu Munnani founder Sri.Rama Gopalan released the DVD, and Dr.Subramanyam Swamy recieved the first copy of the DVD. Kindly add this information.


  5. The Documentary was not produced by a private TV programme producer. It was produced and released by Hindu Munnani (Hindu Front), an organisation which is serving the cause of Hindutva for more than three decades. Sri.Ramagopalan, Founder President of Hindu Munnani, released the Documentary and Dr.Swamy received it. Please make the necessary corrections in the article.


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