Nikunj Trivedi takes objection to Zaid Jilani using Brahmin to mischaracterize bailout in a WSJ post

Piketty did it - coined "Brahmin Left". Now a partial plagiarism to try and fit the word Brahmin with Bailout by an author, who typically spews venom on India. In this hangout, Nikunj Trivedi, President of CoHNA, details his letter to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), pointing out the deliberate misuse (and abuse) of the word Brahmin and goes on to say that it leads one to believe that the WSJ supports its authors who deliberately show Hinduphobia.

Letter to WSJ by Nikunj Trivedi can be read below:

Letter to Wall Street Journ… by PGurus


  1. It is unfortunate that many Indian journalists have got hired by anti Hindu news papers and press in the west where these people deliberately write some thing nasty about Sanathan dharam, caste system and target the Brahmin community which kept the dharma alive. Now the nation and most of the states are not governed by Brahmins and majority of the top leaders chief ministers, governors and many are NOT brahmins. As these people write articles within their Hindu names, it is easy for the west to quote these and further insult and humiliate our religion and culture. WE must start boycotting these sold out journalists and do not encourage these people in participating any meaningful dialogue any where.

  2. With regards to Swatiki or Swastika, we each can do a small part to reclaim the Indic symbolism.

    On every greeting card you send, add a swattika where you sign and wish the recipient well.

    Anytime you make a rangoli or write happy Diwali or happy , add a swastik and write the wishes.

    Make it colorful and it should get normalized in a few years.


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