Nandaa Kumar discusses what is needed for Ayushman Bharat to succeed and the potential pitfalls

For Ayushman Bharat to reach every Indian, the first need is a modern hospital in each district of India, says Nandaa Kumar. A one-time investment that can be recouped using the PPP model, this will also ease the strain on migration to cities and give a healthy lifestyle for all citizens in a post-Corona world.


  1. Well said about what private hospitals charge Covid19 victims!

    Fully appreciate this:
    The Govt thru Ayushman Bharat should expand its scope & reach thru appropriate quality monitoring & review mechanisms like in the milk cooperatives – only that it should not degenerate into inspector raj!

    Hope the Min of Health Babus sit up to take note of key suggestions!

  2. Well articulated by Nandu. Hope the govt is listening and will act on the suggestions. But then again, the inclusion of private sector as such being a great idea, it should not benefit only the likes of Adanis and Ambanis.
    The role of public health system is very crucial for a country like ours. And hope the authorities act wisely and decisively.

  3. Health is wealth!
    Good and timely hangout.
    Healthy citizens are a wealth of a nation!
    Most of the PHCs in the country do not have even First Aid!!
    In metro cities registration fee is Rs.100 valid for one year and consultation Rs.800!! Every super specialist efficient Doctor (Ashwini Devata /Dhanvantri !!) is given a target of several lakhs in a month!! On every visit we end up paying a minimum of Rs.8000 !!!

    AYUSHMAN insurance seems a have a cap of Rs.5 lakhs peanuts as far as corporate hospitals status is concerned owned by film stars or politicians?!

    “Donations” taking medical colleges must be banned/tamed! Quality doctors are not produced. Only Quantity is produced.

    India’s total healthcare spending (out-of-pocket and public), at 3.6% of GDP, as per OECD, is way lower than that of other countries.

    For year 2020-21: Nominal growth of GDP estimated at 10 per cent.
    Receipts: estimated at Rs 22.46 lakh crore (US$ 317.90 billion).
    Expenditure: at Rs 30.42 lakh crore (US$ 430.57 billion)

    At the backdrop of migrant labors in huge numbers, it is better to have an AYUSHMAN HOSPITAL in every town. There are 7935 towns in India based on 2011 census. 25 Beds hospitals are enough in a town. Medical/Health care professionals shall gladly settle down in their respective villages nearby towns/districts.

    During Lock Down India killed Economic activity instead of containing Covid19 by having four extensions of lock down “tallying” to Chinese one-go 74 days method! It seems GOI writ do not cross beyond its nose. Nearly four states did not care Union Health ministry/HC/SC directives on a National Health Emergency!!!!!!!

    My humble suggestion is to impose President’s rule for 100 days in woolly head strong States and implement Ayushman Hospitals Abhiyan!

    Covid19 exposed much acclaimed “Gujarat model” ratings and achievements!Let us not talk about advanced nations.

    Nandu has suggested a better way out for the arrogant Government at the center to leave behind a”legacy” of its own.

    Cheapest commodity in India is ” LIFE”!!!

  4. Excellent suggestion by Mr. Nandu. In my opinion starting NEET is the great beginning towards reduction of health care cost and induction of good and efficient health care professionals. Now the medical council of India should bring about very strict ethical standards for health care professionals. Ayushman hospital in every district and Ayushman primary health centre in every village is much needed to provide reasonable health care to all the citizens of India.


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