Kerala witnesses dynasty of Communists. Chief Minister’s son-in-law and Party State Secretary’s wife get accommodation in new Cabinet

Kerala Cabinet - Dynasty politics in CPI-M too… what is next?

Kerala Cabinet - Dynasty politics in CPI-M too…what is next?
Kerala Cabinet - Dynasty politics in CPI-M too…what is next?

At last, even the Communist party has fallen into the dynastic syndrome. Kerala’s new Cabinet is going to have Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s new son-in-law Muhammed Riyas as Minister. Dynasty practices are not stopping here. The CPI(M) State Secretary A Vijayaraghavan’s wife R Bindu is also going to be a Minister in Vijayan’s new Cabinet to be sworn in on May 20. As per the CPI(M) press release, Vijayaraghavan was also part of the decision-making team in the Cabinet formation, where his wife’s name also found a place. Chief Minister’s son-in-law and the Party Secretary’s wife finding a place in Cabinet as Ministers is a first in Communist history in India.

Riyas who divorced his first wife had recently married Chief Minister Vijayan’s daughter Veena, who is also a divorcee with a kid from her earlier marriage. Riyas, who is a first time MLA is currently the national president of CPI(M)’s youth wing DYFI (Democratic Youth Federation of India). CPI(M) State Secretary Vijayaraghavan’s wife Bindu is a college teacher and was Mayor of Thrissur Corporation from 2005 to 2010. She is also a first time MLA like Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s son-in-law.

Kerala’s leadership gained prominence and became the basic funding source for the national leadership, which has totally become a mute spectator in Kerala’s affairs.

There is widespread anger in social media and inside party also on the Cabinet formation by the Left Front which surprisingly retained power. Famous (?!) Health Minister K K Shailaja was also not accommodated in the new Cabinet. It is a well-known fact that many inside the party did not like her public relation gimmicks as Health Minister. The CPI(M) and CPI have fielded several new faces as Ministers. CPI(M) has not given the ticket to many prominent faces in the previous Cabinet like the outgoing Finance Minister Thomas Issac.

Many see this attitude of Vijayan by avoiding all Ministers from the new Cabinet as a typical autocratic style. The Central leadership of the party led by Sitaram Yechury is totally sidelined and have no role in Kerala state’s affairs. Earlier, West Bengal leadership was controlling the affairs of CPI(M) in its heydays and now this time the party could not even manage a single seat in the recently concluded Assembly election. From 2009 onwards, Kerala’s leadership gained prominence and became the basic funding source for the national leadership, which has totally become a mute spectator in Kerala’s affairs.

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  1. Hail Kerala’s own Xi Jinping. He has systematically eliminated all challengers , bullied the PB into silence, and in no uncertain terms told the people that he cares two hoots about their opinion. Most importantly, he eliminated the one person among the elected MLAs who is a serious competitor , looking ahead to the 2026 elections . Again the blatant disdain for the PB, the party bosses and the people was shown by giving his son-in-law plum posts. His scorn for public opinion and critics is exemplified by the gala swearing in ceremony while curbing marriage and funeral functions.What are the eunuchs in the party doing ? Nothing because the macho leaders know that a woman may become the CM if anything happens to the CM considering his health problems. History is repeating itself and no woman will ever lead the CPM in the state. The sepulchral silence of the left intellectuals, liberals and feminists in Kerala and elsewhere deserves pity and contempt.

  2. Power and pelf drags even a hard core communist party members to share the booty in their last bastion.

    Left over communists progeny on the globe now and even from the then COMECON Countries used to study in the USA!

    Pinaryi Vijayan having Gold scam behind him does not matter much these days.Communism at home and capitalism abroad has become a hush hush worldly wise activities. Look at Yachury’s and Radeep Sardesai family members to name a few studying abroad!

  3. ENTANGLEMENT – IAS, IPS & other officers, politicians, businessmen ENTANGLE with each other so much like JALEBI rounds You cannot take out a small portion without breaking the entire JALEBI

    Trying to punish a few people here & there will not work out effectively. We need to remove the entire JALEBI from the framework.

    Sack all the officers, politicians & 20 families controlling #Bharat Politics enmasse – Let new blood come in new real LEADERSHIP. Lets apply & follow the CHECKS & BALANCES. UPHOLD DHARMA


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