Panel discussion at the launch of Dr. Swamy’s book RESET

Moderated by Rahul Shivshankar, Dr. Swamy, Dr. Sanjaya Baru and Shri M R Venkatesh weigh in on the book RESET and their experience piloting the Indian Economy. Dr. Swamy describes how the blueprint for Indian Economy was presented to the cabinet and the same evening the government fell (for a different reason). Also explained is how it got picked up by the P V Narasimha Rao. A must watch!


  1. Dr.Swamy is a hero to me as as far as economics is concerned. His proposal to with draw direct tax is a correct measure. His opinion to stimulate the consumption pattern of India to be enhanced so that demand can be more in hands of general public. My question to dr. Swamy that we should calculate the GDP on the basis of consumption instead of production.

  2. It is strange as to why Dr Swamy is sidelined by Mr. Modi. Dr Swamy has vast experience as an economist and deserves to be given a chance to prove. He has been teaching economics for over 50 years in Harward University. Even Chinese were appreciative of his ideas. Wil our PM consider bringing Dr Swamy into his cabinet to revive the slump in growth.

  3. Make the tax system very simple without a big volume of book to refer. Just make it that all business people have to pay tax at 1% of turnover plus 1% of expenses and 2% of profit of audited Balance Sheet. The percentage may vary according to economic policies. Personal Income tax at 10% for income which are above 10 lakhs including Agricultural Income. No concessions for HRA,LTA and others. Very simple and tax book can be abolished.No businessman can escape by manipulation of increase of expenses etc.

    • Very true.. It’s high time Modiji really takes Swamyji into confidence.. Cannot really reason out as to why Swamyji is being kept away? Rather it would be right to say that he is being pushed away..

      • I have been writing to modiji for about 64 months through PM”s office on agri reforms needed for our nation and similar ideas which Israel’s PM Benjamin netan yahoo has been speaking about as PRECISION AGRICULTURE TO DE DEVELOPPED AND DEPLOYED INDIGENOUSLY.Also many a mails as to why Dr.Swamy is to be considered to become the FM of india with a free hand to catch all economic offenders,set right our financials wrongs like PN route,strict and immediate action on hawala traders,passing laws for a no more than a week long trial, to jail those who flight capital and later remove income tax for indian citizens.Now the current FM,rudderless and ignorant does everything wrong.
        Some reasons why modi does not like Dr.Swamy could be:
        #1.Modi does not understand what Dr.Swamy is telling.
        #2.Modi understands but forced to tow arun jailey’line of protecting all criminals and offenders like robert vadra,sonia,etc because there are equal number of BJP guy with their hand in the till
        #3.Modi is afraid of Dr.Swamyji.
        But all these actions of Modiji is as Dr.Swamy calls it as ‘ TAIL SPIN’and modiji will find going tough very soon.
        Hope modiji comes out of his slumber from his trips and dreams and act
        Of course Sow.Nurmala sitaraman,much much cleaner,sincere,hardworking than the infant terrible the late FM Arun jaitley
        And she will make a good commerce minister.


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