Sattology – ‘Debunking Mythology’

The world will believe in Bharat if Bharat takes its history seriously

Sattology - ‘Debunking Mythology’
Sattology - ‘Debunking Mythology’

Histories mentioned in Mahabharat and Ramayan which are also connected to Vedas have also been corroborated through scientific and historical research. Thus, they are not considered mythology also, rather I call them as ‘Sattology’

Bharat is a land where many faiths have originated or inspired by Vedic teachings. Vedic means based on Vedas and Vedas mean knowledge. Every part of Vedic knowledge is taken as an axiomatic truth and can be subjected to scientific scrutiny and scientific research. All of them have come to be scientifically validated. Historically it is considered that Vedas have been spoken by Vishnu or Hari and compiled by different sages and thinkers under His guidance. Histories mentioned in Mahabharat and Ramayan which are also connected to Vedas have also been corroborated through scientific and historical research. Thus, they are not considered mythology also, rather I call them as ‘Sattology’.

Many intelligent people are gradually realizing that Vedas, Mahabharat and Ramayan are ‘Sat’ or ‘Truth’ while abrahamic faiths are based on ‘Myth’ or ‘Untruth’

There are ample proofs of historical places where the incidents mentioned in Ramayan and Mahabharat have happened. One such great example is Ram Setu engineered by Nal (architect of Ram’s army). The places mentioned in Ramayan and Mahabharat are real and people are still living there. Another example from Vedic Scriptures is ‘Kashyap Mira’ i.e the Garden of Kashyap Rishi which is also called Kashmir in short. Anyone born in the land of Bharat shares these historical treasures and also its philosophy and teachings. In fact, Kashmir is also mentioned in Mahabharat during Arjun’s travel to North. Kerala is also mentioned in Mahabharat in the episode of Sahdev’s travel to the south. Other Bharatiya traditions teachings such as Guru Nanakdev’s, Jain Tirthankars’, Buddhist teachings also closely share Vedic Dharmic conclusions. All of the above dharmic traditions share similar values. The attack on one is an attack on all of them. The openness and broadness of Bharatiya (Indian) cultures are always a relief for all intelligent human beings.

There is a concerted campaign on social media and mainstream media of India that demeans Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist cultures by so-called seculars and foreign invading faiths.

Their campaign against Bharatiya Dharmic traditions has principally three broad messages to weaken their resolve to fight.

  1. Create Disbelief: Your deities such as Ram and Krishna are the myth. You are idolators.
  2. Intimidate: We subjugated you for 1000 years
  3. Weaken Resolve to Retaliate: Hindus or Dharmic people (a general name for Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Parsis) are weak

Let’s historically analyze and answer each of them one by one.

First, Ramayan was written by Valmiki with blessings from Brahma. Luv and Kush sang Ramayan in front of Ram, who was surprised at the accuracy of those descriptions. The biography of Ram by Valmiki was verified by Ram publicly. All places of incidents of Ramayan are existing till date under the same names as mentioned in Ramayan, moreover, the geographical coordinates have also been verified. Historical accuracy has been validated scrutinizingly by ASI as well as independent research bodies. The hypothesis that Ramayan is a myth has been debunked conclusively through independent research.

Similarly, Mahabharat is written by Ganesh, Spoken by Vyasa with the blessings of Brahma. All cities mentioned in Mahabharat are still existing as confirmed through Geographical coordinates. Mahabharat is so vast that it practically covers the planet earth which abrahamic / Yavana faiths are reluctant to admit. The accuracy of Mahabharat lends all other histories practically useless. So much so that Vyasadev proclaims that any history that doesn’t have its origins in Mahabharat is fake. So the organized religions, to protect their donation income, call Mahabharat as a myth. All the characters of Old Testament, New Testament and Quran are shared across their three pieces of literature and historical/scientific analysis for those places of interests has never been done in the same tough manner in which they have done for Mahabharat and Ramayan. Once a critical analysis is done for those places, then the world will find out that those literature have no historical accuracy. Most of those faiths are running on forced beliefs. You are forced to believe in something that may or may not exist. Srila Prabhupada, the founder of Iskcon,  debunked those literature as incomplete and transient. Many intelligent people are gradually realizing that Vedas, Mahabharat and Ramayan are ‘Sat’ or ‘Truth’ while abrahamic faiths are based on ‘Myth’ or ‘Untruth’. So we can conclude that their first propaganda falls flat on the ground on scientific/historical basis. Think! Let’s move to the second.

