Prof RV on how Social Media has broken the shackles MSM over India’s readers/ viewers

In a wide ranging discussion, Prof R Vaidyanathan discusses what is Good, Bad and Ugly about the advent of Social Media and how it has grabbed the eyeballs of followers


  1. Indian mindset is such, any successful venture is available for sale, more so by overseas Cos. Hot mail, Goldspot,Flipkart,etc. The offers are so tempting,it is better to sell the venture and enjoy wealth life long. I am sure most of Indian TV media is remotely controlled by hostile forces to denigrate the country.

    Whether we start twitter, Facebook , etc the controlling button will be held in a remote area in west purely because of dollar value. Unless India becomes an economic power house, we will continue to be economic slaves. “ Dhanam Jagat moolyam “ meaning entire world spins around money.

  2. Dear Sri RV
    Your statement reg why Indian businessmen have not started something similar to twitter or fb. This idea was originally suggested by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan,


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