Mr. Jaitley, have you admonished your morning walk buddy Rohatgi for welcoming the 2G trial court Judgment?

Has Mr. Jaitley admonished his mentee for his remarks over the 2G Court verdict?

Has Mr. Jaitley admonished his mentee for his remarks over the 2G Court verdict?
Finance and Minister of Corporate Affairs Arun Jaitley

One week has passed since the shocking trial court’s judgment in the 2G scam, acquitting all the accused. Anybody with a little bit of common sense would admit that it is a bad judgment of Himalayan proportions. What was more shocking was seeing the former Attorney General (AG) Mukul Rohatgi, a Modi Government appointee, showing up on Television channels welcoming the controversial judgment. Yes, he did represent many of the 2G accused before he became the AG but the optics of it did not go down well with the viewing public.

Didn’t TIME magazine call 2G scam as the biggest scandal after the Watergate?

Who recommended Rohatgi for AG?

It is an open secret that Mukul Rohatgi is a buddy of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and it was he who recommended Rohatgi as AG in May 2014. Though the Prime Minister did not want him, it is reliably learnt that Jaitley convinced him to appoint Rohatgi as the AG. Before he was AG, Rohatgi was the advocate of all the scamsters during the UPA regime. From 2G trial court to the Supreme Court he represented accused Shahid Balwa and Anil Ambani’s Reliance Telecom companies as well as the accused staffers. Along with Harish Salve, Rohatgi was also present in trial court during the cross examination of Anil Ambani and his wife, exercising his vocal chords to the maximum. The then Special Prosecutor UU Lalit had to declare Anil Ambani and his wife as hostile witnesses[1].

Worse, on the morning of May 28, 2014, Rohatgi himself broke the news that Modi Government offered him the post of AG and that he had decided to accept the post[2]. But ignoring ethics, on the same afternoon Rohatgi appeared in the 2G trial court for the accused Shahid Balwa against the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). What sort of a message would that have conveyed to the public, when the PM had just thundered Na Khaunga, Na Khaane doonga?

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy was right in criticising the Modi Government for appointing a person representing the 2G accused as the Attorney General of India. Didn’t TIME magazine call 2G scam as the biggest scandal after the Watergate?

New Sheriff in town

At last Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a bold decision to change Rohatgi and appointed a veteran and respected lawyer KK Venugopal as the AG in mid-2017. PM’s action came after PGurus’s exposé on Rohatgi flying to Dubai with a smuggling case accused Rajeev Agarwal[3] and the confirmation of the same by the Intelligence Bureau to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Morning walks in the Lodi Gardens

For the past two decades, Rohatgi and many lawyers can be seen in the Lodi Gardens, walking along with the current Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. It is a fact that many of them consider Jaitley to be their mentor/  philosopher/  guide. It is also a well known fact that Rohatgi and all these morning walkers are also close to Congress leader P Chidambaram.

Being a very senior minister of the Modi Government, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley owes an answer to the nation, whether he admonished Rohatgi for his statement supporting the controversial 2G Scam judgment.

Mr. Jaitley, you owe it to the Prime Minister for making you a Cabinet Minister, despite losing in Lok Sabha elections by a margin of over 1.6 lakh votes from Amritsar in 2014, when majority of the BJP candidates won. Your actions are causing a lot of concern that you are providing escape routes to the corrupt. If not, why Enforcement Directorate (ED) under you is not arresting most corrupt and your good friend Chidambaram and son Karti?

Mr. Jaitley, in the table below, I have summarized all the questions that PGurus has been asking of you in a table. Hope you can find the time to answer them.

Questions for Arun Jaitley
Fig 1. Questions for Arun Jaitley


[1] CBI declares Anil Ambani hostile witness in the 2G caseDec 20, 2014,

[2] Mukul Rohatgi appeared for 2G case accused after accepting to be the AGDec 25, 2017,

[3] Why did AG travel with a smuggling case accused? Jul 24, 2016,

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  1. Has Modi delivered any of the promises he had made to Indian public namely?

    a) Ram temple
    b) Uniform civil code
    c) Bringing back black money
    d) sending corrupt to jail
    e) article 370 removal
    f) North east muslim problems/Bangladesi illegal immigrant isses

    The answer is big NO, and now its too late; there is not even an iota of work done in any of the points above. There are some work done by Swamy, but alas Modi cannot take credit for it as BJP has absolutely no hand in the case currently being fought by Swamy.
    Now the big question is, did Modi lie to public in Speeches ? Unfortunately the answer is YES!! he lied to garner votes and to get power, the Pandora box is opening slowly. Read below!!