There’s a lot that needs to be undone but I am sure that the land of Ram and Krishna will rise again for the benefit of all inhabitants of the world.

Second, subjugation/rule is usually mocking lines by Arabic cult people to Hindus/Sikhs/Jains/Parsis/Buddhists from Bharat. I call it Arabic loot of Bharat. The fact is that Arabic cult was defeated in India. The reality is that in the last 500 years only their loot started but they could never live in peace or take all their loot out of Bharat. They were consistently opposed and fought by Hindu leaders. Aurangzeb practically lived in military tents all his life. They killed innocents and anyone whom they thought as even faintly opposing them. They used barbaric methods to subjugate people of Bharat. In one such instance, Aurangzeb killed all 4 sons of Guru Govind Singh in the most barbaric way, two of them were buried alive in the wall and remaining two were killed in front of their mother. This was done to instil fear in followers of Bharatiya dharmas. But then Bajirao destroyed Mughal empire and Maharaja Ranjit Singh again defeated all Arabic cult barbarians.

Islamic invaders were always scared for their life because Hindus / Sikhs / Buddhists / Jains never gave up. In the end, their last King lived in a small room in Burma and died a miserable life. No barbarian cult leader was ever able to rule peacefully in their conquest of India. To say that Hindus lived in their fear is totally debunked by history. Hindus fought back and never gave up until they were gone. Hindus/Sikhs/Jains/Parsis collectively denied them any victory in Bharat. Their culture of intimidation has been routinely defeated by all Bharatiyas. Even their violence in small Kashmir valley has been repeatedly answered appropriately by Bharatiya Sena. They are weak because they feel attacking women and children will force Bharatiya men to surrender. But historically it has never happened and it will never happen because the history of the land of Bharat is filled with stories of Ram and Krishna. Dharma will always fight against injustice, barbarism and tyranny from Arabic lands. Chandragupta Maurya, Vijaynagar empire, Cholas, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Bajirao are great examples of world conquest by Dharmic Kings. The time has come again to show the military strength of the Dharmic system to defeat the barbarism. They cannot intimidate through terror. Think !!

Three, Hindus/Sikh/Jain//Parsis have never left the battlefield. It’s against the culture to show back to their enemies. It’s against their culture to attack women and children. Arabic cult has always used the rape of Hindu women and killing of Hindu children as their strategy for terrorizing Hindus out of their homes. In Kashmir, 500000 Hindus were forced to leave. In Mallapuram, Hindus have been forced to leave and while leaving they cannot sell their homes to other Hindus. They have to sell to people from Arabic cult. This is a weakness on their part because their faith and culture don’t have the strength to mix with a much more sophisticated Dharmic system of India. So their community based or communal culture prohibits them to mix. Cult means that there is a way in and no way out. Their apostasy laws are meant to protect their numbers. If the apostasy law is removed there won’t be any of them left. It’s the fear within And violence outside that keeps them together. Hindus have an open culture guided by Bhagavad Gita which makes them fearless. No Hindu warrior is scared of death because they know they will get another superior birth if they die on the battlefield. That’s assured in Bhagavad Gita. To say that Hindus are weak is a historically unproven fact. The best warriors are Hindus as recorded by Bharatiya Sena, World War 1, World War 2 and also the defeat of Arabic cult fighters in Kashmir and also in Mallapuram. When their tyranny meets Hindu warriors, they have always lost. It’s their inferiority complex that they disparage traditions and religions from India. Shivaji Maharaja gave a call for Hindavi raj to protect inhabitants of this great land of Bharat. Think !!!

