Purohit points finger at Congress president

Lt. Col. Purohit wrote to PM Modi on May 31, 2014, detailing how the Malegaon blast was planned

Lt. Col. Purohit wrote to PM Modi on May 31, 2014, detailing how the Malegaon blast was planned
Lt. Col. Purohit, after he was released from prison on Aug 21, 2017

Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit, released after nearly nine years in jail when the Supreme Court granted him bail on August 21, hinted in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon after he assumed office, that the sitting president of a major political party was behind the conspiracy that saw him decoyed from his posting at Pachmarhi, MP, to Mumbai, where the Anti Terror Squad (ATS) made an illegal civilian arrest of a serving Army officer.

Purohit suggests the conspiracy was masterminded by more powerful forces than the Maharashtra ATS…

Purohit has hinted at having uncovered dark secrets while taking an 18-month Arabic course at Pachmarhi, MP, while continuing to gather intelligence as an officer of the Military Intelligence, and pleaded for an in-depth investigation of the same. Purohit is one of the country’s leading experts on the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), and renowned for his work in counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence in Kashmir and Maharashtra. In fact, his very success provoked his ruination at the hands of as yet unidentified forces.

Writing from judicial custody in Taloja Central Prison in Navi Mumbai (PSP/55224/Official Corres/14, dated May 31, 2014), Purohit, an accused in the Malegaon 2008 bomb blast case, claims that the entire case against him was fabricated and stage-managed by the Maharashtra ATS, for reasons best known to them and their policy makers [read political masters]. His appeals in this regard to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Defence Minister A.K. Antony, and even the then President of India, fell on deaf ears.

Purohit suggests the conspiracy was masterminded by more powerful forces than the Maharashtra ATS, and states that he had drawn Dr. Manmohan Singh’s attention to “the attempts of politicizing the case by the president incumbent of the National Congress Party”; the word Congress was subsequently cut and deleted for ‘Political’ Party in pencil. The letter is written in ink. Purohit makes a dig at Singh’s “ventriloquism” in the matter!

Explaining the case, Purohit says a bomb blast took place in Malegaon town of Maharashtra on September 29, 2008, in which seven persons died and many were injured. At the time, Purohit was in distant Pachmarhi.

Informed sources claim Purohit had uncovered and aborted at least seven terror attacks in the country and had advance knowledge of the forthcoming attack on November 2008, which possibly led to his downfall.

On October 24, 2008,, Col. R.K. Srivastava arrived at Pachmarhi from Army Headquarters with instructions to facilitate Purohit’s interaction with ATS Maharashtra Police. Srivastava also had instructions to bring Purohit to Delhi to meet with Military Intelligence-20. Purohit says Srivastava did not convey any of these messages to him, and in fact treated him shabbily from the start.

On October 29, 2008, the Adjutant of the Army Education Corps and Training Centre (AEC) gave Purohit his movement order (without which he could not leave his duty station), which directed him to report to Director MI-20 at Army Hqrs. Srivastava asked him to leave his mobile phone with the Adjutant. Purohit’s family believed he was going to Delhi.

At the Bhopal Airport, however, Col. Srivastava forced him to board a flight to Mumbai, under a false movement order, and he had no means of communicating with his family. it is notable that an Army Court of Inquiry in 2009 upheld Purohit’s claim of abduction, kidnapping and illegal detention by Col. Srivastava. Various witnesses (Lt. Col. G.C. Mohanta, then Adjutant of AEC; Brigadier Rajkumar, then DDG MI, and others) confirmed that Purohit was moved on a false movement order.

On reaching Mumbai on the night of October 29, 2008, he was taken in a white Sumo to a civilian bungalow at Khandala, on the Mumbai-Pune highway. He remained here until November 4, 2008, in the illegal custody of ATS officers who subjected him to unspeakable mental and physical torture. Depraved threats were made against the women members of his family. The worst offenders included then ATS chief, Hemant Karkare (d. Mumbai 2008), then Addl. DG Police, Parambir Singh, inspector Arun Khanvilkar (since dismissed from service in another matter), and then Asst. CP, Mohan Kulkarni (since retd).

Aparna Purohit’s attempts to locate her husband in this period failed, as the AEC Adjutant, Lt. Col. G.C. Mohanta, was totally in the dark, having given a movement order for Delhi.

