Sattology – Good War vs Bad War

India is democratic until now because of Hindus who have largely remained silent.

India is democratic until now because of Hindus who have largely remained silent.
India is democratic until now because of Hindus who have largely remained silent.

The previous article was Sattology – ‘Debunking Mythology’ where the author explains that the world will believe in Bharat if Bharat takes its history seriously.

War is not the solution but it can be used to force a solution. History has shown that the threat of credible repercussion & loss deters the strongest willed enemy. USA and Israel have achieved national objectives for their Judeo-Christian and Judeo ideology respectively through a credible offensive defense. Ideology defines nation states and community. India has remained politically weak because of self-imposition of secularism as an ideology ignoring the cultural necessities and national pride of 95% of Indians. Secularism is also defined as atheism by Prabhupada. The massacre of #CRPF jawans in #Pulwama has raised the call to confront terror in totality. Let’s accept dharma as India’s main ideology. It is well known that when we protect dharma, dharma protects us. Non-Hindu forces are very well organized and have always been working on plans to eliminate Hindus who are the largest group of followers of dharma. All faiths whose origination is in India have worked to protect dharma. Six out of ten Gurus of Sikhism have given supreme sacrifice to protect dharma. Jains, Parsis, Hinduism, Buddhism – have all worked to protect dharma. It’s but natural to conclude that Dharma is the natural ideology that binds all communities in India.

Ideological warfares against local cultures have been done to conquer and control territories for profit. Ideological warfare is a strategic tool of war.

Ideological attack on Hinduism today is at its peak as is evident from TV, Bollywood movies, school curriculums, politics, terror attacks, and the list is practically endless. The only hope for Hindus is their scriptures which inspire them to regroup and re-energize.


The enemy has a two-pronged attack against dharma. Hindus being the largest single group that bears the brunt of attack but the attack of foreign faiths is on dharma. Dharma is also sometimes called the Indian way of life.

The two-pronged attack can be classified as:

  1. Ideological
  2. Physical


Historically, Ideological warfares against local cultures have been done to conquer and control territories for profit. Ideological warfare is a strategic tool of war. Ideological warfare against India is done through

  1. History Textbooks: where looters and barbarians have been shown as heroes, secularism as virtue and courts as final harbingers of peace. Locals are not given credit for any achievement. Everything is shown as having come from the invaders.
  2. Secular Courts: Selective acceptance and rejection of court judgments. While court judgments are supposed to be sacrosanct for natives, Muslims/Other foreign faith inspired communities to accept or reject court judgments at will as per their religion or diktats. 10% population of India i.e Muslims don’t respect Indian courts. Native people are the net losers in courts. The Islamic philosophy of deception, taqqiya is cleverly used to subjugate Hindus under Indian secular laws. Also, other foreign faiths regularly target Indian ideology through various sponsored court cases. Natives are forced to fight for their own ideology in their own lands.
  3. Selective Secularism: Appeasement of minorities as a secular state policy in Kashmir, Mallapuram, Mizoram and other parts of India has reduced native Hindus to minority. Native Hindus have no rights in those territories now. Secularism as an ideology is used by enemies of Native Hindus as part of their ghazwa-e-hind strategy to make Hindus ideologically weak and confused. These anti-Hindu forces and their agents in media & polity want Hindus to be secular to disarm Hindus of any ideological strength while retaining their ideological faith-based communalism. Hindus now have no other option but to reject secularism because of it being net-disadvantage to them. Secularism will work only when there is a Uniform Civil Code for all. If the Uniform Civil Code is not implemented then automatically India is a Hindu nation and Dharma is the national religion of India. Hindus and other Dharmic oriented faiths are supposed to take a higher stand of secularism while non-Dharmic people follow communalism. Money that belongs to Hindu communities is freely distributed to non-hindus in the name of secularism. The state has not helped increase Dharma as a faith. Hindus are also expected to celebrate diversity while non-Hindus continue communalism.
  4. Polity: Secular Political patronage of anti-Hindu political outfits who claim to be secular have emboldened them to promote all forms of civil, criminal and militant terror against Hindus freely as and when needed. They get protection from the state. States such as Bengal, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala, Kashmir openly and shamefully work against Hindus. Hindus are second class citizens in those secular states. Hindu opinions and views are outrightly rejected as right wing. Vote banks are created with financial incentives for targeted voting, thereby misusing democracy. Secular polity is openly anti-Dharma. Mainstream ideologies are openly considered right-wing or extremists as per their campaign. Left wing or seculars are considered mainstream in India by corrupt mainstream media. Blatant misuse of freedom of speech in the name of media liberalism. Article 370 and 35A have been known to give impetus to Kashmiri Muslim gangs towards genocide of Kashmiri Hindus.
  5. Media & Movies: Bollywood has been used extensively to deride Dharma / Hinduism, often funded by underworld gangs. Often times Hindu priests are regularly made fun of in tv and movies. Hindu deities are questioned while their prophets and messengers always held in reverence.
  6. Education: State-funded madrasas, Muslim Universities, deobandi, and other schools promote an ideology that inspires hate attacks against native Hindus. All other ideological philosophies are funded at the cost of native Hindus. Funds from temples is routed to promote faith of these communities who are in actuality working against native Dharmic systems. It’s like funding to break India.


1947 won’t be repeated and Hindus are ready to not only take back Kashmir but maybe Pakistan also because two nation theory has failed.

