Kamal Haasan – Confused individual, now confusing TN?

Kamal Haasan, by his changing positions, has confused himself and his fans. Will he succeed in Politics?

Kamal Haasan - Is he entering politics?
Kamal Haasan - Is he entering politics?

Kamal Haasan, the aging superstar of Tamil films has understood the truth that he has lost his old charm. As a new generation of movie makers and young stars have taken over the center stage of Tamil film industry, it is time for stars like Kamal Haasan (63) to move over and reboot their image from that of the eternal college student running after young girls to that of characters that match their age. But as on date, that segment in Tamil films have been taken over by veteran character artists and hence there is no vacancy. With most of the films acted by Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan flopping in the box offices and actors like Ajit, Surya and Karthik commanding premium positions, the aged superstars are facing uncertainty.

Kamal Haasan did not leave Tamil Nadu. But he surrendered to the demands made by Islamists and deleted the scenes objected to by them. The actor has no consistency in his views.

George Bernard Shaw is reported to have said that politics is the last resort of scoundrels. In modern times, especially in Tamil Nadu, politics has turned out to be the last resort for senseless and selfish film actors who are thoroughly ignorant of the outside world. Both Rajnikanth (original name Shivaji Rao Gaekwad) and Kamal Haasan were surviving till now on other people’s money. They don’t know any work other than acting. Rajnikanth has completed matriculation and has a diploma in acting from Adyar Film Institute. Kamal Haasan is a school drop-out and does not know anything other than dancing and acting. But modern-day politics is not about cinema and dance.

Rajnikanth was the first to make his political dreams known to the outside world. He is reported to have said at the time of 1996 assembly election in Tamil Nadu that if the then chief minister Jayalalithaa was returned to power then even God would not be able to save the State and its people. There was a strong anti-incumbency factor against Jayalalithaa and her party the AIADMK were obliterated in the election. Jayalalithaa was defeated in the Bargur constituency. The Tamil Nadu media, which has not seen anything beyond cinema and drama described the 1996 verdict as an endorsement of Rajnikanth’s views!

In the 1998 general election, he again extended support to the DMK-TMC combine, but they won just eight seats. Similarly, in the 2004 parliamentary election, he said he would support the BJP, but the BJP and its ally, the AIADMK, did not bag a single seat despite Rajnikanth making it known that he would vote for the NDA.

Rajnikanth was in the news again during the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha election. Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP called on Rajnikanth at his Chennai residence where the latter was recuperating after a prolonged illness. But Rajnikanth was reluctant to make any political comments other than thanking Modi for his “get well soon” wishes.

He had tweeted many times in the recent past that he does not have anything to do with BJP or any other political party. Rajnikanth’s recent meetings with his fans across the State too gave an impression that he was testing the waters before taking a political plunge. It is not known what Rajnikanth has to offer the nation in the form of politics which the existing political outfits could offer. Had he been interested in politics, he would have joined it in 1996 itself instead of making sterile comments through social media.

The case of Kamal Haasan is no different. His recent outburst against Hindus calling them as terrorists is an attempt to mobilize the minority communities. The Hindus have said or done nothing against Kamal Haasan in spite of him taunting the community many times through his films, dialogues and from public platforms. Scholars of the community maintained silence over the shenanigans by the artist because of the latter being a school drop-out. “Kamal Haasan is parroting the script provided by his Communist comrades and the Dravidian politicians. Neither Kamal Haasan nor Rajnikanth would make any impact in politics as it is an entirely different cup of tea,” said Dr. Subramanian Swamy, MP and senior BJP leader.

Kamal Haasan's political concoction
Fig 1. Kamal Haasan’s political concoction

The recent comment by Kamal Haasan that Hindus are extremists have a lot of similarities with the views of former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram. It was Chidambaram who coined the term “saffron terrorism” during his tenure as union home minister. G K Pillai, a former Home Secretary. had revealed that Chidambaram had tampered with the affidavits in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case though it was well prepared by professional investigators. When asked by the scribes whether he had tampered with the affidavits in the case Chidambaram denied of doing so and said that he had made only editorial changes in the copy given by the sleuths. Is Chidambaram an editor or a minister?

After he coined the tern Saffron terrorism, Chidambaram had not dared to contest an election. In the 2014 Lok Sabha election he “sacrificed” his one and only son Karti Chidambaram from Sivaganga constituency and the younger Chidambaram lost his deposit. Chidambaram entered Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra assembly since he knows well that Tamil Nadu has become a no-go area for his family.

Early 2014, in a function held to release a book authored by Chidambaram, Kamal Haasan said he preferred to see Chidambaram as the Prime Minister of India. Not a single Tamilian would aspire to see such a scenario in this country. Hence one can imagine the kind of political knowledge Kamal Haasan has. Fortunately, the family of D Srinivasa Iyengar has at least one or two persons with sensibilities. Chaaru Haasan, elder brother of Kamal Haasan told Thanthi TV in a recent interview that Kamal Haasan has no qualifications to be the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. “He is not fit for the job,” Charu Haasan told Rangaraj Pandey in the interview.

