Has Ministry of Information & Broadcasting given license to Christian Evangelical channel Harvest TV? Or are they illegally broadcasting in India?

A Christian Missionary Channel Harvest TV has been broadcasting illegally in India without a license for the past 5 years

A Christian Missionary Channel Harvest TV has been broadcasting illegally in India without a license for the past 5 years
A Christian Missionary Channel Harvest TV has been broadcasting illegally in India without a license for the past 5 years

In a big violation, like the earlier illegal broadcast of fugitive Jihadi leader Zakir Naik’s Peace TV, Kerala based Christian evangelical channel titled as Harvest TV is broadcasting its transmission for the past five years without licenses from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.  It is intriguing as to why many DTH Operators Tata Sky (1849), Airtel (872), Videocon (647) and Dish TV (647) air this evangelical channel to transmit illegally in India. No TV channel can be aired in India without the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) licenses.

Apart from the above-mentioned DTH operators, major cable operators like Asianet Digital (660), Kerala Vision (509), DEN (660) Siti Digital, Malanadu, Idukki Vision Digital, KCF, Act Digital TV are airing the illegal broadcast of Christian evangelical channel Harvest TV. This bizarre thing exposes that these DTH Operators and Cable Operators could be taking hefty money as carriage fees from this Harvest TV and airing it illegally. As per the concerned Rules of Cable TV Act, it is the duty of the operators to verify the channels aired by them to ensure that they have a license from the MIB. Unlike Harvest TV, these carriers are also doing a criminal violation, subject to prosecution.

Who owns the Christian evangelical channel Harvest TV?

Interestingly, this Harvest TV and the recently launched Congress leader Kapil Sibal and corruption and money laundering cases accused P Chidambaram supported Harvest TV share a similar kind of logo with minor color differences. We have written about it in December  2018 about the Congress leaders supported venture[1]. Now let us see who is behind this Christian evangelical TV with similar name Harvest TV.

The Kerala based Christian evangelical TV harvest TV has a website called http://harvesttv.in/

It is run by a company called Harvest Television Network Pvt. Ltd, with an address in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This company was floated in September 2013 and is promoted by one Bibi George Chacko and his wife Siji Bibi George. This TV Channel is using the Intelsat 17 Satellite and cable operators and DTH operators downlinking the programmes of this evangelical channel which is not having a license from Ministry of Information Broadcasting.

Only one channel named Harvest TV, Has a license from MIB

At present only one TV channel is having the name Harvest TV, which is supported by Congress leaders. There was a Christian evangelical channel in the name of Harvest TV, which changed its name to Shri Navgrah Channel. This channel is owned by Panchkula based company Sunny Entertainment House Pvt. Limited floated in July 2010, with Directors Sidharth Bhardwaj and Sudha Bhardwaj. Though started as a Christian TV channel, this company is now airing Hindu religious programmes, after the channel name changed from Harvest TV to Shri Navgrah Channel.

So what is Ministry of Information and Broadcasting doing?

The MIB’s list as of today (January 28, 2019) does not show the name of Kerala based Christian evangelical channel Harvest TV in the list of licensed Satellite TV Channels. Then how was it airing unhindered from 2013 on all DTH platforms and Cable TV operators? We have seen for many years Jehadi fugitive Zakir Naik’s Peace TV was aired without any MIB license till 2015. This shows that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has not learned its lessons.

The MIB owes the nation an answer. They have been asleep at the wheel for five years and have allowed this illegal broadcast. They need to shut this down today and act against the promoters.


[1] Congress leaders supported Harvest TV coming soon. Kapil Sibal & accused Chidambaram are the main supportersDec 16, 2018, PGurus.com

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  1. Modi has given permission for broadcasting it since his ascension to the seat of PM to woo Christians. He himself is likely to !!get converted shortly. Watch it out. Excited that Modi is getting converted himself.

