M R Venkatesh takes a critical look at the 7-point economic plan of the Left-Liberals

Taking aim at the intellectually bankrupt philosophy of the Left-Liberals and their 7-point economic plan, M R Venkatesh stresses the need of rebutting these ideas with facts and figures. A proven political ideology continues to make the rounds in India thanks to MSM.


  1. Brilliant realistic pointblank thoughts by Mr. MRV not mincing words and laced with humour. Though the discussion was far reaching, not much on the title topic as the expert didnt even feel the hotch potch “economic” solution by the nitwits worth a pinch. MRV rightly and vociferously lambasted the outmoded idiotic ideology therein.

    As it appears that many well-meaning experts have sensed serious lacunae in the directions of measures taken to reboot / reset the economy, wont it be a good idea for the devout experts to come together and write to the head of the nation pointing out the weaknesses and providing alternate thoughts? As we find the intentions of the PM undoubtedly sincere such a guidance may put the wheels on the rails.

  2. I expected a point by point discussion and probably demolition of what the left proposal said , Rather the talk just stuck to one point and the rest of the talk didnt follow any structured pattern.

    It would be great if you could have economists from the right discuss this proposal and probably build an alternative proposal.

  3. Great discussion!! Looking for more.
    One little suggestion, if possible kindly run such discussion in Hindi for larger outcome.


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