It was in January 2013 that Kamal Haasan, who accuses the Hindus as terrorists, told the world that he was thinking of leaving India and settling in a secular country. “Tamil Nadu is not the place for me. Someone in Tamil Nadu does not want me to live and work here,” said Kamal Haasan though he refused to reveal who was the person who does not like his presence in the State.

The declaration came in the aftermath of the stiff opposition by 23 Islamic outfits against his flick Viswaroopam. The Islamic outfits demanded the deletion of scenes portraying Muslims as terrorists and villains in the movie. Though the movie was cleared by the censor board, the Islamists were adamant that they would not allow the movie to be released in Tamil Nadu. Muthuvel Karunanidhi, the DMK president asked Kamal Haasan to sit with the representatives of Islamic outfits and resolve the issue amicably. What Haasan did was to plant reports in newspapers and channels indirectly blaming Jayalalithaa for the opposition shown by Islamist outfits. “It was Kamal Haasan’s comments that he wanted to see Chidambaram as Prime Minister which upset Jayalalithaa. She was waiting for a right moment to strike. Viswaroopam cane quite handy for her,” wrote K A Johny, senior reporter of Mathrubhumi, a leading Malayalam daily. This was repeated by many other newspapers too though Jayalalithaa scoffed at the allegations.

Kamal Haasan did not leave Tamil Nadu. But he surrendered to the demands made by Islamists and deleted the scenes objected to by them. The actor has no consistency in his views. In his recent article, he has eulogized Dravidians whom he describes as the original inhabitants of this part of India. Being a school drop out there is no chance of Kamal Haasan reading the scientific report that there never were any Dravidians or Aryans in India and the population in the sub-continent has same genetic traits and DNA structure. It was a scientific team led by Dr. Kumarasamy Thangaraj of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology which made this discovery. Dr Thangaraj is from Tamil Nadu, the so-called Dravidian land as claimed by Kamal Hassam and his comrades.

What Tamil Nadu electorate is going to do with this cinema actor with a below average IQ and who is illiterate about the world in which we live is anybody’s guess. It is true that Tamil Nadu had accepted with both arms film personalities such as M Karunanidhi, M G Ramachandran and J Jayalalithaa. But it is the same Tamil Nadu which rejected the politics of Sivaji Ganesan. The situation prevailing in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s were quite different from what we see today. The new generation of voters wants the best in the world. They know that other countries had progressed much faster than India only because they had politicians with devotion, discipline, and dedication. Both Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth do not fit in the kind of things envisaged by the people of Tamil Nadu who are slowly understanding the ground realities.

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  1. This ia a very biased article, although do not support actors to become CM, the second line that both rajini and kamal movies are flop is laughable please check wiki on TN box office you would see both their recent movies are block buster. They are still number one and two in TN cinema. Also he did not say all hindus are terrorists only mentioned extremeism, and this correct where the hell did this gau rakshaks pop up.

  2. Do not bracket Rajnikanth with this useless opportunist member of dk kamalhassan.

    Rajanikanth as a person is far far superior. As an actor too is natural sans airs. Rajanikanth had very very humble origins. And fame has not gone to his head. Has been quite generous in helping many needy people. Has always been devout. In Tamil Nadu every actor has to willy nilly genuflect before dmk party to survive.

    Whereas dk member kamalhassan is extremely unscrupulous & selfish. His unscrupulous character & anti Hinduism makes him a natural ally of dmk.

    Much before pchidambaram invited this fellow to fawn over him Smt.Jayalalithaa took the requisite action against him. It was more of a law & order situation. I remember very well , bjp remained non committal , congress supported this anti Islam actor , politically correct wishy washy fence sitter art of living sssrs also supported him. All were eagerly expecting things to go beyond control so that they could impose President’s rule. Even subramaniam swamy was asking for dismissal of elected Jayalalithaa’s government & imposition of president’s rule. Both Rajanikanth & lecherous kamalhassan were invited by pchidambaram. For his useless book release. It was karunanidi who said he wanted one dhothi clad tamilian to become blah blah…& kamalhassan a clone of karunanidhi repeated the same crap.

    All praise be unto plucky Jayalalithaa who cracked the whip. Cho Ramasvamy also supported Jayalalithaa wholeheartedly. During those days scoundrel kamalhassan made outrageous claims of Quentin Tarantino to Vanessa Redgrave to Karnataka ministers etc etc were willing to give him asylum. That did not happen. Entire kollywood came to a standstill. He was desperate to meet Honourable Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa in person. She REFUSED. She NEVER met him afterwards.

