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Did Mahabharat inspire to solve Terrorism in Myanmar?

Buddhist fight against terrorism resembles that of Pandavas fight in Mahabharat There’s a sad joke on the plight of Rohingyas who are declared security threats...

Dharmic Americanism should be the new philosophy

How the church-going Republicans began to be hated by many Americans needs to be analyzed? The GOP (Grand Old Party) was the first to introduce...

Padma Bhushan awardee V P Dhananjayan on why he is a...

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The Legend of Bappa Rawal

Maharana Bappa Rawal defeated Mohammad Bin Qasim, the first attacker of Islam on Bharat and chased Arabs up to Iran. On his way back, he...

I follow Dharma, I am not a non-believer

Criticism of Dharmic traditions, philosophy, and culture is a part of that education to instil a sense of fear of losing their exclusivity Being a...

Sattology – Good War vs Bad War

The previous article was Sattology – ‘Debunking Mythology’ where the author explains that the world will believe in Bharat if Bharat takes its history seriously. War is...

Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan on What is DharmaWiki and Why its needed!!!

Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan is a Professor at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

An engaging debate titled Divided we fall, with Swamy Nirbhayanand-ji, Govind-ji,...

Panelist were Swamy Nirbhayanand-Ji Acharya of Chinmaya Mission, Govind-Ji Spiritualist - Iskcon, Madhu Sudan-Ji and Prof. Ramasubramanian Prof. in Sanskrit, Indian Science and Technology,...
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