Tabrez, a 24-year old young man, his 5 wives and 26 children live in a chawl in Delhi. This “small” family also has Tabrez’s father Ismail age 56, and Ismail’s 3 wives (Ismail’s a good looking guy since he’s attracted a 13-year old girl to be his third wife). In addition to Tabrez, Ismail has 7 other sons, 23 wives and 76 children, and 4 daughters, all married. They all live together in a 2-room house, the rent for which is paid for, by the grace of many well-wishers within the political powerhouses. This small family is one of many refugees from Myanmar where the Buddhist monks drove them out of the country. The country they previously called home! They’ve lived in Delhi for the past few years. While they struggle to make a livelihood, the past governments have been kind enough to give them as much aid as possible to survive. In addition, these governments have also looked the other way when these unfortunate people have been involved in minor and petty crimes, like mass murder, rapes and arson. These are all indicators of a very troubled population. Walk into any prison and you’ll see how the inhabitants of these jails are psychologically troubled souls!

Rubel is another refugee, this time from our next-door neighbor, Bangladesh. He lives in the city of Bangalore, in a small house outside the city with his 3 wives and 18 children. His wives are ALL from India, showing how much he loves India! He has learned Hindi and speaks it as fluently as the local population, albeit with an accent. He sounds more authentic than the local Muslim population and their Hyderabadi, which THEY call Urdu! Munshi Premchand would be rolling around in his grave! Rubel has made the supreme effort to learn the local languages and is attempting to assimilate with the Indian population. Currently, he’s working as a “Kosai” (butcher) in Bangalore. He has been jailed 2 times for petty offences, namely stealing cows and then butchering them. He did this as he could ill-afford purchasing meat from the wholesalers. After all, he needs to be able to feed his small family of 22.

The Tamil population is very proud and possessive of their heritage, culture and language. If these refugees can learn that, they deserve to be called Tamilians. No?

There are hundreds of thousands of such unfortunate people; I don’t buy the census department’s estimates that there are over a million such people in India. If the census department knew the counts, why did they let them come in? Stands to reason, the personnel at the census department have their collective heart in the right place!

Even assuming there are a million such people, where are they expected to go? Back home to Myanmar and Bangladesh? Myanmar is a death-trap for these Rohingyas, as we know them since they will be butchered by the evil monks that live there! And for what? Again petty reasons like, raping a 6-year-old girl, murdering a 15-year-old girl who declined to marry one of the young Rohingyas! I mean, anyone who has been in love with a girl, and has been shunned away by her, will tell you he would like to murder that girl! No?

What benefits does India get from sending these people back (I hate the word deportation since it has such a negative connotation about these very positive people)? India’s population goes down by 40 million? We will still be the second-most populous country in the world! It’s not like we will suddenly bring down our population to under 1 billion!! Too much is made about these people using up our resources. If we can’t take care of our guests, then we should be ashamed of our Hindu philosophy which clearly says “Atthitthi Devo Bhavah”. They are our guests! When the Pandavas were exiled, the poor villagers that took care of them were starving themselves, and yet took care of royalty; ALL of these refugees COULD NOT, put together, eat like Bhima.

Let’s assume we send them back, then what? A city like Bangalore will reel under the loss of such valuable contributions these people made, like housemaids, vendors and other such seemingly menial jobs that still are valuable. The economy will come down as housewives will not have the time to go shopping and attend to household chores. The husbands will have to come home from work, help the wives in the kitchen instead of heading to a bar. Think of the economic losses for the city of Bangalore. The city that boasts of the pubs will not have any if this continues. Likewise, with Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or any other city. Except for Chennai. That’s because, if these refugees learn Tamil and can assimilate into that population, THEY DESERVE TO BE THERE! Not even people from other states, let alone countries have mastered that language! The Tamil population is very proud and possessive of their heritage, culture and language. If these refugees can learn that, they deserve to be called Tamilians. No?

Those refugees in Delhi could be re-settled in the Lutyens area where sympathetic people like Rajdeep and his wife have 85-acre plots with a mansion built somewhere in the middle. I’m sure even he will agree, he doesn’t need 85 acres and could build 100-houses on about 10 acres to house 100 families. Their healthcare could be taken care of by the world-class, world-famous Mohalla clinics that the chief minister has built. The point, Mr Justices, is that we have the resources to take care of them. Instead of thinking about the money we would potentially spend on them, let’s look at the smiling faces of Rubel and Tabrez (and their combined family of ONLY 175). We would benefit from the contributions their kids and grandkids could make to our society. Please, please reconsider your decision, before it’s too late for the economy!

An economy can only thrive if the lowest person in the population can be happy and thriving. I think someone famous, like Rajdeep, said that! If he didn’t say that, then let’s agree that He SHOULD have said that! These refugees will bless this country; this collective family already have blessed the country with only 150 children.

Before we have a global recession caused by your judgement, please rethink this judgement. Or better, put it on the list of the 1000 other cases that “need two to three years of research”. The Supreme Court should be more involved in landmark judgements like “why are there so many potholes in Chanakyapuri?” Or “Why is the Mohalla Clinic, technically equal to the AIIMS, without as many patients as, the aforementioned AIIMS?” I rest my case, your honors.

जय श्रीराम। जय सीयाराम। उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

God bless the USA!

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Kumar Sridhar is a full time IT professional who is also a blogger,columnist and an avid sports fan! He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA.
Kumar Sridhar


  1. Doesn’t Rajdeep share a coom Le Carre syndrome with the others, that the Modi Government is inevitably, irrevocably, and chronically up to no good, and not to be trusted, souring their otherwise competent writing skills, and render inaccurate, pathologically negative, and unreliable journalism?

  2. The article is fully biased for it has taken name of Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai ONLY. Why not Mr. Sekhar Gupta, Barkha Dutt & many more ?

    Except for this biasness, it is well written.

  3. I am worried. Mr.Sridhar, that your letter would stir the conscience of their Lordships and they might recall the order, cancel it and order the Government afresh (God forbid!) to recruit them all to various Central Services, police, and the Armed Forces since the Rohingyas are known as fighters, and had an army of their own called ARSA!


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