    Even when she died this rascal did not have a modicum of Grace to come up with fake condolence message. Some of his fraternity wrote some fake script of condolences which was read out by one actress.

    Whereas Rajanikanth had long made up with Jayalalithaa. When she was acquitted in the false case & returned home Rajanikanth met her personally with a bouquet of flowers.

  3. Thanks to TNTJ & Smt.Jayalalithaa Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu then taking a decisive action this scoundrel was almost bankrupt & in tears.

    It is siddarta basu team who orchestrated one kaun banega karoarpati ( karoar is how many Indians pronounce crore) presenting one cheque for one ( may be more who verifies…) karoar ( crore) to him & his paramour much married gautami thus wantonly bailing him from bankruptcy. She is alleged to be a cancer patient. Hence have a trust for cancer which belongs to them. By ”donating” it to that trust ensured it went to their own coffers. Only because he was fornicating both gautami & her daughter
    ( father is goutami’s husband NOT this actor) gautami waited for more than two years to announce her separation from him over twitter. She said it took her that long to make up her mind ..whether to be a good mother or a good paramour …

    When he was married to sarika with the help of dmk he gave away prime LAND or Apartment to the same goutami in prime locality. This featured in gossip column in a tamil magazine. Has fornicated dimple kapadia , simran & many more…all used to be published in various magazines. Was once afflicted with venereal disease also. Such scoundrels should be disqualified outright. And eliminated.

  4. Many know this useless lecherous scoundrel is a member of dk. Founded by evr & patronized by dmk , leftists & congress. Southern States like Tamil Nadu , AP , Karnataka & Kerala are all heavily christianized.

    Tamil language itself has been usurped so to speak by christian mafia propagating their mendacious Aryan versus Dravidian theories. Hence Hindi speaking populace should not be swayed by tamilandAAA chauvinism. It is but christian mafia in disguise. They are all anti Vedic. Entire kollywood industry is dmk-dk in disguise. They have always been overtly & covertly anti Vedic ( read anti Hindu) . Their family were debauched zamindars. All RENEGADES. Not Brahmins proper. This lousy actor ( overhyped by his demented fans ) long time ago told pallavi joshi on tv ” i have renounced my religion”. He is not an atheist. All dk crooks are selectively atheistic towards Hinduism. But fervently pro muslim & pro christian.

    He & many in his family are non vegetarians. This fellow gorges on BEEF also. His niece once called anu hassan a divorcee recently married a british investment banker calling herself anu graham now. I read her first husband is one Indian Armyman. She is also a non vegetarian. Suhasini hassan’s son settled in UK is a marxist. Das kapital is his bible. In fact they are crypto christians. But call themselves ” freedom fighters”.

    This dk member floated some chit fund scheme in benami name swindling many & remains a fugitive from Justice till date. He is so gallingly crafty made a movie calling it ‘Mahanadhi’ based on his own swindling but cleverly portraying himself as one hapless victim.

    TNTJ should have finished him off. None other than art of living ssssrs , congressis like manish tiwari , pchidambaram , bollywood sleazeballs – all were tweeting supporting this fellow.

    He made another crappy movie called ‘manmatha ambu’ starring usha uthup ( who shamelessly attended & sang during canonization of teresa the GHOUL in Italy) etc writing an atrociously blasphemous song on Sri.Ranganathar & His Consort . Gorement of india could not care less. Only Hindu Munnani protested. But he managed to release it to entire indian diaspora in Middle East , America etc etc. The deceased writer called sujatha who is alleged to be the inventor of EVM was one staunch pal cum devotee of this scoundrel. Sujatha was the script writer for many of manirathnam movies.

    Tamil Nadu is full of dangerous idiots. Not useful idiots. Kollywood industry itself is to be annihilated altogether.

  5. He is not confused. He is clear that he is anti-Hindu ! He hates anything that is Hindu ! Other things are only incidental.

  6. I am not too sure of the facts! I mean you may be right or wrong. But the way you keep harping upon the fact that a school drop out has no brains and will be low in his IQ is ridiculous. Just beacuse one does not an academic degree or qualification does not
    Make them dumb or stupid. A lot of geniuses are school drop outs.

    • I agree. The fact that he is a school drop out doesn’t disqualify him. But his reasoning being poor is pretty obvious. But I’m not as optimistic as PGurus that he won’t win..

    • true . but this is an exception for commies. most of commies who were school droputs r mostly influenced by commie ideology. you can see kamal read all kind of marxist literature. an illogical mind which reads propaganda without understanding that its a propaganda will become into kamal hasan

  7. No stone is left unturned by your Team by connecting every dot from past. Precise presentation after thorough scrutiny. Well done. Let the super (so called) stars shines in sky (screen). TN need a clean, strong, forward thinking Leader, who is respectful in our culture & tradition.


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