Preity Üpala on why she thinks CPEC is a disaster and what it means for Pakistan

A media personality, author and a Hollywood entrepreneur, Preity Upala, an investment banker in a previous life, explains how she sees the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the dangers Pakistan faces from it.


  1. As a German researcher specifically focused on CPEC, I can tell you that this is an uninformed and biased interview. I don’t know why you would want to bring such people on-air unless you are specifically trying to promote a certain worldview. Had she known more about Pakistan – beyond her Pakistani expatriate contacts, she probably could have had more information and not some propagandistic view about the country. In addition, I can point out that both the countries, Pakistan and India, have worked hard to teach their people, their own version of history. So the historic understanding of Indian citizens is not the truth either.

  2. Great talk, I haven’t heard of this guest before.

    We need to set up conferences in NA throughout the year and rotate these guests. It will rebuild our community and financially support the participants.

    We also need conferences to give a forum for our young and next generation leaders.

  3. Nice interview and let me provide additional info for Shri Iyer on Dubai and the nature of mainland Chinese.
    There are many Indian schools in UAE who only follow CBSE and all Indian expat children enroll in these schools. Similarly pakis have their own schools affiliated to their board. Perhaps Preeti was resident of Abu Dhabi, where oil companies are located and must have attended western schools affiliated to British or American curriculum.These is hardly any racialism in schools and among people most of the time is spent earning money. UAE sends largest remittances by expats where income is tax free.

    The Chinese commercially invaded Dubai around 2005 and started taking over 3 story complexes and putting up shops for textiles, shoes, hand bags etc. Each shop has one person representing parent Co and they hardly interact with customers. Check the price tag, give your bargain price by using table calculater and you get a nod, but no smile. In fact shops on lanes have Indian or Bangladeshi salesmen. What I noticed was, if they know the buyer is serious, they will offer ANY discount.No manufacturer can compete with any of their product any where in the world. They are geniuses in producing fake goods. Shall give you my experience. India produces the worlds best human hair, but China is Largest seller of “ Indian” brand human hair in UAE as well as African nations where every woman wears a wig. The Chinese sells “ Indian “ hair 30% cheaper than my hair. Simple , they buy Indian raw hair process it and mix it with plastic hair and supply to the Africans. They have flooded Eastern Europe with cheap furniture. I don’t understand how they are running their economy, but am sure they will go bust one day.

    Pakistani expat workers in UAE respect indian business men ( Hindus) while pak businessmen are cheats. Pakis in UAE have their own regional feelings like in India. CPEC corridor will fail, as the people can attack the goods vehicles as the living conditions are pathetic in rural pak and they have bad temperament. Chinese have the habit of moving in groups and they hardly mix with local populace and very difficult to read their mind, as they have expressionless faces.

    In case of war, indians can squeeze the Chinese , take POK, capture Lhasa and close down CPEC and guard mallaca straight. This is what is bugging Chinese. Chinese have built up large bad karma and they are sinking. Best wishes to Preeti as you can be a good brand ambassador for Hindus. The future war will be between Isa and misa ie between Christians and Moslems, you are partly correct.


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