#EP66 How EVMs were manipulated from Rome. What will happen on Jan 6, 2021? What role does a VP have

#DailyGlobalInsights #EP66 How EVMs were manipulated from Rome. What will happen on Jan 6, 2021? What role does a VP have?

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to be PGurus Channel. This is Sree Iyer your host. This is the first broadcast of the year 2021 of Daily Global Insights, I am with our expert is Sridhar Chityalaji. Sridharji, namaskar and welcome to the Pgurus Channel.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar and good morning to everybody and happy New Year and we are happy to be back. Of course, we were on air on January 1st as well as a curtain-raiser.

Sree Iyer: Yes. It was a curtain-raiser. And today is the first-weekday broadcast. Sridharji, let us start right with what is going to happen on January 6th, and we have some precedence before that has helped to maybe guide, what the process vice president Pence has at his disposal a few options that are there. So let us start with the January 6th, what is expected to be played out? And then we’ll have some other important takeaways from beyond that, so, please take it away, sir.

Sridhar Chityala: Great, Great. Thank you so much for the context. So, January 6, what’s going to happen? The January 6 the process is very clear, which is namely that the Vice President will convene both the House and the Senate in a joint session. He will effectively state, this is the process that they will access and validate the electoral votes or Electoral College votes that have been sent from each of the specific states, they will start with Alabama. He will begin to pass the votes and then they will begin to start the counting process and as the counting process starts, if there are any objections, they will hear the objections given the contentious nature of this election and you have seen mainly in the Republican camp, people objecting and people saying, it was not prudent to object a duly conducted election process.

The five states the Republican legislators and Senators have been steadfast and the Republican representatives from these five plus one six states, five is Republican-controlled, one is democratic control. They have been steadfast in their statement that this is illegal and the process has to be heard, you know, which is namely what happened. Now, the rules are then, they break out into two groups the House and the Senate that given two hours to discuss this and then what happens is decision is made whether to accept the objection or to vote against the objection. Given Republicans are divided in the Senate, maybe more divided in the Senate, given the thin margin on a percentage relative basis and the Democrats in the House are more united, where they control the majority. The ability of these votes to pass or the objection to pass is very thin. Okay, so they’re very confident that this motion will be defeated and this is the one strand of thought President Biden will be elected. So, this is the process that you asked.

Sree Iyer: Yes,

Sridhar Chityala:  it’s a process that you asked and so what can happen, so one of the other things that are being certified…

Sree Iyer: If I could just interrupt you one thing, sir. So, there is one other thing probably that we should end in this, that is that even if the House and the Senate vote by the majority that election results should be set aside. Let’s say it’s against that saying that Biden selection is final, Mike Pence has an option, isn’t it?

Sridhar Chityala:  Yes, I think before we get to that so I said that there’s two more…

Sree Iyer: So, I leave it for you to go ahead and continue. I’m sorry to have interrupted you.

Sridhar Chityala:  So, Mike Pence has a choice. So, since you went on that strand of thought so, but let’s kind of complete that. Mike Pence has a choice if you’re looking at Josh Holly’s case, which is to state that Mike Pence has every right and the choice which you rightly pointed out, has to say I will not certify because Mike Pence has to certify. These are at least six elections contested as a fraud. So, a case was filed in the Supreme Court, basically, against Mike Pence, against certification, the way he should exercise his right and overruled these Six States votes or he should come up with a processor basically give the election, you know, when you kind of reset these Six States, then the count comes in favor of President Trump and nominate President Trump. That’s very far-reaching for Mike Pence to step in and do that. And I think Mike Pence team including Department of Justice which represents the executive branch effectively, you know nullified and argued against it, so, that case has been defeated. So, I don’t know whether Mike Pence at least legally he cannot be enforced, whether he will exercise that judgment is a billion-dollar question on that day. If I have to bet my point is that is very highly unlikely that he would take such an extraneous logically and legally from a Republican point of view, it may sound normal, but I  doubt whether he would get into that execute that step, sir. So does that answer the question.

