Priyanka’s fraud exposed. Her buses turned out to be scooters, auto-rickshaws

Priyanka Vadra finding out the consequences of a bluff gone awry

Priyanka Vadra finding out the consequences of a bluff gone awry
Priyanka Vadra finding out the consequences of a bluff gone awry

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra’s sleight of hand gesture of offering 1000 buses to the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government for transporting migrant labour fell flat after the Government asked her to provide the registration numbers of the buses, drivers and conductors. Priyanka perhaps thought she would make an offer to the UP Chief Minister (CM) Yogi Adityanath that would be rejected but to her horror discovered that the wily CM had called her bluff. From that point forward she has been on the back foot. After 24 hours she gave some registrations and they turned out to be of scooters, trucks, and ambulances!

Cat is out of the bag

UP Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh told media that on preliminary verification, it was found that many numbers belong to scooters. “We have done a preliminary inquiry and it has come to surface that out of the buses for which they sent details, many are turning out to be 2-wheelers, autos and goods carriers. It’s unfortunate, Sonia Gandhi should answer why they are committing this fraud,” said Singh.

Even lying is an art

Responding to the findings of the UP Government, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy tweeted: “Yeh Mainos chor hain aur avashya machaayenge shor!”

Friendly MSM to the rescue!

Soon after Priyanka’s bogus claim, many pliable journalists from NDTV put the old photo of hundreds of UP transport buses deployed for the 2019 Kumb Mela claimed that these are the buses arranged by Priyanka and are waiting for the State Government’s approval. Such is the level of journalism! Later, some journalists started putting another video of the buses, and hardly 61 buses were spotted. Most of these buses are arranged by Congress leader Bhupinder Hooda and from Rajasthan, where the Congress party is ruling.

A la Lalu’s fodder scam

This BusGate reminds one of the now-convicted former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav’s infamous Fodder Scam. Investigators found that in Fodder Scam, most of the trucks that claimed to transport lakhs of tones of fodder were found to be the scooters when cross-checked with the bills that contained the registration numbers of vehicles. On Tuesday itself after, after being caught red-handed, Priyanka had a series of communications with the UP State Government on the details of her promised buses. Last heard, out of the list of 1049 buses, only 879 are real numbers of buses and the rest are scooters and auto-rickshaws.

TimesNow updates the tally

In the evening, Times Now reported that in the preliminary list of details of around 1000 buses given by Priyanka, there were 31 auto-rickshaws and 69 ambulances and trucks.

This is just the beginning

It remains to be seen as to how many of these 879 buses will actually be provided. This saga is just beginning.

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  1. Hello “journalism”, please share me article link of yours where you asked the state and centre on why they were failed on helping migrants.hope you know how many people are still walking and dying .please show the article of your “journalism”

  2. The effort of priyanka should be welcomed this is no time for dirty politics when lakh of citizens are in trouble and debt of country is rising high, subramanyam swami have fix agenda to abuse others just to servive in politics

      • What kind of journalism is this? opposition atleast trying to help the migrants in transportation in possible manners and you are reporting it as fraud? What kind of misleading headline is that? Only some of the vehicles are autos and ambulances. But what if they r not buses atleast welcome their effort. Dont just show your hate in everything. Journalism is an honourable job.

  3. I think you must be Congressman and accusing of Modiji govt. Please change. Do not be Slave of italian family If you people are not going to Change then, very soon the Party will be out of Politics.

  4. I do not see scope here to do is only 800 or even 80 buses..Let UP Govt arrange transport of migrants ASAP in those buses being provided..

  5. She were the father of Lalu Prasad Yadav who committed swallowing fodder using one scooter, she……… Horrible.
    If I were the auto, I must become a bus whenever times come, she proves

  6. “Priyanka’s fraud exposed” this is a week writing and I think Meaning, understanding and Definition of word FRAUD is not known to the team. Its an humanity offer and desire from the core of the heart to support poor. You perhaps started calculation of 1000 count on buses and did find 10 -15 odd numbers may be of any other cart but what about the correct numbers. Whatever support she gave is proved that Administration and Government is FAIL to help and save life and livelihood of poor.
    The fraud is 20 lakh crore odd announcement which is in the name of Poor but Government Privatized coal and ISRO and defense.
    What is 74% FDI permission. It is a fraud to the Nation. Making anti National Interest policy is fraud.


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