D K Hari discusses the 7000-year history of Kashmir and Kashmira Pura Vasini

From Kashyapa to Adi Shankara to Lalitaditya to MSD (Modi-Shah-Doval), D K Hari walks the viewer through the 7000-year old history of Kashmir and how it is integral to India


  1. Good work, so you researched and got to know about 7000 years old history of Kashmir, what does it have to do anything at all with the removal of article 370 and how is it helping the current crisis Kashmir is going through. It it has nothing to do with it…why now and why mention 370 at all?

  2. Hello D K Harri Sir, thank you for bringing out the truth on Kashmira.
    My pranams to you and everyone who worked on this project.

  3. Hi Hari this Srivatsan Velamur, listened to your interview with Sree Iyer & very proud of your research on Kashmir. How to get hold of your book? Is it available on Amazon? Besides my namaskarams to your Appa & family.

  4. These matters are making me think back to understand, what ever I had learned academically was all meaning less. Why can’t the Indian Government re-establish our true History and the path of Vedanta in schools and link it to the contemporary scientific field – so that Indians students within the nation can make a remarkable achievement in scientific research and develop the nation.

    Looks like this the West is worried that – if Indians are admired of their past, their shear confidence of the past will turn the tables for the West and that’s why they wanted us to be in the dark.


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