    There is some sort of soft corner among Indians towards Modi, because it looks as if Modi has left his family and does not take care of them for the sake of country. But if you look closely, he has indeed acted like a coward, who has run away from family life. He has his cool life alone, without having to bother about any family and kids, at the same time he can enjoy the aristrocracy of changing clothes every couple of hours; maintaining a well shaped beard, travelling world, giving big speeches (similar to what he does back home), taking photos wherever he likes and ontop hugging people -and later back-stabbing them (latest event where our Govt. stupidly voted against USA for recognising Jeruselem as the capital of Israel). True nature of sacrifice can be seen only when he portrays through his actions and living style, he is an example of sacrifice, not by running away from family life one proves anything but an indication of cowardice!

    What I noticed is he has a charm (which he would have gathered by his practice of spirituality over the years), by which he can attract and fool crowd-but when it comes to action, he has ways, which are not befit to a person having quality of a Brahman or Kashtriya. We should remember in such cases from history, where kings like Ravan had great charm and could meditate for hundreds of years, but deep down inside he had qualities of a demon. He was full of himself and would work towards saving his ego than anything else. Since in India the current generation there is a dearth of people with honesty and integrity, even a slightest inclination of a person towards these noble characteristics of honesty and integrity, people get carried away quickly.

    I can bring here atleast a dozen examples to prove the type of person this Modi is atleast based on his actions in last few years. I was never impressed by any of his speeches and right from the beginning I knew he could come up by garnering support from crooks within BJP (whom he is serving dearly now) and fooling innocent people with tall promises.

    Whats interesting is if ( as he promised) ever he is going to give us a reporting card after five years of governance, will he still be able to fool Indians, are Indians so gullible ???

    Tough times ahead for India after 2019!! honestly


  2. Now I know the real reason for your wailings. You want to haul up Chidambaram and not anything else.
    You are accusing Jaitley of hobnobbing with the Lawyers. Do not the Chartered Accountants Doctors etc
    hobnob with each other. It is because of CAs helping the corrupt to fudge Accounts that we have so much
    corruption and in my opinion we must haul up all CAs even the ones patronising you.

  3. Mukul Rohatgi is not in the Govt. having resigned a few months back. Rohatgi in his capacity as a Lawyer
    appeared for some of the accused which is perfectly alright. He is a common man and he is certainly
    entitled to his opinion just you and a host of others are entitled to theirs. In the first place BJP Modi or Jaitley did not file a case in the Scam. You are talking about right nationalism and righteousness and Modis honesty and integrity and you wanted him to influence the case which he did not and thus not oblige you and therefore you are cut up. In the final analysjs you wanr BJP to commit the same mistakes that the previous Govt. did and want it to be booted out of office.

  4. In appointing Mukul Rohatgi as the AG, if our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodar Modi had a decision on the recommendations of Arun Jaitley was only because of the faith he had in him. But it is not late on the part of PM to remove Mukul Rohatgi from the post of AG. At the same time it would have been in the interest of his leadership Prime Minister should have heeded the warning given to PM by Dr. Subramanian Swamy to refrain from appointing Mukul Rohatgi as AG. With such development which has gone against the interests of the Nation, our Honourable Prime Minister is requested to go in depth of the antecedents of his team members in order achieve his plans to come true to a better satisfaction of himself and for the people of Bharath before getting ready to facethe election in the year 2019. Time left seems to be very short. Wishing all the Best. Vande Mataram

    • I can’t accept that the PM was misled. He is an ‘equal’ and ”willing” partner in each and every crime Jaitley is alleged to have committed. Modi meeting the CORRUPTION KING of TN just days prior to the DICTATED 2G VERDICT is not a coincidence. Modi’s WAR ON CORRUPTION is Just bogus and merely for PUBLIC CONSUMPTION. Take Maharashtra for example. CORRUPTION KING OF MAHARASHTRA is bestowed with the NATIONAL TITLE while Bhujbal is still rotting in jail for comparatively lesser crimes. Vir Bhahadur
      Singh is being prosecuted for receiving trivial amount of bribe while the hardened criminals like PappU and Chidu are roaming free criticising the Govt. Why was Man Mohan not chargesheeted in COALGATE inspite of the fact he made the maximum no of illegal ALLOTMENTS?

