Mr. Chidambaram are you forgetting your promise?

Mr. Chidambaram are you forgetting your promise?

Mr. Chidambaram are you forgetting your promise?
Mr. Chidambaram are you forgetting your promise?


  1. I only expect the IT officers & department lawyers to do a good job in proving the facts in a court of law and crooks family to get maximum jail term. As the other side is all criminally minded people,extra care has to be taken by the government otherwise ‘Crook CHIDU ” will escape. It has taken more than two years for the dept. to take action from the time all these allegations were in public domain. Hats off to P Gurus and Auditor Gurumurthy ( of Reliance ,Bofors fame) for a professional journalism. P Gurus should capture the place and credit of the erstwhile ‘Hindu news paper ” which has now lost its glory thanks to NRam.

  2. Why these people accumulate assets worth hundreds of crores which is not useful for even their ten generations

  3. actually I have never understood how the wealth of a MLA/MP increases every five years . In most cases it has increased more than 100 % . This is based on their own admission / declaration when filing nomination.
    If this formula is made known to all the countrymen then everyone will be a millionaire in his life time , no person in BPL .
    What a country India will be !

  4. Dipanjain Dasgupta,

    That was in era of UPA government, aka Congress govt which had always worked just for family not for people of India.

    Hence all Congress leaders were doing the same.

    Like God Krishna said in Mahabharata, when raja himself does adharma his praja also follows the king and also indulge in doing adharma. This is why whole of aryavrat was killed in the Mahabharata war to start a new era of dharma yug.

    Modi is today’s Krishna and whoever works under him follows him and becomes devoted and dedicated to the great country India.

    Jai Hind

  5. Being tax payer and honest citizen I’m not able to understand why these kind of policy makers – works for their own and family benefits – not for people of the country. Always try to divide and rule.
    Feeling very sad for our kids future.


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