Mohandas T G analyses the 5 state election results

A view from the ground of what might have happened in the Hindi belt states. How BJP can recover from here and what steps need to be done at the Center. A must watch!


  1. Looks like our enemy is all out now to see local convert go for war in India and destroy their own land and nation like many convert nations did to themself .
    Pakistan in last stage of death bed. Hindu leaders should expose this game of Islam and Christians to convert Hindus and forcefully reconvert to save the remaining India as a nation .
    China . Japan Barms are doing .

  2. Mr.Sree Iyer
    There was discussion about failed proposed 1 day ban on a TV Channel. There are other such cases as well.
    There is a strong feeling among the middle class that they have been neglected.

    The basic exemption limit under the Income Tax should have been increased to at least Rs.5 lacs. The present finance minister during 2014 campaign had said that he the limit should be increased to Rs.5 lacs from 2 lacs. Thinking that the BJP would be implementing this many voted for BJP, but nothing happened.
    On the other hand a mechanism was announced that MP’s salary would increase every 5 years automatically and the same would be linked to inflation, why they could not think of linking maximum amount not chargeable to tax to inflation.

    It was a shock when the petrol price was not reduced when the oil prices slumped to Rs.$30/barrel and were low for a partcular period of time when the NDA govt came to power. What happened to the promissory estoppels.
    The government has not done anything in the sabarimala issue and also on anti hindu/national forces in Tamil Nadu as it has a government under its control.
    Following SC ruling the amendment by BJP on SC/ST act shows that its no way different from congress.

    You/panelist were generous in giving benefit of doubt to govt wrt to progress in corruption cases, but the fact is why a team of honest officers were not picked by the govt in 2014 to ensure that the promises made in 2014 are met, what defies comprehension is retention of officers close to the previous dispensation.

    What is the problem in declaring Ram Sethu as national monument.
    Why has the petition with the ethics committee of the parliament not decided on citizenship of an MP.

    Why was provision introduced in POCA to make it mandatory to seek govt approval for prosecution of govt officials, one would have thought such amendments are bought by the congress. Why approval is not given in case of prosecution of 4 officials of FM even after more than 100 days has elapsed.

    Why has nothing been done to curb fake news, why the people publishing fake news not prosecuted.

    PM had requested people to surrender the LPG subsidy to certain sections of people, why he did not begin from his party.

    We voted for BJP in 2014 as were not satisfied with congress and had hope that the BJP would walk the talk. Blaming congress doesn’t impress us. We want to vote for BJP but would be happy to see some tangible change.

  3. 1. Development – Check. NaMo has done very well.
    2. Corruption – NaMo is trying, but is unable to make progress as much as you and I wanted. But that the anti-corruption drive is difficult, and the fact that there is no corruption since 2014 has not been communicated properly to the masses. BJP needs to do it.
    3. Hindutva – Nothing much has been done. But don’t forget the crack down on NGO’s. Ram Setu has to be declared a monument and the temple has to be built. I would say, an ordinace for Sabarimalai too is reqd.
    4. Anti-terror , anti-Pak – Personally my biggest gripe with NaMo is that he has not made much progress in the anti-Pakistan/Kashmir space. NaMo should have done with hafiz Sayeed and Dawood what Obama did with Osama. It would ensure re-election. If he takes some decisive steps in kashmir, that would take him a long way. I’m not taking credit away from him for the diplomatic isolation of Pak, giving freehand to the Army when it comes to killing terrorists etc. Doval too has done an excellent job.
    5. Foreign Policy space – Point to note : NaMo has been able to gather much respect among the global leaders. I don’t remember when was the last time an Indian PM received global awards. No one else could have achieved what NaMo has achieved in the foreign policy space. This has to be trumpeted.

    Most importantly, BJP media cell has to communicate that Pappu, or for that matter , no other individual in India, is a match to NaMo. No one would have worked as hard as he did in the last 5 years, no one would in the next 5 years as well. These points have to be communicated well to the masses.
    The educated Indians , like the ones who read pgurus, would vote only for NaMo. It is the un-educated one’s who have to bought back.

  4. Excellent questions by Sree Iyer !

    One of the reasons why people have a negative attitude towards Modi and BJP currently is due to the Paid Media who are tirelessly working to tarnish the image of BJP/Modi and exaggerating very minor issues and not properly reporting any achievements of this government etc.

    That Modi did nothing to curb these media houses is proving very costly for the BJP – and might cost BJP the 2019 elections. (Public opinion gets easily moulded by repetition through media – especially people have an ear for negative propaganda)

    Can not agree with Mohandasji that the reason for no successes on the anti-corruption front is because the bureaucracy is not compliant…. Modi could have posted efficient officers the moment he took over power – and not waiting for 4.5 years to do something about it. Finance Ministry is in the hands of Jaitley and any action against the corrupt politicians is being dragged indefinitely. Why was Jaitley inducted into the Cabinet in the first place?? Remember, Modi is not a SPECTATOR in the whole thing – people did not vote Modi to power for being a helpless mute spectator. (Important point to REMEMBER is that the Common Man certainly is a helpless mute spectator to the things going on and the only thing he can do something about it is once every 5 years – hope BJP & Modi take note of this)

    Regarding Judiciary, how are anti-national people able to get their cases posted the same day or next day – while important cases are being postponed??? It only reveals that there is no real intent / will on the part of the Government to get things done.

    Points to all round failure of Modi Govt on many many fronts – they should have assumed the full power the people gave them from Day 1 of assuming office. they did not – now they are finding excuses. Modi has only himself to blame. No point merely giving big speeches – people need to see action on the ground. People are able to see through everything now.

    Even Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s crusade against corruption has been considerably delayed by this government as Finance Ministry was not giving sanction to prosecute the big fish. Not 1 Paisa of Black money parked in safe havens has returned to India. No decision on Ram Temple either. Many of Dr. Swamy’s pragmatic suggestions seem to have fallen on totally deaf ears.

    Also middle class needs to be relieved of the tax burden and IT harassment on which Modi did nothing until now. Most salaried people today are Anti-Modi as they sense a more difficult time ahead. Dr. Swamy has many practical ideas but seems to be unwelcome to this government.

    Suffices to say that the countdown has certainly begun for Modi & BJP – as they cannot announce any populist measures once the Model Code of Conduct comes into place for the 2019 elections.


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