  2. Again I guess all the networks (Tata sky …)which you mentioned above are related to christians..
    Thanks for letting this known…
    Most of the institutions were allowed to run only if they were christian or converts…

    I remember those olden days when dinamalar used to be so nice…
    They used to respect all religions but had special functions or programs organised for Hindu festivals like marghali month kollam competition…
    They always respected n glorified Hindu festivals…
    Their siruvar malar book used to have lot of Hindu saints stories and I was a regular reader then…
    They once wrote against christian group trying to occupy government land illegally for their burial ground…
    Then the trouble began for them…
    It was during congress period …
    The christian group somehow got into the newspaper agency (sahayam was made famous during that time …by missionaries)… And completely gave control of siruvar malar to a christian employee..I believe..I could see changes in their content…
    Hindu articles were reduced…
    A new Christmas kudil program was conducted during December…etc..
    I wrote against this to the newspaper…and maybe then they got to know how their magazine was misused… The christians do it all stealthily…

  3. Pgurus has been doing a marvelous and unbiased investigative journalism right on target.
    MIB minister Rathore may not be aware of the said TV channel but what about bureaucrats working under him are doing? License is a must to broadcast anything. Minister Rathore is a good man without experience.It seems Twitter/FB can be used to reach him.
    If one intends to run a call center Department of Telecom (DOT) license is required for inbound and outbound calls. Of late DoT is working better now.
    Under ICT Ministry working of BSNL is pathetic. Most of the time phone does not work. I do not know what is the technology used by them. Majority do not work. If you intend to surrender a BSNL landline just follow Cong-I OLD government procedures and wait for a year to get Rs.1000 deposit refund !BSNL Broadband connectivity service is just not good. Any how BJP made its vote bank unhappy, it is time BSNL is privatized.

  4. @pgurus, why cant you report this on twitter so that we all will support you. This will reach the IB soon as they seem to respond to twitter much earlier than to any other media. After posting in twitter just drop a new here to support it, all the nationalist will do that.

  5. PH Gurus, You have been doing a wonderful Watchdog job on the illegal things happening right under our nose, I appreciateyour efforts and research being done to expose the illicit & unethical Bridges built between the Black sheep’s of the Present Govt & ” C’ Gang. Why the present Govt ( except the General read as PM) why other black sheep’s not acting ! You can win a war of this magnitude with just a Able & Clean General! Why the Ranks down the line of hierarchy won’t deliver the same as delivered by General ! I believed so far in saying ” If the Army is bad, Then the General is Bad” , now I knows the saying goes tight only for Army and not the Democratic set up! We the Indians are spoilt by three power full things, 1. Democracy 2. Freedom of Speech 3. Horn in the Vehicle! I appreciate your hard work and I am with you and contributing to clean up the system in my own miniscule way, like the humble ground Squirrel’s contribution in building the Ram sethu for Rsmsena.

  6. Time has come to audit all the channels run by Christians , Muslims, communists or other anti national forces. Schools , hospitals , colleges , companies or parties supported and run by them should be screened and audited because the money received by them are are used for conversions and terrorist activities.

    • Exactly….this is what I have been telling…
      Suspicions arise on why the PM is not acting on this…
      Development of a country can be good only when the basement is strong…
      We can’t hope to have a developed nation unless all bad things are eliminated…
      When Stalin of tamilnadu can question on a homam being done in secretariat, why doesn’t he question why should temples alone be under government…?
      When Hindu temples can be under government can’t Hindu traditions be followed in government offices…?

  7. Ravi Shankar Prasad should not be made a minister in the next govt if NDA is elected back to power. Arun Jaitley needs to be thrown asap.

  8. It is the money, honey. In last five years, has this government stopped the siphoning of money from temples? No. We can guess who benefits.

  9. Ministry of Information & Broadcasting must fix this illegal Christian evangelical channel Harvest TV and the DTH Operators and Cable Operators for illegally airing this religious channel. MIB must answer to this report.

  10. My GOD!!. How much nonsense keeps going on.
    These channels are either paying all the groups well or this dept is sleeping.
    Not sure when all these things will be put to an end.


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