NDTV Frauds – a book that shows how an Indian Media House broke all rules

Letter to the reader on why he/ she should read NDTV Frauds

How NDTV created a biased discourse while breaking laws, to suit a few...
How NDTV created a biased discourse while breaking laws, to suit a few...

Dear PGurus Reader:

When you read this post, you might wonder as to why I wrote NDTV Frauds…

As Managing Editor of PGurus.com, while publishing a series of frauds, tax violations, siphoning of money committed by India’s premier TV channel NDTV and its major promoters, an idea struck me to put together an uncomplicated and simple book to educate and disseminate the illegalities committed by this major media organization, which is considered as a holy cow by many people. This book is a classic example of how media organizations misuse, violate laws in connivance with crony capitalists, pliant law firms and politicians to amass personal wealth. This is a narrative of how two Promoters of NDTV along with key top management colluded over the years with government functionaries and politicians to break laws, evade taxes and deceive shareholders of a public listed company. All this obviously through political patronage and “wheeling-and-dealing” as part of the Lutyens club and how they created a biased public discourse for a select elite class.

In the minds of the Indian citizen, there is a space and respect for media. Using the halo of journalism and under the garb of Freedom of Press, media owners just misuse this position and in the end, degrade the values of journalism. On several occasions media became the tool of false propaganda, blackmailing and illegal money making with the blessing of uncouth politicians and corporate icons with hidden agendas. This ought to be exposed and that is the reason for this book. Once this comes out, I am reasonably sure that NDTV will accuse me of having a hidden agenda. However, the agenda is very clear – to expose the frauds committed by the Promoters of NDTV, which the common man is entitled to know.

The eBook is available on Amazon and can be read on any device such as a Laptop/ Desktop, iPad and SmartPhone. You can click on the animation above to place the order.

Your support is vital for PGurus to continue to provide you with factual, unbiased news. Read it, post your comments on Social Media using the hashtag #NDTVFrauds and you will be heard. This is the beginning of a long journey that PGurus has undertaken. I promise you that you will have a ringside seat to events that are about to transpire.

To order the eBook, you can also click here.

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Sree Iyer

An inventor and out-of-the-box thinker, Sree Iyer has 37 patents in the areas of Hardware, Software, Encryption and Systems.

His first book NDTV Frauds has been published and is an Amazon Bestseller.
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  1. You are doing a great service to nation by bringing out such book. Going thru the book I however wonder why no action has yet been taken against the ‘ndtv and their criminal staff ? Are the cases and evidences not criminal enough ? Or is our legal system including IT , ED , SEBI and courts woefully incompetent and sold out ?

  2. Concealment of income : Notional income accruing from differential of interest on a loan provided by employer or a firm to employee or stakeholder where no interest is levied on sums so given on loan or taken on loan is below market rate is to be added to both parties.
    This stipulation has been violated by NDTV and Pranay.
    Tax ,prnalties and interest thereon must be collected on such amounts.

  3. Sir I do not own any credit cards,or any other mechanism to buy the book .I can go to a shop and pick it up if a print edition is available. I am indeed anxious to read it and if possible comment on it. Can you please help me ?Thank you.