Prime Minister Narendra Modi slams Congress in Parliament

PM Modi said, "Somewhere the Opposition's needle is stuck in 2014. You should come out of this. The public knows it, they have recognized."

PM Modi said,
PM Modi said, "Somewhere the Opposition's needle is stuck in 2014. You should come out of this. The public knows it, they have recognized."

PM Narendra Modi’s scathing and satire remarks on Congress in Lok Sabha

While replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on Congress.

Addressing the Parliament, PM Modi made sarcastic and satirical remarks on the Congress. PM Modi said, “Somewhere the Opposition’s needle is stuck in 2014. You should come out of this. The public knows it, they have recognized.”

He said, “It’s not about election results, it’s about the intention of the Congress party. So many elections you lose, still, your arrogance doesn’t go. Your ecosystem doesn’t let your arrogance go.”

PM Modi said, “Some people were waiting that the virus will destroy the image of Modi. If we are talking about being vocal for locals, are we not fulfilling the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi? Then, why was it being mocked by the Opposition? We talked about Yoga and Fit India but that was mocked by the Opposition too.”

PM Modi said that the British rule ended in India long back, but the Congress adopted their policy of “divide and rule”, and has now become the leader of the Tukde Tukde gang. Attacking the Congress at multiple fronts including Covid, poverty, and development. “Congress attempted to hurt Tamil sentiments, it wants to divide and rule the country, Divide and rule are in their DNA. I want to salute Tamil Nadu citizens who lined the streets for hours to pay tribute to CDS Gen Bipin Rawat.”

“Now that you (Congress) have made up your mind not to come to power for the next 100 years, then I have also made my preparations,” PM Modi said. There is no change in Congress’ ego even after being voted out from many states years ago, he remarked.

Reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s comments on poverty and reminding that the Congress’ favourite slogan during its time was ‘Garibi Hatao‘ (poverty removal) that won it several elections then, “but then the poor of the country were fed up as it did not happen and finally voted them out after 2013.”

The Budget Session commenced on January 31 with the President’s address to the joint Houses of Parliament. In his address, he listed the government’s achievements amid the COVID-19 crisis, especially the steps to fight the pandemic.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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  1. The media influence on the voters is fast diminishing in an environment where visible improvements and relief in day to day life is experienced at the bottom of the pyramid which decides the fate of parties in the elections. Similarly Modi bashing only strengthens him is slowly donning on some parties, so the English speaking loud mouths will soon loose their importance in their parties. The beneficiaries of bank accounts, toilets, gas connection, approach roads, power connections, houses, water connections and improved law and order, should form a group cutting across the cast and religious divides to re-elect the incumbent. THAT APPEARS TO BE CONFIDENCE FLOWING OUT OF THE PM’s SCATHING ATTACK.


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