Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy on why a humane act like the CAA is being demonised by the West

India has been a welcoming country for all but there is a reason why CAA limits citizenship to minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. In a sharp message directed at the lawmakers in city councils passing resolutions, Governor Roy exhorts them to read up on the history of India. When countries like Bangladesh are squeezing its minorities out like toothpaste, CAA provides a way for them to lead a dignified life says Governor Tathagata Roy.


  1. We have not been able to make inroads to border states like Nagaland Mizorum <Meghalaya where Missionaries have converted the states as Vatcian colonies. we need to find groups who worship Buddha or some other ancient godess and help them build a Temple , school or a hospital and give them an identity before Missionaries win them with money or with other goodies . starting a central project in these areas and hiring 20% locals and bringing 80% from other states and settling them will check mate the spread of Christianity.


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