Prof R Vaidyanathan on the Unprecedented churn in Tamil Nadu

Touching upon the recent controversies by the Black Group on Lord Murugan, Sadhu Saravanan suicide due to harassment by Antony Michael a Police officer and no steps taken by Police until a few days ago raises the question whether sadhus are safe in India? And, why Tamil Nadu 2020 Elections is gonna, be like a manthan moment which no one knows whether it will spew venom or Amrit or both.


  1. I join Sree Iyer in my concern about the nagging cough of RV, as we all call him with affection, and pray to Muruga Bhagwan for RV’s quick recovery from the problem.

  2. An interesting take on the emerging moment of political and social churn shot through and through with outraged religious sentiments in TN. While different parties and leaders will make their positions clear in the coming days, those in the shadows, namely Evangelical and Radical Islamist forces, must also be accounted for. And I am sure Mr R V will dwell on this most important aspect also in the future. Unless we include them in the matrix of triangulation we may miss the woods for the trees while trying to understand the tangled landscape of TN Elections 2020.


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