Andhra Pradesh Government Orders Tirupati temple trust to stop the auction of 50 properties, considering the sentiments of devotees

Reacting to public backlash, the Andhra Pradesh government has stopped TTD from auctioning 50 lands till further notice

Reacting to public backlash, the Andhra Pradesh government has stopped TTD from auctioning 50 lands till further notice
Reacting to public backlash, the Andhra Pradesh government has stopped TTD from auctioning 50 lands till further notice

The Andhra Pradesh Government on Monday evening directed the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) trust to stop the decision of selling 50 land properties till further orders, in deference to the issues raised by many devotees. “Keeping in view of the sentiments of devotees, the Government hereby directs TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams) to re-examine the issue in consultation with different stakeholders like the religious elders, opinion makers, a section of devotees etc., to ascertain whether these properties can be used by TTD for construction of temples, dharma pracharam, and other religious activities,” said the order issued by General Administration Department.

“Till the finalization of the matter stated above, the proposed disposal of 50 properties by TTD is hereby kept in abeyance,” the order added. The detailed order is published below the article.

Recently the temple trust has decided to sell the 50 “unviable properties and non-useable” properties given by devotees in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Rishikesh through auction. According to the trust these properties are far away and can’t be maintained and many of the properties were encroached and some are really out of control[1].

From 1974 to 2014, the trust has sold 129 properties through auction. There were widespread protests from many quarters and opposition parties BJP and TDP, blaming the Andhra Pradesh Government on this decision to sell 50 non-viable properties far away from the temple. The Trust says that many of the properties donated by the devotees are mainly one cent to five cent house properties and agricultural fields which are difficult to manage and of no use. One listed property for auction was 1.2 acres from Rishikesh which is facing encroachment by local people.

The detailed Government Order is published below the article:

AP Govt order
AP Govt order


[1] TTD (Tirupati) to sell 50 unviable land and immovable properties through public auctionMay 24, 2020,

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  1. Churches, mosques stance, it is « my money ».
    It is an open secret that :
    churches and mosques receive unaccounted-for funds from within India and abroad, but these undeclared funds do not appear on accounting books.
    churches, mosques provide all kinds of support (election crowds, election army), finance the election of Unemployables to positions of power in India.
    In addition to that, churches, mosques hide their money from Modern Day Robbers-Politicians.
    Churches, mosques hide their personal/private property in bonds, financial instruments, investments. These shields are almost impenetrable, if one were to consider that churches, mosques have been known to receive laundered money (complex jurisdictions from legal perspective ) from enemies of India abroad.
    Finding an opportunity, they gang-up with Unemployable Politicians and Self Proclaimed partners for « Temple Gold is Joint Property », « Our Money ».

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  3. Its high time the interference of governments in religious matters stops. They have no right to manage our temples. We are competent enough to manage them efficiently and more effectively. Its peoples property and should remain with the people.

  4. TTD can lease the land for construction of temple or Vedic schools. Very small ares can be used to open shops for selling dharmic books/ building meditation rooms.

  5. This is just a beginning. Cannot believe these decisions by government and they may use all loopholes to transfer them silently at a later point of time. The immediate need is to revamp the entire TTD board who does not have any individual respect the Dharma but using the board as a political rehabilitation centre.

    Cannot trust these governments or boards which are acting proxy to the government. It’s deplorable that TTD has started selling Laddus on retail at various centres breaking the tradition which are supposed to be given after Darshan to devotees. Wonder how many such events we may have to see in future.

    If TTD is cash strapped due to COVID19, imagine the spate of other temples and priests who are struggling for a square meal. There is no one to appease them because there is guarantee of vote bank from this community. Govinda Govinda…


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