Dr. Swamy: A Gem in India’s Crown

Since these vested interests couldn't find anything against him, they have now pulled out a long-forgotten interview of Dr. Swamy to embarrass him but the RSS and Saffron Parivar is solidly standing behind him

Dr. Swamy: A Gem in India's Crown

Vested interests have retrieved the video clip of an interview which Dr. Subramanian Swamy had to Doordarshan ages ago when he was not in the BJP. His observations have been selectively used and his views on the BJP, Article 370 et al gave been taken totally out of context to make it appear as if he had a visceral hatred for the BJP.

In fact, anyone who has even a nodding acquaintance with Dr. Swamy would vouch for his intense commitment to Hindutva which is the ideological underpinning of the Sangh Parivar.

Every effort was made to dig dirt on him…but all such malicious efforts came to naught.

It was his deep patriotism which egged him on to abandon a highly promising academic career at the Harvard, return to India, don Dhoti and Kurta and plunge headlong into public life. It was the RSS which spotted the immense talent of this young activist and encouraged him to join the erstwhile Bharatiya Jan Sangh to focus on economic issues. Quite early in his political career, it became very clear that Dr. Swamy had a mind of his own…he was not the one who could be made to fall in line with offers of pelf and power. He dared to cross swords with no less a leader than Atalji who ensured that Dr. Swamy isn’t allowed to have his way. It was Morarji Desai who saw the potential in Dr. Swamy and encouraged him. Dr. Swamy enjoyed an excellent rapport with other leaders like Chandrashekar, Rajiv Gandhi and PV Narasimha Rao who adored his intellectual brilliance and honesty.

Irrespective of whichever party is in power Dr. Swamy fought protracted battles against big-ticket corruption…be it the 2G Scam, Jayalalithaa’s corruption, Jet-Etihad deal, National Herald Case, etc..he fought them with legal acumen and panache. He took on powerful forces in the process. Every effort was made to dig dirt on him…but all such malicious efforts came to naught.

Since these vested interests couldn’t find anything against him, they have now pulled out a long-forgotten interview from the dusty archives of Doordarshan in a bid to embarrass him on the eve of his 80th birthday. But the RSS and the Saffron Parivar is solidly behind him..which is what is giving sleepless nights to these corporate criminals, ISI agents, and their charmless chamchas.


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  1. Well written Mr Bala ? d swamy fetractors have no ammunation agst him n hence r actually making toothless attempts to malign this gr8 man!
    True Indians r really lucky to hv a crusader of Dr SS calibre. No praise nuf for going after d high profile congress MP mr Tharoor when others hv not even begun .! Soon he will b nailed !

  2. अलग अलग लोगो के अलग अलग विचार पढ़ने पर डॉक्टर सु० स्वामी जी को और भी प्रसिद्ध कर देते हैं। और मै समजता हूं कि इतनी ख्याति उनको सरकार में सामिल होने से भी नहीं मिलती। यदि वे सरकार में मंत्री होते तो उन पर बोलने की निश्चित रूप से कुछ बंदिश होती साथ उनके पास इतने घोटालों को उजागर करने का समय का अभाव रहता। मंत्री पद पर तो कितने रहे, कितने है और कितने रहेगें लेकिन वे ऐसा काम नहीं कर पाएंगे जो श्री स्वामी ने किया है और आगे करने वाले है वह भी समर्पित हो कर। श्री स्वामी जी दीर्घ आयु की कामना के साथ, जय हिन्द जय भारत।

  3. Well it is on expected lines Defaming Dr.S.Swamy. Reasons National Herald Case Aircel Maxis Case Sunananda Murder Case Air India Air Asia British Citizenship etc. All these are High Profile cases involving Congress Top Brass.

    So they are all scared hence to divert attention they indulge in this old dirty tricks. But people know all this that he is involved in cleaning the corrupt at the highest Level. So these cowards will indulge in such acts to defame Dr.Swamy

  4. My hearty greetings to the political soldier on his Sathaabhishekam. In my recently published book, The Coup India Missed, I have discussed where a person of Swamy’s calibre can reach our country. The country has missed tremendously because of its inability to spot the diamond amongst the horde of mediocre politicians. The curse of the country.

  5. It is high time Mr Modi and Mr Shah realise that but for the Tireless and Corageous efforts of Dr Swamy in Exposing the Corruption of Gandu/UPA they would have been in some Jail in the cooked up case of Israt or someone.
    Shame that Mr Modi and Mr Shah think otherwise and are Wasting A Diamond like Dr Swamy.

  6. Swamy is a tireless crusader for justice and is ever the boldest commentator on Indian politics answer society. People (the wrong kind, I mean) are afraid of his forthrightness. Even the man at the top is a little afraid and jealous of his keen intellect and his sharp tongue. He doesn’t kiss arses. That’s his biggest drawback! He ought to have been FM. The Govt.wouldn’t have itself in the economic muddle that it is now in if he had the FM portfolio. Instead we have a slowdown thanks to the current FM who looks, talks, thinks and acts like the headmistress of a girls school.

    • You are right about the headmistress looks! I often told myself, “she looks like someone I know”; now after reading your comment, I realize it was not a person that I had in mind but a stereotype.