Sree Iyer: Yes. Yes, and please continue with your thought. I am sorry for taking you off track.

Sridhar Chityala: It is very valid because it’s a discussion. I may have lost but, you’re right. So before he comes he can exercise, after he comes he can exercise. When they raised an objection, he can exercise other areas of those circumstances, he can kind of intervene. He has that constitutional right.  So the constitutional rest upon him that right, that’s a very important kind of a point which is to say whether he will exercise that’s a different point, but he has the right. Okay, so to close that loop. In the meanwhile, there is a proposal that has come from Ted Cruz that was discussed, all through the kind of the weekend which is citing the 1876 precedents of you know, built it for and forget the name of the other candidate. So basically the precedence was that look, there’s enough evidence and we have seen all these things, you know playing it out, but there is precedence why not, we apply that precedence, which is to say five Houses, five Senate, five Supreme Court judges sitting and assess objectively the evidence and if they come out and say there was interference and there was illegitimacy in the count and the casting and the counting of the votes then they can determine the overruling and after that account can be taken and the decision can be made.

In 1877, the decision was overruled and went in favour of the Republican specifically from three states, South Carolina, Louisiana and Florida. So, these were the three states where this happened. So, in my humble view that seems a much more balanced approach, where you have, members from is not from one side or the other side, seems to be there is precedence, that’s playing it out. So, people then began to push back on Ted Cruz’s kind of proposal which is almost saying hey, you know, we should charge you for treason and he went on the defensive and he basically said there’s a precedence, I’m not stating anything that is outside. So that option is open. There is also a third option, the third option is listening to all these, remember there are five states sent dual votes, which is they sent an electoral college which certified Biden then, the Republican Senators sent a separate set up of votes towards which was in favour of President Trump. So they have time from now till January 6th to change their mind and stay, look that is not we’re not accepting that, what we sent as a set of work, votes should be counted when the count is done and that they have the only choice between now and January 6th to recalibrate that. Should that happen, then, of course, we know the number of votes that will swing one way or the other way. So in other words, we don’t know that we will know that during the course of today but no later than tomorrow morning. We should be in a position to kind of get it, because that’s all confidential. It’s not been, you know, we don’t have a line of sight on how those numbers came up, but they were two sets of electoral votes that were sent and I think it was legally smart of them to have exercised that option now there’s a recourse.

So these are the three scenarios that we are kind of looking at. Of course is a fourth scenario, which is very very very unlikely but, President Trump has said that he is going to present evidence on January 6th. How is going to given 9.50 time in the joint Houses? whether he will be given time with he’ll be objected, we don’t know but, he says on January 6th we’re going to present this whole kind of evidence and the world will come to know and then you know things will kind of change course, where and how that will fit in we will know as the process has been done. Then, the agenda is set, then we will know when he would get that opportunity to make that case. So, these are the various interesting scenarios in this huge 2020 election circus that has gripped the United States.

Sree Iyer: Thank you, sir. Now, I would like to take a couple of minutes to act what you just said. I’m just reading it from a poll, 39% of all Americans believe that 2020 the US Presidential elections were rigged and before you say Aaa!! but, you know, that is all Republicans think so. I want to state the facts here 17% of those were Democrats and 31% of those were Independents, I believe the Republican number of only 70% or so. So, what this tells us is now America is beginning to realize that perhaps this election was not won by means fair. Now, one of the things that I am surmising that President Trump may touch upon as evidence on January 6th, and I’m just going to tell you what I have learned looking at a lot of data over the weekend is, first of all, we need to have a story that adds up, something that can be explained from beginning to end, something that can explain why internet access was enabled to EVMs from these Six States. Something that can explain the transfer or jump of votes from one candidate to another abruptly at a certain time during the night and so on and so forth.

So, here is one website intelreform.org, that has tried to explain this. I’m going to briefly touch upon it here now yours can go to that site and take a look at all the evidence that they have presented. So, what happened on late night on the 3rd of November, according to this site six states connected to the web to the internet and uploaded the data to Frankfurt.  From Frankfurt servers, the data went from there to Rome. And he believes that the data was then accessed by somebody working in the US Consulate in Rome and they also took the help of allegedly, two MI6 data specialist who wear techies that knew how to play around with this machine and between them they change the count adjusted them.