On November 5, 2008, Lt. Col. Purohit was handed over to the Mumbai ATS, an action that was illegal and based on this illegal series of events. He became Accused No. 9 in the Malegaon 2008 bomb blast case.

Tracing events prior to his taking the Arabic course at Pachmarhi, Lt. Col. Purohit served as an intelligence officer with the Southern Command Liaison Unit, Pune, at Devlali, Nasik. One of his registered intelligence sources, Sudhakar Chaturvedi, was made Accused No. 11 in the Malegaon case. The ATS claimed to have arrested him on November 20, 2008, and recorded that the house provided to him in the cantonment area was searched under panchanama on November 25, 2008, where traces of the RDX allegedly used in the Malegaon blast were recovered. The charge sheet stated that the bomb was assembled at Chaturvedi’s house.

This theory exploded during the Army’s Court of Inquiry, when two independent witnesses, Major Pravin Khanzade (Witness 1) and Subedar (then) Keshav K. Pawar (Witness 2) revealed that on November 3, 2008 (two days before Purohit’s arrest and 17 days before Chaturvedi’s arrest), the two of them had caught an ATS Asst. police inspector, Shekhar Bagade, planting evidence at Chaturvedi’s house. On being caught, he had pleaded with them not to report his presence there. But Major Khanzade reported the incident to all his seniors in Devlali and to Hqrs. Southern Command, Pune. The statements of Khanzade and Pawar figure on page 330 (July 8, 2009,) and page 426 (July 27, 2009,) of the official record of the Court of Inquiry.

Clearly, the ATS officers who fabricated the evidence against Chaturvedi prior to the arrest of Purohit and Chaturvedi could not have planned for the written testimony of Major Khanzade to his superiors! With this explosive evidence available to it in 2009, the Army authorities clearly realized they were sitting on a very deep-rooted conspiracy that went back to highly influential persons in Lutyens Delhi. They seem to have decided that their best course was to preserve the evidence for a better day – a wise move.

The ATS managed to compromise some of Purohit’s carefully crafted intelligence network. Three of his registered intelligence operators were made co-accused in the case and four were made witnesses against him.

It is fairly obvious that only a mole(s) inside the Pune Military Intelligence unit could leak the names of Purohit’s registered sources to the ATS. It seems likely that the registered assets of other serving military intelligence officers may also have been compromised in this period – not only in Maharashtra but other States as well. The Government of India and Hqrs. of all Services need to make subtle inquiries in this regard.

In March-April 2011, the case was handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which too, failed to file a charge sheet (till date).

Purohit ends his missive urging the Prime Minister to ensure the release of all innocents in the case, not just himself. Calling himself an old war horse that responds to one call of the bugle, he prays for the “singular honor” of serving “my most revered and beloved motherland”.

This letter brought tears to the eyes of even veteran soldiers with whom it was shared. It is incumbent upon the Government to give the soldier back his honor and the accolades that are his legitimate due.

The investigations must begin with the first attack on Hindu sacred spaces outside Jammu and Kashmir – Akshardham, Ahmedabad, September 2002 – and the creation of the ‘Hindu Terror’ narrative under the auspices of the Sonia-Gandhi led United Progressive Alliance.

Above all, statutory action must be taken against Col. R.K. Srivastava, and the surviving members of the Mumbai ATS – Addl. DG Police, Parambir Singh, inspector Arun Khanvilkar and Asst. CP, Mohan Kulkarni. Hemant Karkare’s disgraceful conduct also needs to be put on record.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  1. Why cant all those responsible for this dastardly act, all done for undeserved promotions, by the political traitors, be tried and hanged??? This is the most serious of serious crimes against the Nation and a full bloded sedition. just does not matter how high these traitors were, just hang them . Had it been any other Nation, they would have been beheaded and strung on lamp posts long ago with just a fraction of the evidence . Hinduism cklassical “”tolerance”” has some serious drawbacks in todays world of crooks and character-less people.

  2. Great analysis and exhaustive report on the anti national activity of the soniya maino and her gang of wazepur. we must not rest till last beggar of this story is booked and brought to justice. Khurkhure has anyway met his fate during 26/11 & khanvulker is serving his favorite jail term .

    We are unable to dream such type of the happening even through Novels and thrillers of Bed Prakash Sharma ji of those old days . These cronies and boot lickers of the Maino cossed all the limits of the morale and values. we must see their destruction in days to come.

