Who is running the Home Ministry – Amit Shah or Ajit Doval? Sanjay Dixit unravels the mystery

Sanjay Dixit tries to analyze the function of the Home Ministry, as to why BJP looks paralyzed on various incidents from Shaheen Bagh to West Bengal violence. Also, how do the intelligence agencies work in India, and how Indian Muslims see Mohammed bin Salman reforms in Saudi Arabia. Watch the video till the end as you will find many nuggets.


  1. Another desperate ‘wake up’ call, if it might be said so, for PGurus to look into and set right immediately its new, 3 weeks old and weird, Android web page behavior of ‘unprotected’ (= rt-click enabled) articles with locked up Comments boxes (= nothing happens upon clicking the ‘Leave a comment’ despite the new web page URL indicating ‘comment form’). Rarely and randomly, if ever, as THIS page has done ONLY FOR NOW, an article might click open with ‘protected content’ and its Comment box already laid out open to enter one’s opinion. And even here, any further (copy, cut, paste etc) edit is impossible, unless the Google keyboard’s own text editing is used.

    Now, an opinion on this video: It’s heartening to witness PGurus enter into a dialogue with Jaipur Dialogues. Conversely, in order to create an ‘info highway grid’ enabling all-round and pan-Bharat dissemination of ground level realities and higher level strategies, PGurus could bring up South Bharat issues over to the North.


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