Prof RV describes how are Dharma and Economic development related

When lawyers, CA's & doctors flourish, it usually means the economy is in decay. A Global view and then the Indian view. From Nov 2016 onwards G7 is in decline


  1. Sir, China cant be considered as Dharmic given that it’s Communist rule for over 70yrs, engaged in estroying Buddhist Tibet, constantly engaging in jingoist approach to Japan and claiming parts of India as it’s and funding, grooming Islamic Pakistan.

  2. Brilliant! Real professor spoke Reality. Family tradition is the ASSET. May be one day WEST will understand but it may be too late also. We need to spread and enrich our systems by educating Indians. Our media is MADia. It develops idiots. Hope India takes correct steps and STOP imitating wASTEFUL habits of WEST


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