Congress leaders supported Harvest TV coming soon.  Kapil Sibal & accused Chidambaram are the main supporters

If the name of a new venture in a mature field is not catchy, it may be still born. What is going to be the fate of Congress-leaders-backed Harvest TV?

If the name of a new venture in a mature field is not catchy, it may be still born. What is going to be the fate of Congress-leaders-backed Harvest TV?
If the name of a new venture in a mature field is not catchy, it may be still born. What is going to be the fate of Congress-leaders-backed Harvest TV?

A new Television News Channel backed by Congress leaders, titled Harvest TV is going to be launched in January in the run-up to the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections with noted journalists and anchors. The channel will be known as HTV and is learned to be supported by top Congress leaders Kapil Sibal and corruption cases accused P Chidambaram. According to intelligence agencies, Rs.200 crores of fund infusion offer in two years has been given to the firm Veecon Media and Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd. by Chidambaram, who has been accused of several instances of graft.

The Congress leaders have asked many anti-BJP journalists to join and Barkha Dutt is expected to be the host of the prime time daily news show. In journalism circles, the Congress-backed channel has approached a battery of journalists to run the show. Congress leaders have also wanted Rajdeep Sardesai to join the bandwagon. This channel owning firm Veecon Media already has new channel licenses in English, Hindi and other regional languages and will soon start a Hindi channel also after the launch of English news channel. This venture will counter the pro-BJP propaganda by Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV, said a senior Congress leader close to Sibal.

Karnataka bagman D K Shivakumar and Naveen Jindal are also expected to support this venture. According to sources, Sibal is the driving force who has convinced the party leadership of a friendly TV channel to counter BJP and Sangh Parivar. This is not the first move of Sibal in the media field. Sibal was among the first donors of tainted Tarun Tejpal’s Tehelka Magazine, which specialized in attacking BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Harvest TV’s first name was VEE News and later changed to Shri S7 News. The channel owner Veecon Media, having offices in Sector 5, Noida and Malviya Nagar in Delhi, obtained news channel licenses in 2009 during the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime. Somehow VEE News and S7 News did not take off and Congress leaders who felt badly in need of a dedicated TV channel, have approached the promoters of Veecon Media.

Lalit Kumar Srivastava and US-based Jaswant Kumar Srivastava are the promoter Directors of Veecon Media, re-launching Harvest with the support of Sibal and Chidambaram. These two Directors are also expected to put investments in BIG TV, engaging in Dish TV services which were earlier owned by Anil Ambani. Intelligence agencies reported that though these two persons will be shown as Directors, the Congress leaders “backed” persons have obtained 90 percent ownership in the firm. Chidambaram’s close friend, a lady businesswoman running a company manufacturing pens is expected to join the Board of Veecon Media, say the agencies, doubting re-routing of Chidambaram’s huge money earned through corruption.

According to the intelligence agencies, Chidambaram has offered to pump Rs.200 crores in a two year time period in installments, to Harvest TV. The agencies are keeping a watch on the fund flow pointing out the initial fund flow to Harvest TV, shown as share sales of Veecon Media to newly inducted Directors.  The Intelligence agencies also prepared a dossier on Chidambaram’s covert investment in an English newspaper from 2003. According to the dossier, Chidambaram’s money was covertly portrayed as owning 14 percent shares in the English newspaper in the name of an Editor and his wife.

Intelligence agencies reported to concerned authorities that there are many objectionable issues in the Harvest TV’s project, citing certain violations in the shareholding pattern and Information Broadcasting Ministry’s guidelines and money flow pattern. The agencies also pointed out a series of violations and defaults in frequency allotment to the new TV channel, a dream child of Congress.

After the launch of the English news channel in January, the Hindi channel will also be launched soon. The Congress leaders are thinking of bringing senior Hindi journalists like Punya Prasun Bajpai or Ravish Kumar as the main anchor of the Hindi version of Harvest TV. It is learned that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Ashutosh may also join the bandwagon of anti-BJP journalists in this channel.