  3. Brilliant and factual analyses, as usual, great work Sandhya Jain. You are really doing great service to the nation. Standing ovation to you. keep it up, it may take time, but awakening will definitely happen.

  4. If the government appoint an Inquiry Commission to find out the acts and actions done or taken by this sitting president of that major political party as NAC when that party was in power and take action on its report, the person will have to pass the remaining years of life in prison

  5. I have read total article and it is such that the politicians can go to any extent. Many of the people have opined that BJP Govt should act against so called stallwords.
    I say that the great NIYATI works slowly. So far we had great respect for Karkare but it is totally lost.
    All the people named in the article will get it’s punishment like Karkare,col Srivatsava etc. What is the current status of even Congress party.
    NIYATI takes the revenge.

    • Now I can understand why hemant karkare, extolled as a hero and a martyr
      in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, was brutally gunned down by terrorists. It was Nature’s way of punishing a blackguard and traitor for inflicting unspeakable torture on the Colonel. But when will nature act against his masters at the highest political levels, for vilifying and framing a brave army officer who did so much for the country. IT IS VERY APPARENT THAT THE ITALIAN BARMAID AND HER GOONS RUINED THE LIFE OF COL PUROHIT in the name of Hindu terror, which is an absolute sham. Traitors like Chidambaram, Sharad Pawar and Digvijay must be given exemplary punishment and disgraced nationally, so that they do not rear their heads again.

  6. The story of how Col.Purohit was taken to ATS, Mumbai and attempts to “fix” him has already been written by Madhu Poornima Kishwar on her website http://www.manushi.in (http://www.manushi.in/articles.php?articleId=1803#.WaVclCgjHIU) three years ago. Nobody seems to have noticed it!
    There must be some reason as to why the Army has not acted openly in the matter except continuing to keep Col.Purohit on their rolls and remit his salary to his wife. May be there are matters not to be disclosed to the public.

  7. All the people who supported the bar waitress in her anti Hindu and anti National endeavour , just because they weare permitted to fill their coffers as much as they can,in particular, the docile faced but criminal minded Chidambaram, who coined the word ” Hindu Terrorism” and all his criminal minded ministerial colleagues shall be brought to book irrespective any amount of shouting that may be created as ‘vindictive action’ . The great patriot, Col. Purohit , who suffered for 9 years for the sake of the nation ,shall be honoured on Republic Day parade.

  8. PM Modi must take stern action against Sonia Gandhi which is possible only when Arun Jaitely is kicked out of the cabinet and Dr. Subramanian Swamy takes charge.

    PM Modi must understand this is the highest degree of disservice to nation and biggest threat to India and Hindus.

  9. ATS guys who were compromised by Sonia, Chidambaram, Dogvijay and Havaldar Shinde and thus tortured Col Purohit and Sadhvi needs to brought to justice. Karkare got punished for his dastardly acts. Khanvilkar was suspended for corruption. What about Parambir Singh? That guy is still working as Thane CP. Is Fadanvis Govt going to punish Parambir Singh for his inhuman actions against nationalist like Col Purohit and Sadhvi?

  10. R u serious. .? Sound like a headless chicken to me. .if you read the above and understand how evidence by way of mil C of I in regard to this Col of MI exists. If he was guilty things would have not been difficult to establish. Why this move on false Movement orders etc…but makes little sense to you as you are a civilian, not even trying to learn, to you all this is a joke eh! You piece of sh1t.

  11. Col purohit will be avenged if all the co-conspirators of pak Isi. are tried including Chidambaran. Sonia. RAHUL….army personnel Srivastav….kidnapping case to be re-opened….a compensation of one crore for each year of illegal detention and equal amount for torture…about 20 crores and further same amount for defamation from all the accused ….Rahul Sonia Ats personnel Karkare…Chidambaran…army personnel Hemant Karkare…

  12. Col Srivastava should be brought to books. He along with his superior on whose orders Col Purohit was illegally detained to frame him should be taken to task and criminal proceedings should be initiated against them.

  13. Col Srivastava should be taken to task and punished. Also, the officer on whose orders Col Srivastava was sent to apprehend Purohit. The members of ATS should be punished for fabricating facts.

  14. In a similar manner, the officers of the TSD, another intelligence unit, created by Gen VK Singh, are suffering. This storyustvalao be brought to public domain.