  5. Modi handpicked Jaitley for FM post.So should PM also answer the nation if above article is true?
    Also curiously recent 2G verdict got delayed a bit which led to BJP conveniently win recent Gujarat polls? This strange coincidence also perhaps needs an answer.

  6. Like Manmohan singh who was a puppet &robot in the hands of Sonia ,Modi also is same in the hands of Arun Jaitely which a TRUTH .Fight against Corruption by Modi is laughable besides questionable .

    • Pl don’t compare MMS who is puppet, robot, river stamp PM, powerless, toothless, spineless, dancing doll with keys in the hand of Sonia, Rahul, above all a faith full animal who worked and works for a family ignoring the interest of 120 crore people. Though Narendra Modi is under the compulsion of Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari, Venkaiah Naidu, Rajnath Singh who supported Narendra Modi to sideline Advani, Murali ManohariJoshi, Yashwant Sinha, NaMo is 1000 times better than MMS. MMS was the worst and powerless PM India ever had.

  7. Why are you blaming only Jaitley? Why not his master? Gujaratis blame Adhia more than Jaitley for misleading Modi. Modi must take vicarious responsibility for the actions of his servants. As a right wing supporter I am getting jittery that 2019 may see coming back of dynasty in Delhi by default.

  8. i don’t know whether these charges against Mr Jaitley are right or wrong but know one thing for a fact that nationalists MUST not wash their dirty linen in public. Unity of nationalist forces is the need of the hour. Hope PGURUS team understands this. So anybody including PGURUS trying to undermine PM Modi or his Govt will be forgotten quickly. Its in the best interest of the country for PGURUS team to raise these issues (with supporting docs/proofs) at the right forum. Knowing our PM, he will never protect anyone indulging in corruption

    • PGurus respectfully disagrees. There is nothing new in this post that has not already been written about. It is merely a summary of posts that have appeared over a period of 2 years.

    • Let the crooked people and their crooked activities be exposed. Time has come to expose the traitors of the huge mandate PM Modi got

    • No one is undermining anyone.

      Why did Jaitley lose the 2 scam case

      Rubbish like ” Independent Judiciary” ,, ” Matter in Court’s hands” etc etc does not cut it.

      Sad but true.

      Bharat and BJP being betrayed by Attorney General Office of BJP.

      Arrest and try Rohatgi for this crime

      • Why is pgurus concluding that Modi has no culpability with regard to decisions made by Jaitley & Co.? The problem with BJP is it becomes very arrogant once it gets power. It emulates dirty politics of Congress, such as promoting individuals like Modi, Amit Shah et al, encouraging defections, using CBI etc for vendetta etc., instead of treading righteous path. I am deeply worried that BJP is hell bent to disappoint right wing nationalists and allow dirty Congress to come back in 2019 to put India back again by a decade.

      • Rohatagi is just a pawn in the entire game. The main players are AJ acting on the behest of Madam and Pappu. CBI & the CBI Courts have become fully corrupt. It seems their officials are still in the PAYROLLS of the UPA MAFIA.

    • Should a NATIONALIST be a ‘mute witness’ to ‘detestable happenings’ & ‘shocking behavior by people on whom we have reposed full faith?’

      Even I had equal amounts of ‘faith’ on our PM – as you still have.

      But there are several inexplicable actions – rather inactions & deliberate dormancy – on the part of our PM which are not in line with his loud claims like ‘naa khaaoonga naa khane doonga’

      Can you explain them?

      One benefit of doubt can be given to Modi: May be he is waiting to ‘consolidate his position fully’ & will strike with full force when he returns in 2019. HIS SEEMINGLY ‘IN-OFFICIOUS & UNACCEPTABLE ACTIONS/INACTIONS ON THE PART OF OUR PM – MAY BE A PART OF THIS CHANAKYANEETI’


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