Prof RV on the ongoing China situation and why it is lashing out at its neighbors

Prof RV details what a Xi handshake is worth, Modi having met Xi 18 times in various cities across the world. China has issues with Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South China Sea... it is a long list. All this coming after Corona. Watch this to get a better perspective on what China is thinking.


  1. Indian industry has been destroyed by cheap imports from China. But many of these products do not last ; fail quickly. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients is one such instance, so are many other products. like steel . Sterlite agitation was financed by China to enabel it to sell its copper It is high time that this destruction is stopped

  2. From 1982 to 1990 we have had Italian food, Italian Furniture, Little Italian restaurant,Italian fashion, Italian school, Italian cars……………………….Since 2008-09 China series started and Chinese product is everywhere and some product or the other in every household! Even a street corner Noodles push cart hangs a board ” chainese” fast food with a dragon picture!!

    Chinese companies have invested Rs 17,000 crore in Gujarat till September 2019.
    So far, PM Modi and Xi met 18 times in 6 years!
    Most of the SAARC members are with China. Nepal is under heavy financial inducements and may be honey traps.
    Where is RAW investigating Chinese investments in SAARC countries.
    What went wrong? May be chai was not served to Xi !!
    On Galvan Valley PM Modi alleged to have given a clean chit to China and DM,EAM issued contradictory statements at the same time!!


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