TTD (Tirupati) to sell 50 unviable land and immovable properties through public auction

The real truth behind the auctioning of TTD properties in various states of India

The real truth behind the auctioning of TTD properties in various states of India
The real truth behind the auctioning of TTD properties in various states of India

The Tirupati temple trust – Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) – on Sunday said that they have decided to auction 50 immovable properties in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu which were unviable, not useful and prone to encroachment. Apart from this one property of 1.20 acres in Rishikesh is also put up for auction. The TTD Chairman Y V Subba Reddy said that all the properties will be auctioned in a transparent way with concerned land authorities. Brushing aside the rumors floated by a section of media, Reddy clarified that TTD is empowered to conduct such auctions and from 1974 to 2014, already 129 lands were disposed of through public auctions. He said this is the decision of the TTD Board which is competent to do so including the sale, exchange, and mortgage the immovable properties and Andhra Pradesh Government is no way connected with this decision, citing previous TTD Board’s decisions on this regard.

“Brushing aside the rumors by a section of media, TTD Chairman Sri Y V Subba Reddy clarified that TTD has decided to auction 50 immovable properties in AP and Tamil Nadu which are unviable, not useful and prone to encroachment.  He also said, that as per Rule 165 of Chapter -XXII issued in GO Ms No.311, Revenue (Endts 1) Department, dated 09-04-1990, the TTD Board is competent to sell, exchange and mortgage the immovable properties if found beneficial to TTD.

“Appealing to devotees not to be carried away by the false reports by a section of media which triggered confusion and hurt the sentiments of the pilgrims, TTD said that the practice of selling immovable, non-maintainable and not useful properties is in vogue since 1974. Between 1974-2014, about 129 such immovable properties which are not useful to TTD activities were disposed off in a public auction,” said the TTD Board in a statement.

A sub-committee was set up for identification of such immovable properties as per Resolution No.84 dated 28-7-2015, during the Board Meeting held under the Chairmanship of Sri Ch Krishnamurthy. Following the report by the sub-committee comprising of the then board members Sri Bhanu Prakash Reddy, Sri D P Ananta, Sri J Sekhar, Smt Suchitra Ella, and Sri Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, the board in its Resolution No.253, dated 30-01-2016 resolved to dispose of by public auction of 50 such unviable properties. However, as one piece of land is under legal dispute, TTD is set for the auctioning of 49 immovable properties including 17 in Rural AP,  9 in Urban AP and 23 in Rural TN in consultation with respective Sub-registrar offices with regard to book value and market value of those properties. Apart from this, another piece of land to the extent of 1.20 acres available at Rishikesh is also included for public auction, as the said land is encroached upon by unauthorized people by undertaking illegal constructions.

Subsequently, the present TTD Board has approved only the base price for public auction in their Resolution no.309, dated 29-02-2020 for disposal of the said 50 immovable properties worth ₹23.92 crore through public auction. This is only a continuation of the auctioning process commenced by the previous board only. The immovable properties which are set for auctioning includes tiny house plots varying between 1 cent and 5 cent while farmlands range between 10 cents and below one acre which is non-maintainable and non-revenue generating properties for TTD.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is in no way connected with the disposal of immovable properties of TTD under public auction and it is not correct to link up the decisions of the TTD board with the Government. It is not correct on the part of a section of media, hurting the sentiments of millions of devotees and misguiding them with baseless reports, said Govindhari. R, TTD Special Invitee to Board.

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  1. Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

    TTD should not sell the properties. TTD gets lots of donation. You can create 50 temples at all locations for the devotees, as you are fearing that it will be encroached by someone else. You will creating jobs for various poor peoples at each 50 locations and more locations of temple will of coarse get TTD more revenues in the form of fees/ donation. These revenues can be later utilized for the poor peoples.
    This TTD properties auctioning is not good for Hindu sentiments.

  2. If TTD goes ahead with the sale, it must use the entire sale proceeds to acquire useful government property in Tirupathi at government rate. It should then record that property as a donation from the donors of the property that is being sold. Government should cooperate with TTD in identifying and selling the govt. land in Tirupathi to TTD.

  3. Thousands of devotees comes across the country but no one want to protect except few, devotees should sit outside & close the road untill they change their mind. And setup that property can be sell only through the public vote of seven days of devotees. Church has the largest non agriculture land in india after railway, but they’re not selling but we don’t need land same as neheru we don’t need Baluchistan. AP govt also from a radical Christ group & hindu have no unity & lack of emotions towards.

      • you fucking idiot. the board is obligated to keep all such properties donated by devotees. if they wanted to sell and give money they would’ve done so.

        • wow wow…great devotee …nice language. if your wishes met, i think you call God also like this. Nice culture background you have

    • Your are right why they want to sell the property, let them construct temple, days by day churches and masjid are increasing, temples are decreaseing.

  4. as per the rules, the TTD trust board shall take the decision, subjeting its discreation to the limitation of necessity and beneficial to the institution, but the donee TTD did never subject itself to the ‘will and intention’ of the donor, and it never took into consideration by looking its archives, what had prompted or drove the donor to donate?

    the commercial analysis of the ‘issue’ as to each of property, wihtout taking into consideration the intentions and necessities of ‘locals’ is outrageous.

    there is no proof that the ‘unviablity’ conclusion is reached, after appraising the ‘locals’ and thier intention to use, utlise and put that piece of proerty to the best intetersts of Hinduism and its values’ is not known and the TTD seems, or felt obliged to take this angle into consideration at al.

    The viablity shall be only after exhausting the option of seeking the utilisation by the ‘locals’ and ‘families if available’ views into consideration and not otherwise.

    TTD is not privilged and ethics demand to honour the ‘dharma’

    when the TTD so flush with funds, so why should it resort this unwarranted jettisoning, just because the succesive borads have taken same or similar decision, does not make it correct or right.

  5. Give the land for free to the poor hindu family who they don’t have house,let them build the home.what is the use of selling the 50 property for 24cr? Whether TTD,they dont have money or wat?This type of work should stop immediately.temples and temple property belongs to Hindu devotees,everyone can manage but for selling the property,they don’t have right.better give the property for poor people.

  6. Why he governments repeatedly target the properties of temples. This should is not acceptable by the devotes of the Lord venkaterswara. Why not the properties of churches and mosques? I request all the hindu religious heads to protest and and move the supreme court to stop squandering the temple properties. Otherwise the few temples having some wealth will be completely wiped out All the devotees should raise against the proposal of the AP govt.


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