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  1. One more BARKING channel under the leadership of BARKA DUTT.Earlier the BARKING Programmes were restricted to 20.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs or 22.30 hrs.Now a days in the name of News Channel (No news is read like a “silent” WION Channel or MAKKAL Channel in Tamil.Also see debate us conducted in MAKKAL Channel from 21.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs) the barking is there throughout the day. Some 4 to 6 idiots are called to the TV Centre and all are asked to shout together so that no one will understand what the other person is talking.Since TRP is determined on DECIBEL level,even Regional Channels have allotted time for “Shouting” programme by calling some local idiots to TV Channel.
    The programmes are,possibly (this is the general feeling),designed according to the source of funds received by the so called Professional Journalists (In fact some of them are considered worse than Pimps & Prostitutes);if it is from West Asian source visit places like Godhra, Kozhikode, Muzzafarnagar etc to shout against the Govt.If the source of fund is from Western Countries visit places like Central Kerala, Coatal Districts of Tamil Nadu, North East etc to shout against the Government.
    Genuine Corruption deals and or programmes connected to welfare of citizens of India are hardly covered since each one has some skeleton in his or her bag.

    After such bad experience I never watch so called News Channel from 20.00 hrs to 22.30 hrs

  2. Superb news. This was very much needed because journalists were acting like Modi’s slaves. The opposition must have their own channel to reach the voters. Citizens need alternate view, and the current channels are not in position to offer the same. Guess, now the evil bureaucrats won’t be able to call the channel’s editor and issue threats

  3. Dynasty has been using coded phrases or words to destroy majority Community. Hence Harvest TV.

    Dynasty never develops fatigueness and ruled contentiously for 55 years while BJP develops fatigueness in just FIVE YEARS!! Congress-i or Sonia knows weakness of RSS men and arrogance of BJP men much better than some of us!!

    BJP regimes come once or as a passing clouds. She has planted her moles for the next 25 years! While BJP exhausts itself in winning elections in five years and falters near goal post!

  4. Harvest tv definitely has a blatantly insinuating christian connotation. Kapil Sibal us a christian. Christian agenda to harvest india’s lost souls. SOGA must be happy. 2019 elections for a BJP win is the last chance for Bharat to turn the corner and return to its pre islamic and pre christian original spitlritual roots. Otherwise we are doomed to be destroyed from anti india forces embedded within.

  5. An English & Hindi News channel for Ant-Right & Anti-Left is essential Congress is at central position and there is no channel at present for supporting Central position of Congress. Pro-Right & Pro-Left channels are there. Most of the channels are Pro-Modi , Pro-BJP and pseudo-Nationals. So a Real centric,pro-people & real Nationalist channel is essential in English & Hindi in National level.

  6. India is approaching towards a two-party democracy. BJP and Congress (Peoples and Family dynasts). Regional parties to take shelter of either party. Congress now will have to leave duplicate Gandhi Logo to beg for votes from public. Death-nail for Rahul’s PM dream. No regional party will admit Rahul Gandhi as PM so congress will be isolated until dynastism removed. The new channel will create a division in Congress. One is with dynast and another with quality leadership. The channel will end dynastism.

    • Harvest TV is the first Multi-language (24 hours) Christian Television Network in Kerala which is been telecasted with a quality Christian Programs in all major Indian languages through satellite Net work and IPTV Platforms like BOM TV, Malayalam IPTV, YUP TV World wide.
      Our Television plays an important role in the lives of people, regardless of their social strata. People spend a considerable amount of their waking hours before their Television sets and hence it is considered as one of the most powerful tool to influence them.
      Jesus Christ is the very need of every broken heart’s, families, depressed soul’s, physical illness and in all situations immaterial of who they are. Understanding the present need of people, Harvest TV has been holding the Gospel of Christ.

  7. Now more noise after Republic is coming. And all claim they are the independent. Frankly i stopped watching this shouting match debates with 12-14 Poonawala kind guys. These TRP hungry channels creating chaos and just shouting match. Anyway let Barkha also come. Missing her from action for a long time. I don’t care which all channels coming because Remote is in my hand

    • The point here Vinay, is not the rational and intellectual kinds like you who would be influenced, but the many pseudo intellects who get enthralled by the foolish shouting matches by the same crappy brainless people repeatedly attending the debates. A very sorry state of affairs when one realises that Adi Sankara and Mandana Misra debated with such zeal and gusto, full of rational and logic more then 1200 years ago.

  8. Vee TV’s English & Hindi News Channel service may be correctly be named as SHRI 420 NEWS, which incidentally fits the real faceless promoters behind the Vee TV. Another Anti National TV Channel on the anvil.


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