Moses, Jesus and the Prophet (PBUH): who are they if not self-styled godmen?

This brings us to the crux of the issue, the systemic problem of overt and internalised Hinduphobia

Moses, Jesus and the Prophet: who are they if not self-styled godmen?
Moses, Jesus and the Prophet: who are they if not self-styled godmen?

The indiscriminate use of the phrase self-styled godman for Hindu Swamijis and Gurujis alone is a deliberate and malicious Hinduphobic act

It is an abhorrent state of affairs for the term “presstitutes” to have gained currency in India. (1) Obviously, the term derives from the age-old word for a sex worker. Whatever be the case the community of sex workers do not have to be in the crossfire of such an insult. If at all, they are honest hard working people perhaps fallen on bad times. They do not sell anything that is not theirs. So why should one use a term that will be insulting to a community however degraded their jobs may be, and who are often helpless hard working people? A more appropriate term should be based on an immoral and dishonest profession such as that of a pimp, a broker in sex work, who sells and profits from what is not his / her own (#PimpMedia).

Following some negative headlines in the past few months, relating to Hindu Gurus and Swamijis, there were understandably many criticisms levelled on the tradition. However, given the credibility of the Indian prosecution and criminal law administration system no scrutiny was directed against the system. The media “default stories” were assumed to be true. (2–4)

In this context, a columnist Shoba De writing for the Times of India’s blog started abusing the devotees of Hindu Gurus and Swamijis in the foulest possible language. She called devotees as “bloody gullible”, “monumental idiots”, “suckers/ believers”. To this day she has not been called out for such gutter language that too against innocent devotees. If she was a genuine critique, she should have spared the devotees those abuses. Her track record speaks for herself. Clearly, her anger was directed at the people and their beliefs itself, which is Hinduism. It was an unabashed display of Hinduphobia at its verbal worst.

Did she ever write a word about the Christian Church for its global-scale child abuse of lakhs of children and genocide of hundreds of millions of native Americans, Australians, Africans and Asians, both the phenomenon are not just historic but ongoing? (5–9)

Self-Styled Godmen and Self-Proclaimed Godmen

This brings us to the crux of the issue, the systemic problem of overt and internalised Hinduphobia.

Did Moses, Jesus and the Prophet belong to a Mutt or a Sampradaya? What about self-proclaimed and independent churches, church priests such as Paul Dinakaran and Mohan Lazarus in places such as Tamizh Nadu? Are they not self-styled godmen? Is not all Protestant churches’ priests self-styled in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, which itself is founded on the “body of Jesus,” a self-styled godman? What about the Pentecostal priests and others without a central church? What about Sufi saints and Ahamadiya seers?

Thus the indiscriminate use of the phrase “self-styled godman” for Hindu Swamijis and Gurujis alone is a deliberate and malicious Hinduphobic act.

To be Continued….


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  1. Good article. This explains the clear cut anti Hindu narrative that goes on and on. I am happy at least one person had written about it. Thanks for writing. Immediately there will be anti Hindu gang that want to jump, we don’t care a damn for them. Truth have to be spoken.
    Hinduism has been kind and welcoming all religions and it is not the other way.

    • King George: even worst imposters are Ram, Krishna, Shiva and all other so called, self styled Gods and monkeys in Ramayan and Mahabharat.

      • The days are over! Wait and watch the game. For hindus even an ant is sacred. This shows the deep respect we have for our environment and beings around us.

    • What is the fault of PP gurus, they only published an article by the author, expressing his views. A man of wisdom should counter the author if the author is wrong in his opinion. The article is about usage of word “ godmen” to Hindu evangelists by pretitutes in India. In fact every human who uses gods name as tool is a Godman. From village pastor to Vatican head are all godmen. Where is the religious divide in the article ? The reality is outside forces hate Hindus and their divine leaders, and coined the word “ controversial godmen “ which Indian MSM enjoy to address Hindu gurus , swamis and any person wearing saffron robes.