And the data was then uploaded back through a military satellite that is owned by a company called Leonardo. Now, where does Leonardo come and connect with the Democrats such as Biden and Obama? Well, the Leonardo has, so okay, just let me finish that. So the data came back into the servers and then the vote transfers got adjusted. In other words, the counts did not, the overall Top Line didn’t change according to this theory. But there was a transfer what went to Trump got transferred to Joe Biden, that’s what is the theory here.

Now, you have to also try and see how is Leonardo connected to the Democrats? Here is how this person is doing the connection. Leonardo has a US subsidiary called Leonardo DRS and the CEO of that company is William J. Lyon III. Now, who is William J Lyon III, he was a former US deputy secretary of defence, especially with cybersecurity under the Obama-Biden regime.

These are just data and I’m presenting it as I’m seeing it. So this is perhaps one strand that President Trump might touch upon. And in fact, this leads us to the next part of our segment where Sridharji will explain what transpired between the phone-call that took place from White House to Georgia Secretary of State. Sridharji, can you please walk us through what happened there?

Sridhar Chityala: Great. I think that the other raging controversy over the weekend was one hour call between the Presidential team and the Secretary of Legislature George Raffensperger of Georgia. The conversation, any of you can play out the full 1 hour 10 minutes or 1 hour 5 minutes conversation between President Trump, and the team, Mark Meadows was there, some of the DOJ and legal people, it’s a fairly large team which was present and all the members introduced themselves and the conversation took place. The conversation effectively stated look we are finding that there is more than x number of votes which is cast which seems to have gone one way versus the other way.

And also this whole postal ballot certification or desertification seems to be invalid. So all we require is your x number of votes within the context of winning and losing the election. Why don’t you reveal and do a re-audit of this, so that the results can be recalibrated accordingly? So this was the conversation and then George basically stood firm and said, ‘I cannot do, I cannot do that process. I cannot exercise those rules.’ Now, what happened is, it looks like a segment of this conversation was given by George according to press to Washington Post. So you had your whole wrapped up Twitter War waging yesterday between WSJ, CNBC, NBC and CNN broadcasting messages that say, ‘Trump should be charged under treason because he is trying to illegally,’ and even some words like 17,000 Bitcoins or something propped up in some of these messages.

Then, you had Epoch TImes which is considered by many to be to the right which said, ‘here is the whole conversation and what he is saying is – what you are doing George Raffensperger there is wrong and basically you have within your legal power to exercise the right to recalibrate and revisit this and correct the course.’ That is the Epoch Times. So somewhere between these two you can listen to the conversation on your own and come to a judgment.

By the way, there’ve been two cases filed by the presidential team against the secretary, which would be taken up. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. So this whole situation in Georgia, which will be also at the centre of controversy, with tomorrow being the Senate run-off, has been the focus in terms of whether the same process is going to be repeated given there have been 3 million votes already cast in the election.

There was also another controversy which is voter-rolls being changed right in between a presidential election and a state runoff and those change of addresses technically was fought as invalid, but then you had a Democratic nominated, Democratic favoured judge who happens to be the sister of Stacey Abrams, the head of the democratic party saying ‘no, she is not ruling, she accepts that and which made people in Republican side cry foul which is to say, this is constitutionally illegal. So you have this conversation, within that context, one has to look at and you have this issue raging in Georgia. There is a case that is filed. So, not only the presidential race, I think we’re going to potentially have problems in the Senate if the same process and procedure is followed through till the end.

Sree Iyer: Sir, I have a quick question, in these six states, can the houses – the Congress and the Senate, not order a manual recount? Ignore what the electronic counts because there is so much being questioned. Why cannot they go back to the manual ballot count?

