Liberals turn a blind eye to Love Jihad

Love jihad is a reality but the liberals refuse to accept it. Blinkered vision.

Love Jihad exists
Love Jihad exists

Love jihad is a reality

The entire liberal establishment is aghast that the Supreme Court has not dismissed the phenomenon called ‘love jihad’ or rubbished it as a figment of the imagination of ‘communal’ politicians and intellectuals. From Shekhar Gupta and other editorialists to legal luminaries Kapil Sibal and Indira Jaising, everybody is worried about religious freedom. And yes, Asaduddin Owaisi, that champion of secularism and liberty, is also upset.

The apex court has ordered a probe into such a case by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), saying that it did not appear to be an isolated instance. The court wants the NIA to look into the marriage of Shafin Jahan and Akhila Asokan. A retired SC judge R.V. Raveendran would supervise the investigation. The idea is to find out the truth about indoctrination, conversion to Islam, etc. Shafin claims that Akhila embraced Islam, took the name of Hadija, and married him. The Kerala High Court had annulled the marriage of Akhila suspecting it to be a case of love jihad.

It seems that the nonexistence of love jihad has been an article of faith from our intellectuals

As things stand, a competent Central Agency under an SC judge is probing into the matter. But our great intellectuals have already announced their judgment: the top court has erred. An editorial in The Indian Express (August 19) asserted that the apex court unnecessarily “chose to bring in the NIA to probe whether there is a larger, dubious pattern in conversions of Hindu women to Islam. Why was it moved to do so remains unclear, and invites suspicions of judicial over reach.” In other words, there is no such pattern: love jihad simply doesn’t exist.

I showed earlier, in January 2015, that intellectuals were, and are, just in the ‘denial mode’. “Former Kerala chief minister V.S. Achuthanandan said in July 2010 that Muslim fundamentalists in the state were trying to increase their clout by encouraging conversions.‘They also persuade them [Muslim youth] to marry Hindu girls.’ A leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Achuthanandan is ipso facto ‘secular.’ A few months earlier, the Kerala High Court had found indications of ‘forceful’ religious conversions under the garb of ‘love’ in the state and asked the government to consider enacting a law to prohibit such ‘deceptive’ acts, The Economic Times reported (December 10, 2009). It quoted the HC…”

Also these facts, however, are irrelevant for Left liberal; their websites like and have written against the judiciary’s stand over the subject. It seems that the nonexistence of love jihad has been an article of faith from our intellectuals. Some of them go even further. In his column in Business Standard (August 19), Shekhar Gupta wrote, “This ‘woman’ is Akhila (who now prefers to be called Hadiya), a medical student from Kottayam in Kerala, whose parents, alarmed by her closeness with Muslim ‘radical’ organizations, approached the high court…”

Members of Sarani, both “were arrested on charges of abduction of the 21-year-old (name withheld) from Cherpulassery town in Palakkad district.”

Notice ‘radical,’ the quotation marks. The eminent journalist doubts the very existence of Kerala’s dangerous Islamist bodies, which get funding from Arab countries and have links with Islamic State, Al Qaeda, etc. For him, Sathya Sarani is just “a Muslim organization, right-wing but not proscribed.” Well, proscribed or not, can a Muslim outfit be right-wing without being radical or Islamist? By the way, Sarani is run by the Islamist outfit Popular Front of India (PFI).

Notwithstanding its Sanskrit name, Sarani is an Islamist proselytizing body. Its website regards Hindu gurus as “spiritual psychopaths” whose devotees “observe meaningless rites.” Worse, from the Sarani’s perspective, “the fascist and militant forces emerging among the Hindus create hindrance in the way of the people entering the right faith”—which is Islam. So, Sathya Sarani’s action plan is the “propagation of Islam among non-Muslims.”

But Gupta and other liberals are loath to accept the fact that there are radical Muslim organizations like Sarani in Kerala which is linked with terror. India Today reported on August 17, 2016, about the arrest of two people by Kerala Police for a 21-year-old girl “to go and fight as a foot soldier for the Islamic State in Yemen.” Members of Sarani, both “were arrested on charges of abduction of the 21-year-old (name withheld) from Cherpulassery town in Palakkad district.”

Police say the girl, a Hindu, was “influenced” into converting to Islam while working at a private firm in Perinthalmanna, Malappuram district, the magazine reported. “Officials say P. Noufal (now in Yemen) of Perinthalmanna was her initial handler before Naser, a member of Sathya Sarani’s Da’wa squad (wandering proselytisers), took over. ‘Noufal led her to believe that heaven was possible only if she lived like a true Muslim and fought for Islam,’ says A.R. Ajithkumar, IGP, Thrissur range.”

There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that love jihad is a reality, but liberals are not just blind to it; they have blindfolded themselves

The magazine also mentioned about a report on the conversions prepared by the state’s intelligence branch. The report revealed that between 2011 and 2015, 5,975 people in the state converted to Islam; 1,410 did so in 2015 alone. “An overwhelming number, 76 per cent, of the new converts are women below 35… In January-February this year, 224 Hindus and 60 Christians converted to Islam at a rate of roughly three new converts a day.”

Now, neither India Today is owned by the Sangh Parivar nor Kerala is run by the Bharatiya Janata Party whose police officers would parrot its government’s views. There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that love jihad is a reality, but liberals are not just blind to it; they have blindfolded themselves. So, whether it is a mountain or an elephant in the room, they will keep their eyes wide shut. Their position is simple.

Whether or not Akhila has converted to Islam out of conviction can be known; the apex court has already ordered an inquiry into it, and that too under a former SC judge. Whatever may be found in the probe, it is indubitable that love jihad is a reality which only an intellectual can deny.

George Orwell once said that some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them. The opposite is also true: some facts are so evident that only intellectuals can deny them. Love jihad is once such fact.


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