    • grow up Sebastian. learn to question your faith for only “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”… Find the truth first. Do no argue about ‘Club’ membership. Identity crisis is within – which has sprung forth outside – resulting in the mess we see in the world. May all be blessed.

  2. Although the above comments and the article is on the current issues Dharmika’s of this nation faces! the more important issue is probably the reason these venomous activities gaining strength, which is lack of interest in following one’s own culture by the majority. This probably has its root in the primary and secondary education which addresses intellect alone, hence the discriminating narrative gets more support in the name of rational views! and the core of the culture which is the unity which stems from the dharmic living! is lost in the ocean of chaos sprouting out of divisive thoughts, divisive actions, and divisive speeches! which are divided among themselves! Let there be strength to regain ones root the culture and heritage which is the Sanathana Dharma.

  3. Very true ever since Independence a well conceived planned conspiracy stealthily launched to #WeakenIndiaDestroyIndia & with Single objected Agenda #ShameIndiaShameHindu.

    It still continuing.
    Had #NarendraModi didn’t become #PM all such Conspiracies of Destroying Hindu’s Grow Muslims & Christian continued unabated.

    Six Actors Deeply involved Destroy India Gangs.
    1. Government,
    2). PseudoSickular Gangs,
    3). Pimp Media Reporters,
    4). All TV, Print Electronic Media,
    5). Fixed Judiciary Judges, and
    6). Foreign Funded Muslim Christian NGOs

    Som Say Om

  4. True,but we have to live with it.Democracy is suitable for people in the West.Indians should be educated first,else abuse of democracy will only worsen.

    • I agree 100% but is anyone doing anything towards it? Democratic reforms are must so that current form of democracy in India could be modified to suit INDIAN people’s literacy levels. But unfortunately our current politicians will not do this as it does not suit their interests. Thus a ‘conflict of interest’ arises. Next question is who should do it in current political system where common man has no roll in law making. Second question is how it should be done which primary task to bring true democracy. These are the questions to ponder. I hope a debate on these issues starts in the intellectual lobby to find a workable solution. Leaving u with my unfinished task of life!

  5. Orthodox Church in Kerala to which Oommen chandy belongs has to suspend 8 priests for using a woman based on her CONFESSION (Kumasaram) It seems the woman has confessed to her illicit relationship with a priest and the new parish priest expolited her by inviting her to his bed. This is immoral things happening in the Church

      • Sex starved men ? Excuse me, what you know of Mahabhartha to put a claim like that? Which version of Mahabharatha describes them in that indecent and illiterate way? Why dont you first educate yourself before commenting on the literature. It will do a world of good to you,the first.

      • First know Mahabharatha and comment. For idiots like you only (what a foresight) it’s clearly mentioned that Draupadi had to live with only one husband for one year and she purified herself with Agni and then lived with another person. If at all any other Pandava had to see her , it was agreed that the person would go to live in forest for some time.
        It was because of the respect they had for their mother that they agreed to such a difficult situation.

        How come mary gave birth without her husband and his knowledge…
        There are a lot more cheap things in your religion.
        If you believe mary, we believe in the purity of Draupadi.

        • So, according to you, draupadi was having variety entertainment every year. Also the 5 men were sleeping with draupadi all because of their mother kunti who was performing the role of a pimp in the forest. Now explain that, genius malar.

      • Well polyandry existed in India earlier and still practised in north India. Isn’t it more immoral to give birth to a child outside marriage ?

      • Indian epics, puranas and vedic stories are not to be understood in the exact literary sense….. Most of the stories of ancient India have a subtle way of conveying something which need not be satisfactory for our logical brain.

        Just for your understanding: plz take it in the right context.

        1)Jesus converted wine into blood.
        2)Moses made the ocean split to make path for him.
        3)Mary gave birth to Jesus without being physical with her husband.

        All the above stories should not be taken literally. There may be truth but not factual. U should understand the difference between truth and fact


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