Prof M D Nalapat on the VP pick & whether the Biden-Harris presidency will be good or bad for India

Prof M D Nalapat was one of the first to predict a Biden-Harris team as early as in 2019. Now that his prediction has come true, what does it mean for the India-US relations. Have Sanders' Pak sympathizers jumped ship to the Biden-Harris bandwagon? The real reason various Democratic City Councils are voting against CAA. A $156 million purse from an advocate of anarchy.


  1. Biden & Harris have no business to make derogatory statements which are not based on facts . At their level they cant afford to be ignorant . We respect Prof Nalapat . Any tom dick & harris can become President in US but Bharat will make its presence felt . Bharat must be set the right policies and look for long term benefits

  2. The Kashmiri’s American community needs to step up and send a few well crafted questions to the Biden/Harris campaign about their positions.

    Does the campaign recognize Kashmir as part of India or not?

    Secondly, I heard Trump position on Hindus. What’s the Biden/Harris stance?

    Lastly, what’s their position on the anti caa resolutions without corresponding resolutions about persecution of other minorities?

  3. Biden had problems with women, so he decided to pick up a woman as his running mate to woo women voters. Harris is an African American and provides strong support to all immigrants including illegal immigrants. Popularity of recent BLM movement has made Biden to select this woman in stead of a white woman. Both are great supporters of Muslims, Pakistan and China and they will take this Great country to its total destruction by making it a total Welfare State! There is no other alternative except praying to God to stop this nonsense! Biden, due to his age, can not even talk coherently and I am scared of having this women who doesn’t have any knowledge of world politics, to be the President, if some thing happens to him. She is far more dangerous than Hillary Clinton.
    I am unable to agree with Prof. Nalapat on his views about this mad woman!

  4. Like any Indian, Prof Nalapat is sentimental in judging K Harris. She and her fellow women democrats Premila Jaipal, Ilham Omar and Rashid are hindu and India haters. How many visits did K Harris and her mother made to India ? Further k Harris openly proclaims that she is African American.

    Well, Soros hates India and has been funding anti India councils and media in US. Can’t Wealthy US, PIOs and donors to chairs at US versities counter anti India propaganda ? As Abhijit Iyer stated, most of PIOs in US went as Educated Coolies and lack any will to influence US policies. What rights Democ- rats have to criticise Indian govnt policies ?

    We have hindu origin leaders from S Africa, Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname expressing their proud Indian heritage where as Indian origin senators in US turn to becoming India haters joining hands with Islamists. Even Sathyanarayana Nadella ( Sathya Nadella ) was a strong critic of CAA, Let us not glorify the Hindu Indian politicians migrated to US but treat them like any black politician, keeping India’s interest as priority.

  5. Biden/Harris will do a 180 on China, going back to Obama era policies of containing China which translates to having the World pie split 2 ways. Right now China is quietly consolidating its position in Ladakh as it realizes having opened too many fronts.
    Trump’s trade war will be killed off by Biden, Biden’s son has billion dollar dealings with the Chinese, go read ‘Secret Empires’ by Peter Schweizer.

    Biden will also pick up the pace in Afghan exit, putting Pak/China in charge
    Biden will turn the clock on Iran, Iran already made a 400 billion $ deal with China so India looses big time there, Chabahar is already lost giving China absolute dominion on the West waters of India.
    Biden will allow for more H1/H4 which will help the IT sector.

    Trump is a transactional Prez, which is not a bad thing for India, buy more F21s so Trump is on your side and a pain in China’s arse.

  6. Prof M D Nalapat on the VP pick & whether the Biden-Harris presidency will be good or bad for India.
    Good and crisp analysis. I always admire Prof. Nalapat, Sree Iyer, Rajiv Malhotra, Prof RV, Pai, Mani and evergreen Dr.S.Swamy. These gentlemen are multi lingual.

    Yeah Kamala tweeted “finally got my pork chop!”
    We Indian in general and Tamils (Kamala remembering “chithi” is playing to the gallery) in particular should not get excited about her candidature as Joe Biden’s running mate at the backdrop of her Afro-Am / Black and South Asian American woman making unfriendly comments for over a year now on Indian “internal issues”. Both candidates are supported by anti Indian Moslems, anti Indian Soros huge funding and China may not be far behind! Biden-Kamala are dumbos surrounded by anti-American groups.

    I feel that there is nothing special remains with USA anymore since majority of the educational institutions are captured by Chinese/leftists/liberals.

    If Dems win 3rd Nov 2020 presidential elections, India shall be a big looser. Indian software sector may support Dems this time also. Trump should stop tweeting nonsense least now. Chinese Wuhan virus played hooky on Trump! What happened to Biden son’s Ukraine Oil scam?

    I guess US dominance on worldly affairs for nearly 100 years now is coming to an end in less than a decade from now!

  7. I dont see any concrete reason(s) explained by Prof. Nalapat for backing Kamala Harris other than her moderate family background and few videos with her children that were watched by Prof.

    Being a senator and aspirant of greater position, she should have done a proper research prior to making derogatory comments on the internal matter of India. Her comment have hurt the sentiments of Indians.

    Doesn’t that show her biases and/or immaturity particularly on part of India?


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