The first solution to ideological Warfare, Ideological warfare needs to be answered by first correcting Indian history textbooks. Hate propaganda against Hindus in the religious texts or its commentaries must be identified and removed. Then asking countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other Islamic nations to remove hate propaganda against Hindustan. Dr Subramanian Swamy inspired Dharmawiki is an excellent program to rewrite Bharatiya history as it is meant to be. All state funding to institutions of foreign ideologies must be stopped immediately and they must raise their funds independently to support themselves. Real factual comparisons between tenets of their faith and Dharma must be publicized and taught to Hindu children from early childhood. It’s the characteristic of foreign invading faiths to enforce religious homogeneity through political power because they are not designed to tolerate diversity. Foreign invading faiths are by design communal in nature as against Hinduism. The campaign to regain Hindu pride must be in media, social media and tv in addition to military battlefields. Off late, the Khan/Dawood effect has reduced towards more quality cinema because of better Hinduism inspired scripts. Any sort of glorification of Arabic ideology in movies or TV shows must be censored. A special classification of Community tag must be attached to all media productions by the Indian censor board. Some shows that are marked for the Hindu community must not be shown to Muslims and vice-versa. We can also learn from Israel to disenfranchise communities who are an ideological threat to the integrity of India. Ideological corrections must be done on a priority to prevent further weakening of India.


Hindus need to respond to ideological attacks by:

  • Proclaiming Hindu identity and Dharma Ideology
  • Using evangelical techniques to proactively converting others to Hinduism
  • Changing Textbooks to teach their children about Hindu and Sikh heroes who fought against Islam and British rule
  • Rejecting secularism in favor of active Hinduism
  • Rejecting all forms of discrimination against Hinduism including Bollywood songs & movies that include Arabic ideas, Urdu Language promotion in Bollywood songs, Bollywood making fun of Hindu Gods & Priests
  • Wearing Hindu symbols such as Tilak proudly in Public
  • Rejecting Hindu political and religious leaders who confuse Hindus through secular messages


Two, Militant attacks against Hindus is usually done against Indian military/paramilitary. Most of these terror attacks are done to send a message of humiliation to Hindus and also to bolster their own rank and file. These religious terror attacks are ideologically inspired by priests/leaders of foreign faiths. Hindus are again fed the potion that because Kashmir issue is not resolved therefore these attacks happen. But Hindus, make no mistake, even if Kashmir issue is resolved in their favor these attacks will continue. Muslims got Pakistan in 1947 due to the same ideology, now they want Kashmir and in future something else. Pakistan creation was the victory of their breaking India agenda. The real enemy of Hindus is their ideology which justifies using terrorism as a strategy. There will always be a reason for terrorism for them. Now is the time to call their bluff and accept that their faith is a problem and if they don’t change then it’s their problem. 1947 won’t be repeated and Hindus are ready to not only take back Kashmir but maybe Pakistan also because two nation theory has failed. The only solution to deny them a victory in Kashmir is implementing the solution proposed by Dr Swamy – Repeal Article 370 and rehabilitate Kashmir valley with ex-servicemen.

Military operations with clear ideological and military goals must be initiated in enemy territory.

Military operations by Indian Armed forces in their controlled territories is essential to instill fear of collateral damage. War must be fought not only in their heartlands and minds but also on their military installations. A proactive military operation for Baki-stan (breaking Pakistan into four) as called by leading Parliamentarian Dr Subramanian Swamy is a master military objective. Opening diplomatic channels with their oppressed communities like Shia, Baluchis, Sindhis, PoK etc is the best way to weaken them. Mahabharat teaches us to weaken the resolve of the enemy first before going for the win. Diplomatic operations should include recognizing aspirations of their oppressed people who seek independence from them but on the condition that they recognize Hinduism as one of their official faiths. Diplomatic operations must also penalize countries (reducing their diplomatic missions and levying penalties), Commonwealth (imposing additional 5% duty on imports), UN (reducing annual payments by 1% for every terror incident), private corporations (putting them on higher tax brackets), individuals (financial restrictions) and NGOs (tax penalties) that support their terror in any way. All successful wars have an ideological basis to establish dharma for peace and prosperity for all. Yudhishthir Maharaja won the battle against Kauravas to establish dharma. Saragarhi battle was won by Hawaldar Ishar Singh to protect undivided Bharat from afghani looters. Many successful military campaigns have an ideology behind it. Without an ideology, there won’t be military goals to achieve post-war. Every democratic society in the world has an ideology, except India. Brazil has primarily Christian ideology, the USA has Judeo-Christian, Japan has Shinto and Buddhism (inspired by India), China has communism, Russia has Christianity, Malaysia has Islam, India has secularism!! Indian politicians claim a higher moral ground by claiming secularism as their ideal while shamelessly ignoring 95% of Indians. Is that fair? India is democratic until now because of Hindus who have largely remained silent.


To achieve military victory:

  • Penalize all individuals, organizations, and countries that support or promote terror against Hindus
  • Authorize proactive military operations inside enemy territories as and when needed without waiting for the next attack
  • Proactive intelligence operations along with military covert operations must be carried out in their lands
  • Hinduism as an ideology different from theirs must be taught to everyone in India
  • Encouraging members of their oppressed communities to join dharma based faiths must be part of Ideological-Military response to their aggression


A successful Dharmic war against the invaders will achieve the following outcome for India

  • Protection from coerced / violent conversions
  • Protection and respect of dharma
  • Protection from genocide / forced exiles within a country
  • Economic prosperity for all
  • Increase in numbers of Dharmic faith followers


Indian century will begin when Dharma and followers of dharma are protected, and invading ideologies are defeated in India. To achieve this, Military operations with clear ideological and military goals must be initiated in enemy territory. There is no other way. It’s time to respond. Jai Hind !!


1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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