My New Letter Series – Dear PM Shehbaz, It’s Not Important Why Pakistan Is Not Progressing…

Shabs, it’s important, let’s say VERY VERY IMPORTANT, to understand WHY INDIA IS PROGRESSING ECONOMICALLY! More important than why Pakistan IS NOT progressing

Shabs, it’s important, let’s say VERY VERY IMPORTANT, to understand WHY INDIA IS PROGRESSING ECONOMICALLY! More important than why Pakistan IS NOT progressing
Shabs, it’s important, let’s say VERY VERY IMPORTANT, to understand WHY INDIA IS PROGRESSING ECONOMICALLY! More important than why Pakistan IS NOT progressing

Dear Shehbaz,

It’s more important to know WHY INDIA IS PROGRESSING! Shabby (I hope you don’t have a problem with my calling you Shabby), Love that unshaven “Dick” Nixon type of look. No, I’m not calling you by his first name, but..anyways!! it’s a great idea not “trading” with your neighbors to the east. I understand there’s no money within the country’s coiffures (I believe the prices of your properties purchased in London, The UAE and other countries FAAAAR away from your country are really appreciating every day) to trade with India. Without money involved, it would sound silly calling that trade, wouldn’t it? Lemme clarify that statement: if India doesn’t offer food and other basic necessities, ALONG WITH BOATLOADS OF MONEY, trading with them is of no use!! It’s beside the point that you don’t have ANYTHING that India needs, but even then. In addition, Shabby, what’s a few billion $ between brothers (and sisters)? I mean, take a look at Mukesh and Anil Ambani. One’s a billionaire and the other, unfortunately, WAS a billionaire! Do you think the rich one didn’t help the less rich one out??

Your highly intelligent population is aware that “trade with India should start”, but how does one tell these Oxford/ Stanford/ MIT/ PIT [Pakistan Institute of Technology (AKA Madrasas)] graduates that there’s no money in the country’s treasury to buy a pack of cigarettes, leave alone food from India! Additionally, an agrarian country like yours IS IMPORTING FOOD (don’t ask me how since there’s no money to pay the exporting countries). Remember, you still have boatloads of food sitting at the ports wasting away since you don’t have money to pay for them!! How does one tell the highly educated Pakistani population that trade requires money and products that other countries need. What exactly does your esteemed country have that could possibly attract your neighbors? (Apologies for asking a serious question in a satirical article)

Shabby, now that your loan application to IMF looks like it MAY get approved in the next 6-12 months, celebrations must be ongoing. Please talk to your brother about good investments in England. Here’s what you need to do (I’m sure the wonderful Pakistani economists have already told you about this, but there’s no harm in repeating this). Invest in oil and make tons of money!! Oil is NEVER going to be outdated; petrol will always be required. The stupid people who talk about environmental pollution don’t understand that the world is going to need petrol to move around!! All this talk about environmental issues and getting off petrol and into electronic cars is just that! Talk is cheap! Ask them to show you a few billion $ to feed yourself, and the family(ies) behind you! We need to feed ourselves first before we can think of feeding the rest of the population! Do they think the PM Of India, Modi, doesn’t eat because someone is starving in the state of West Bengal? Or Rajasthan? Or Andhra, Tamil Nadu, or Kerala? Aaah, smart man!! You know your politics!! Yes, I was naming the states where the DREADED AND HORRENDOUS RSS has its political wing, the BJP, sitting in the opposition!! Those are, at least two of, the states your cricket team has requested their World Cup 2023 games be scheduled at, as these hall-of-fame cricketers feel safe in these states!

India is the fifth largest economy ONLY because Pakistan has decided not to improve its economy! Correction: it’s just a facade! Pakistan’s economic conditions are at a supreme level! It’s just that you don’t want the world to exploit your resources! All the people talking about waiting in lines for government handouts are paid by the economically powerful government just to mislead the “CIA/ RAAH” (the rest of the world are stupid enough to call it R&AW).

Some geniuses constantly debate on TV about improving relations with India. It’s not like Pakistan hasn’t tried! But, how does one convince FASCIST India to give up Jammu and Kashmir? In addition, the money they’re “wasting” in developing that region!! They should learn from you. Leave it alone! DO NOT DISTURB THE NATURAL BEAUTY! People like to see nature, and people living there shouldn’t have any problem with undeveloped areas! I mean, you give them nothing, and they expect nothing; on the other hand, you give them development and they IMMEDIATELY ASK FOR MORE!! Like jobs, food, and housing. The next thing you know, they expect this all the time!! They’ll want schools, hospitals, roads, trains, and airports! Why do they need that? Didn’t people from 1400 years ago travel on donkeys, and as far as food goes, they ate what they found/ captured!!

Shabs, it’s important, let’s say VERY VERY IMPORTANT, to understand WHY INDIA IS PROGRESSING ECONOMICALLY! More important than why Pakistan IS NOT progressing. What is it that India has, that Pakistan doesn’t? In fact, Pakistan is Geo-Strategically positioned while India isn’t! Pakistan is so well placed, that the USA and countries within the European Union travel East to Pakistan before heading west to the US Of A. In fact, I heard flights from New York to Los Angeles first fly to Islamabad and then head to LA!!

Shabby, I heard some Pakistani “intellectuals” talking about how, in India, killing cows is not allowed and how this was totally unacceptable. After all, these “intellectuals” claimed, people should be allowed to eat what they want. I completely agree. By the way, my favorite is pork sausages; could I get these in Islamabad or anywhere in your country???

Shabby, I heard a fictional story and thought I would share it with you. There was a fairly rich man who lived in a very posh neighborhood in (name a city). One day, while walking in the morning, he found a snake writhing in pain. It looked like it was going to die. On its side, was a nest with a few eggs In a few minutes, the snake passed away. Compassionate as he was, he took the eggs home and placed them in an incubator. In the next few weeks, the eggs hatched and he had 4 baby snakes. His wife and daughter were excited about them and took good care of them. Over the next few months, these grew to be adults. It was time to move them to natural surroundings. When he discussed this with his wife and daughter, they were feeling sad about this. The daughter went and kissed one of them goodbye.

The next morning, when the man went to wake his daughter up, he found, to his horror, that she was blue and dead. Trying to shake her body, he felt a sting on his arm. He looked to see one of those snakes had bitten him. He called out to his wife who came running and tried to help the man. Another snake took a bite of her. Within minutes of waking up, the family was now resting in eternal peace.

The story above has nothing to do with those esteemed PIT (Madrasa) graduates, in your esteemed country, that are asking for re-unification with India. Just heard this one and wanted to share it with you. Like those idiots in India say, Keep Up The Good Work.

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