  7. Almit God Bless Dr.Subramaniyam Swami Garu…..Best of Health and Cheerfullness all along… Bharath needs at this juncture..very very much…

  8. Dr. Swamy is a colossal genius and a rare politician with high IQ. In his life time he has completed Sahasra-chandra darshanam (75years) and now he is 80 – day of swarna pushpa celebration. May Almighty God bless him to serve majority Hindus/ upholding Sanata Dharma.

    Defaming Dr.S.Swamy by vested interests does not hold much water.

    Dr.S.Swamy should have been our PM but for 71 years of rotten, caste- religious- vote bank politics, huge corrupt political investment systems and scams/frauds in the country and BJP/RSS madness kept him miles way!!

    BJP’s age bar factor is utter nonsense. In 2014 and 2019 BJP have had young and middle aged personnel as ministers and what are their contributions age factor wise or younger to Dr.Swamy by many decades? In USA idiot Bernie Sanders and stupid lady Nancy Pelosi are dreaming to become President even at 77 and 79 years of age respectively!

    Unfortunately, even RSS/Saffron Parivar smiles at Dr.S.Swamy every now and then but bends before Modi and Shah and forgets that Indian voters twice voted BJP by considering corruption and corrupt cases taken up boldly by Dr.Swamy and his solo contribution of 10% plus, swell in BJP’s popular vote percentage in the country. Unlike MMS who holds /conferred honorary doctorate degree Dr. Swamy holds Ph.D in Economics worked under Noble Laureate!

    In 2014, it was reported that late AJ met evil genius PC before becoming FM of our country and now in June 2019, Nirmala Sitaraman met honorary doctorate holder MMS soon after becoming FM !!!!!!!!! She is clueless about the wobbling economy!!! From this ugly event, we can understand how much RSS/BJP gives respect for their own popular and talented gentleman available in the party by name Dr.Swamy!!! To be frank half or poorly educated Modi and Shah do not understand Economics and its seriousness. It’s true that PM Modi wants yes-men in his ministry.

    Brain drain is happening since 1947 due to lack of respect and opportunities for educated people in the country. During ancient times our country knew how Maharajas employed intellectuals in their court yards to solve complex issues. In our 72 years of democracy, dynasties, money bags,political dimwits and sycophants are given prominence.

    Dr.Swamy is much more popular than PM Modi, if looked from another angle.

    Had it not been Dr.Swamy BJP/RSS would have swept all mega scam of UPA and Nehru-Gandhi dynasty under the carpet!!!

    During press conferences for over five years now, shameless BJP/RSS not even acknowledging Dr.Swamy’s success in legal battles! Sending evil genius PC into judicial custody is a big achievement.

    Problem with bold and brave Dr.Swamy is that he has registered cases much before the advent of BJP Govt in 2014/2019 at New Delhi and fighting for all major issues faced by the country of which Modi and Shah and some in their cabinet do not like name and fame going to Dr.Swamy. Look at Nitin Gadkari, Smriti Irani good publicity both had in the media earlier. Both were silenced now!! What is the fun about Smriti Irani a giant killer in Amethi constituency getting an insignificant portfolio!!

  9. We people DO NOT CARE about the dirty thrown at Dr Swamy, as we know its sourced from the barbarian white Xtian firangi Nazi Sonia and her streetdogs, specially the Firangi brothel prd pakipanjabis who are the greatest danger to Bharat. And the people who are trying this are BUTCHERS of millions of Hindus, under evil spell of this SONIA,

  10. Sir despite all his best efforts, the MAL-LORDS OF ITALIAN MAFIA, created LOLITA EXPRESS AND PEDOPHILE + VIRGIN ISLAND; 10 JP OUTPOST SCI may negate all the efforts.
    Dr Swamy has dug the Kundalis of this ITALIAN CONTANGION, the evil racist White supremacist Firangan and her streetdogs. But seriously he needs to expose these MAL-LORDS riding Lolita Express,MMS with his robot like face is the one who brought this to India vide BCCI-Cocaine and pedophile bank in 1982

  11. Yes A very good Economist.Dr.Swamy an Intellectual not being properly engaged by BJP. Very Unfortunate.What is most appreciable with Dr. Swamy is way back in late 60s he won parliamentary elections from Mumbai North east from a Janata Party ticket in midst of a fierce anti south Indian tirade of Shiv Sena then.

  12. Long live Dr Swamy sir and pray God for a very healthy prosperous and aggressive years ahead to cultivate honesty and national pride in our Hindustan.

    • Yes, I wonder about that too. On the other hand, the Modi – Shah duo may have decided to keep Swamy at arm’s length because (a) this way, he is unfettered by the bounds of office and (b) he can be a nuisance to the BJP as well. Clearly, Swamy would have been the better choice as FM (with due respect to Ms. Sitaraman, she seems to be pretty clueless about the economy) but he is involved in almost every case against the Congis, not to mention Ram Janmabhoomi etc. As admirers of Swami, we have to admit it – he has far too many things on his plate.

      Another factor is that Modi does not want any minister to (a) overshadow him and (b) create headlines all the time (recall Ms. Irani as HRD minister); Swami will not fit the bill.

  13. On his sathaabhishekam day (80 years) our prayers to almighty to bestow on Dr Swami and family long life, unstinted support from all quarters in all of Dr Swami’s initiatives for the national progress and punishment to the evil doers.


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