Prof RV says that #Budget2021​ has no demand-side stimulus & India could slip into Stagflation

Prof RV emphasizes the need for priming the demand side, without which the economic engine of growth could sputter, and eventually, India could slip into stagflation (Stagnation + Inflation at the same time). With more and more joining the ranks of the unemployed, the Govt. has to take up huge infra projects or find some way to put money in the hands of its people so they can spend.


  1. A word of caution to the Prof

    If the Prof by now hasn’t understood that gumuflagellation should be left behind, he will end up with a very big blot at the time meeting of his meeting the maker.

    The next 3/4 years will be nothing to look forward too.

    Being led up the garden street is no excuse. Finally it’s your brain that decides how you act.

    Kuriakose, Lobo, Trivedi etc standby to watch your chemistry , while you get fined by the so called French Angel Gabriel (and his football team at his house)

    Jaithirth was a very sensible person who understood the writing on the wall many many years ago.


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