In conversation with Prof. Nalapat on the visit of Mahinda Rajapaksa to India

In conversation with Prof Nalapat on the visit of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the ex-President of Sri Lanka. M D Nalapat wonders if Narendra Modi would take a page out of Rajapaksa's book and eliminate terrorism from Kashmir... A must watch!


  1. You mean to say, go knocking on every single door, ask if there were any terrorists, if the answer is NO, go to the next door, if YES, request him for an appointment or plead with him to come out and then shoot him. Great. This is the simple reason that in spite of a very alert army, we are unable to manage Kashmir. Who is complaining about Genghiz Khan / Ghori / Ghazni ? We have only heard about Hitler and not even Mao. India should no more soft pedal on issues of national security, enough is enough. Act TOUGH.

    • Hello, India can act tough without following the footsteps of Rajapakse. Otherwise India would be reduced to another nation like Sri Lanka that started begging the Chinese only because of Rajapakse. Surely india ia a greater nation that can teach Rajapase why genocidal tendencies are not needed just to win a war? Nalapat’s reasoning that lessons can be learnt from Rajapakse is foolish. As for Mao Tze Tung, might be a frog hiding in a rock would never have heard of him. Go Google on the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution and you would know how 15 million Chinese were killed.

  2. While the LTTE was eradicated, it was the collateral damage that led to so many innocent Tamils being raped and killed without mercy. If Prof. Nalapat things that Rajapakse is a great man having done what he has done to the innocent Tamils who were caught in this crossfire, then there are many such examples in history that goes back all the way from Ghori, Ghazni, Genghiz Khan, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tze Tung, and Pakistan in destroying 4% of Bengali population in East Bengal (20% of the Hindus exterminated). They were all murderers who found the easy way out. Rajapakse found the easy unscrupulous way out without the ability to exercise ones intellect and will to cause the least amount of suffering for the innocent people. Violence might be needed but targeted action only meant for the terrorist is a far better way then to adopt a carpet bombing method. To be specific on target one needs to not just have the will to do something but also the intellect to do it the right way. Rajapakse had the will but simply was a carpet bomber with no car for the innocent. He was another Genghiz Khan, Hitler and Stalin, in one package. Nothing to learn from him.


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