Sridhar Chityala: They did the manual count. But without segregating the real versus unreal. And I think we have explained through the process, even in PGurus some people coming in and saying ‘hey you guys are all favouring one side of the ledger.’ This is all done and dusted and basically, we should put this aside. If it is all done and dusted, then why for example, 453,000 votes, digital postal ballots only 15% has been recovered the other 85% is still to be recovered. In Georgia, they have not answered the question. Now today it says there are more than 432,000 votes identifiable in Pennsylvania. So there is a whole raft of data issues around the quality of data. By recounting bad data, you’re not going to change the outcome. This has been the whole issue of the Republican which is, have you done the audit first and eliminated what is good and what is not good? What is not good is when for example, if you do an audit and you find that there is no signature matching, there are duplicate addresses. Apparently, this close to 32,000 addresses, this is by the citizens of Arizona, 32,000 phantom addresses, which seems to have the same address for many names. So the question is, this is thrown, has an audit been done to establish the specific pact rather than whatever the citizens have established in the process? It hasn’t been done. Unless you do the first audit and then you do the recount you may get meaningful numbers. But without an audit, there is no way you can establish that something is good or something is bad. So recount was done in many of these states. They came up with similar numbers, but no audit was done.

Sree Iyer: Thank you for that clarification, sir. So let us quickly look at other things. We are already 21 minutes into the program. A quick covid update, sir.

Sridhar Chityala: Yeah, a quick covid update is, I think the covid situation has now become global. It has even engulfed China. Asia starting from Japan, Thailand, Korea, everybody is now contemplating emergency, declaring an emergency to combat, especially the variant 2, the rising cases of variant 2. China has also discovered rising cases of variant 2. Of course, the data from China is very sketchy. And then of course in the United States, as you know, there’s a raging controversy around 352,000 deaths right now. But when you overall look at it given that it is a pandemic and there is a vaccine now in vaccination program albeit being slow and there’s a lot of controversies around, is it working not working, the trials being too short in nature or you pre-empting these kinds of things now that the trials are in progress. When you look at the overall, 85 million cases, 60 million people have recovered. Yes. there are 1.8 million deaths, there are 20+ million active cases being treated. The facts are that there is now a definitive attempts to contain it. There are records coming out which say that current vaccines are adequate to deal with even the variant – 2 issues. Once you have taken the vaccine you have a reasonable level of immunity to address the issue. So this is going to be the first and second quarter raging agenda, which will set the context for how the world gets out of it and how it economically as well as people’s lives, which has been disrupted, will be dealt with and I think that’s the case.

In India, there is the AstraZeneca vaccine which is Oxford, London, and India cooperation. The vaccine has been certified in conjunction with two domestic vaccines, one from Bharat biotech, and the Serum Labs. So, therefore, that again has triggered another controversy, which is, how quickly it is approved. So people don’t seem to be focused around,  you leave some of this stuff to people who are in pathology as well as in those who are in the lab and so on rather than politicians being judgmental and forming opinions. So, therefore, I think the covid situation is going to be one of the tops of the minds in conjunction with the US Elections, because the US elections set the context in terms of the markets and the various activities from a geopolitical point of view that shapes the direction, especially as a unipolar power combating another power which is China.

Sree Iyer: And lastly news is emerging now, Jack Ma has gone missing. Viewers, we have been saying this for a while now ever since Mile Squawk interviewed was interviewed by Kyle Bass. There’s a channel on YouTube called Real Finance, you can get all the information there. He predicted this about two years ago that Alibaba will be snatched away from Jack Ma and that Jack Ma will be… well, I don’t know what to say, we will be praying for his health and we will see what happens. So this is something that shows you that perhaps covid-19 another smokescreen that was introduced to the world to try and influence the elections in the United States because after all, the United States is the strongest democracy. I’m clutching at straws here. I’m saying that I’m clutching at straws because I don’t want to make an assumption that’s a bit of a stretch there, but there are so many coincidences. We are going to be back tomorrow same time with more news on the US Elections, what is going to play out on the 5th and the 6th and prepare yourself for a wild ride. Thank you very much and Namaskar.

Sridhar Chityala: Thank you and Namaskar. Have a wonderful day.


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