Major Gaurav Arya on China, Xi’s future as Premier, LAC violations, Hong Kong and CPEC

Major Gaurav Arya on how China is flexing its muscles in Asia and throwing its weight about. The importance of India in the QUAD alliance, its naval power, CPEC's 25 km. buffer zone on either side of CPEC highway and its ripples on Pakistan and much more!


  1. From Pakistan.

    I think CPEC’s main benefit to Pakistan is the energy projects which were not talked about in this video.

    Pakistan and India like going back and forth with each other but I think this extreme nationalism is going to be bad for both countries in the future.

    That being said I sincerely doubt Chinese people will replace native Pakistani peoples. We already are very diverese and have many ethnicities (dark skin, brown, white) living throughout the nation. Getting anohter one in the form of East Asian isn’t anything new or bad.

    50%+ population of Balochistan will be Chinese by 2048? Where did you get this info?

  2. Sir, I am not a subject expert like the author, but common sense dictates, that coups don’t happen once it becomes Public Knowledge…if it does as you predict…then we are talking about a regime which is living past it’s expiry date… which is not the case with the current regime in China…


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