It’s time for all people from Bharat to come together and defeat/debunk the propaganda on media, social media designed to make them weaker or look inferior. Rely on historical facts to counter their propaganda and that will help to serve the world better. The world is ready for the Philosophy of Bharat more than anything else now. More intelligent people are willingly accepting Dharmic principles without coercion. Many countries in all continents love the treasures from Bhagavad Gita when they read it. In fact when one reporter in the UK asked one Hindu saint .” Why have you come here? He replied ’I have come here to give you Bhagavad Gita which you forgot to loot from India’.” It’s time for Bharatiya to take it seriously and claim their stature in the world. The world will believe in Bharat if Bharat takes its history seriously. It’s time to proactively end their enemies’ campaign at all levels i.e Mainstream Media, Social Media and Military. They won’t understand any language other than that. Military campaigns against these barbarians is a must to instil faith in residents of Bharat and fear in the minds of these barbarians. Our history guides us to wage a Dharmic war in their territory. We need to forgive only when they accept Dharmic faith to live peacefully with us permanently. Otherwise, they remain peaceful only until they increase in number. Barbarism in any form is unacceptable and that can be only done with strength. Our history is our biggest strength and we need to become proud of it. Most of our history is written by invaders and that needs to be corrected also. There’s a lot that needs to be undone but I am sure that the land of Ram and Krishna will rise again for the benefit of all inhabitants of the world. वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम. Jai Hind !!

Watch out for my next article on Sattology – Good War Vs Bad War…..

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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  1. MR.ADITYA you have to correctly mention over here before bajirao Shivaji the king from maharashtra and his son Sambhaji fought for Hindu dharma and it’s protection against Aurangajeb so bajirao the care taker of there throne continued that.

  2. “ The world will believe in Bharat, if Bharat takes its history seriously “. Incorrect. World will respect Bharat if it becomes wealthy and only later history will act as catalyst.

    “ our history is our biggest strength “. Incorrect. Hindus are living in glorified past ( which century is unclear ). We are now in a scientific era where gadgets are governing humanity. Racial and freebies culture is at its peak.People are wasting time watching TV serials rather than knowing history. When a swami invited villagers for GITA classes, he was told that Gita is chanted during funeral processions.

    “Our history guides us to a dharmic war.” Incorrect. Waging dharmic wars, Bharat has shrunk 1/4 to its original size of 2000 years ago. Dharmic war in Kashmir, WB and Kerala is leading us no where.

    While i appreciate the authors views, we should take our past as guide, understand the guiding principals in epics ,act boldly , think positively keeping nations interest first.This is what Rama and Krishna expect from us.

    • “My name is Venkat. I am a CC(crypto christian). I keep my Hindu name ‘Venkat’ to fool gullible Hindus. As I am a CC, I don’t value or respect my roots and origins because my new faith forces me to be loyal to a land& culture located in a desert. Now, I want to see the whole Bharat changed to that culture. That is why I always argue against anyone who makes even a slightest favorable argument about Bharat & its culture.”

  3. I love your this article immensely. Hope the dharmic people of today stand united to fight this evil theology. We must defeat them militarily.

  4. Nice…
    “Fear inside and violence outside….”

    Christians could see only star
    Muslims star and moon…
    Hindus sun, moon and star….

    Just because desert cults were in the same region, they have a few things in common.
    But that certainly doesn’t mean ours is false…
    We have had the most tolerant and peaceful religions – Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism in our own country…
    All preach love and affection and not only deal with humans but also all forms of living things.
    And all these religions have many things in common too…

    Hindus should be made aware of the richness of Hinduism and the love of God Shiva in testing and blessing the 63 nayanmars and god Vishnu in showing us the right things in life …(Ramayana and Mahabharat)
    We have always approved debates and have enriched ourselves.

    Respect for women is more prominent in Hinduism…even the helpless ones..
    Sita ma remained clueless to where she was and helpless in enemy’s territory yet she was saved and her purity respected..

    Draupadi was helpless in the court of injustice where her protectors (husbands) were all slaves… Yet she was protected…

    Kannagi was helpless in the new place and kingdom but justice won….

    Hindus should be proud of such richness and traditions…
    Schools should instil these in the minds of young bharatiyas…

  5. Wonderful article.
    Rightly said, it’s high time hindus (I mean all true bharatiyas, irrespective of religion) wake up.
    Irrespective whichever party you belong, if that party doesn’t support or preserve Bharats story, you should leave that party.
    Today I see only BJP & RSS who helping preserve our civilization..


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