No escape for Karti!

Does a picture convey a thousand words? Karti might agree!

Does a picture convey a thousand words? Karti might agree!
Does a picture convey a thousand words? Karti might agree!

A picture does say a thousand words. In another brilliant cartoon, the illustrator conveys a lot of subtle messages. Enjoy!

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  1. Dear Akshay Chander:
    Your hilarious-as-usual cartoon is extra-lively today, Dr Swamy’s relaxed & perched-on-the-railing pose with his red chilies tray on hand in particular. It provokes me to add different modifications and animations to it, just to increase my foresight about what’s going to happen next.
    What if Karti just moves around to the opposite, flame & chili fume free, and cool, side? And waits, rests (by perching higher up in a comfier spot) and strategizes? Snaps some tree branches and drops them down over the flames and chili fumes? Or throws some of whatever he’s been holding on tightly at those people and into the fire kund below? The people on the ground have to leave, to answer the call of nature or some VIP? or somebody calling for help? Karti screams all of a sudden, scaring the wits out of those waiting for him? There’s a squall with all its light, sound, tremor and motion elements? The tree starts getting taller and taller, the fire lower and lower? Suddenly, Karti smoothly slides down the tree and swiftly scoots out of sight? Or, calmly gets down, step by step; elegantly walks over to the kund, silently stands frozen for a while before the fire, eyes shut, head & trunk bent down & forward, arms folded in front of the chest, palms up & closed, legs straight, stiff & together, and feet firmly grounded, as if paying obeisance; then instantly comes out of it all, straightens, shrugs & relaxes; briskly strides grinning ear-to-ear to the waiting people already all smiles; next, warm, repeated & replicated hugs, head nods & handshakes all around; finally, Karti is seen off after receiving a very hearty send-off!
    Presumptions: All toons are dumbwits, dummies, duds… The law & order agencies are dozy, dodgy, stuttery, tottery… The fugitive’s sightings are fleeting, flitting, passing, cursory… In a face-off or even checkmate situation, the escapee retains a lot more modicums of cerebration (eg, head-scratching), staying put (with small body (re)adjustments), knee-jerk & thunder-struck reactions (even screaming), flashes of alertness, stunt, bolting abruptly… The inanimate background: somehow harsher on the chasers: Always animated, varying, morphing and reshaping, eg, with winds, rains, thunders, tremors, lightnings, floodings…


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