  15. I have read better fan-fiction sagas than this. Tch tch.. so much hate against a particular party and that lets you make all these allegations up. BTW… He is out on bail.. not yet branded innocent. Clickbait much?

    • sure. but if you are not even scratching your head a bit at no chargesheet in 9 years (or at least 5 discounting the Modi years), you must realize the problem is not with this story but with you.

    • Either you are in the PAY ROLL of Chidambaram or you are Chidambaram himself writing under an assumed name.

      Entire UPA cabinet right from the American Agent Manmohan to Raja should be arrested & all cases of scams, scandals, treachery should be investigated on an expeditious manner.

    • We no longer seem to believe that it is innocent till proven guilty.. unless we are following laws of somd medeival cojntries where uou are guilty till you prove ur innocense

  16. We need a new law that stipulates that traitors and persons who indulge in anti national activities like the UPA stalwarts must be skinned alive. This is the worst form of nation breaking activity one can think of. Framing a Commissioned Officer of the Army who was in the Intelligence wing is treason of the highest order. And doing it when in power as the top Congress functionaries is just not to be tolerated. Modi must not spare any of those who conspired and must start with Col.Shrivastava. The tragedy is that the past President of India too was in it and knew about it. He sat quiet as the supreme commander of the Decence Services when his Officer was being tortured after being deceitfully framed. Congress Politicians are truly a bunch of traitors and bandits.

  17. Since his arrest I am telling all he is innocent.He was performing his duty to the nation.A soldier serves first to the nation and then rest.The proofs he collected were so explosive that no wonder the people sitting in then Govt feel unsecured if proofs to be out.And we elected them blindly to rule us.They try to destroyed the Pertiotism amongst our Brave solders but theybfailed they could not Broke patriotism of a brave soldier.I am proud of being sin of Army Officer who also did refused his promotion in 1978 because he spoke about Emergency in private and then puppet of Bansilal helded my dad’,s promotion .This is what Congress is all about.Current,Without any sort of Patriotism.They would even sold the nation if ruled further.We as a resident and cmman men must stand behind Col.Purohit and save the nation.

  18. This was the main reason why for almost six years, the conspirators could not succeed in bringing even one single charge against Col. Purohit (or Sadhvi Pragya for that matter). Perhaps Modi Sarkar must be weighing whether it has proof (beyond reasonable doubt) enough to convict the conspirators or not because it must be aware that failure to do that all Fiberals will jump up and down claiming vendetta…vendetta.

  19. Action must be taken against Col. R.K. Srivastava, and the surviving members of the Mumbai ATS – Addl. DG Police, Parambir Singh, inspector Arun Khanvilkar and Asst. CP, Mohan Kulkarni. We must unmask the real face behind this.

  20. Singham film has some kind of similarity with this story. Col. Purohit must be given his honour as it is not oly Col. Purohit, but the whole country which has lost 9 valuable years of life. I salute Col. Purohit

  21. It is part of a systematic plan to weaken the nation by undermining the armed forces. It goes beyond Col. Purohit. Sonia Gandhi and family have so many skeletons in the closet, it is not hard to blackmail them. And she loves money and fears for her and her family’s safety. Both are easily manipulated. She is probably a Pakistani proxy and close to SIMI which Purohit was probably about to expose. This is what forced the hand of the Congress to silence him.

    • One and only one person can ravel the true facts of the family, it is A Patel who passed on the orders orally. Getting proof is impossible as too many intricate power centres are involved. Watch the movie SHOOTER and analyse deeply how conspiracies are hatched by a conglomerate of people which includes CIA, army, FBI, politicians, police and media. No judicial system can touch them and the movie provides the only solution to cut down ONE part of conglomorate. Only one man has the courage to take on such a conglomorate in India ie Amit Shaw ,if he becomes home minister.

  22. This ,Madam is damning evidence enough to crucify not only Sonia,but also Shinde and Chidambaram. Methodical as Modi is it is absolutely a must for our nation to ensure justice for incarcerating two totally innocent people.I demand my pound of flesh now . I request the most Honourable and respected Prime Minister to give a free hand to the invetigating agency concerned to do every thing possible to bring the guilty to face the hour of truth and be severely punished for dishonouring a great patriot and a Sadhvi.

  23. Very Damning! And A MUST READ by ALL Patriots!

    Was some International Mafia running the Indian Govt that past decade & earlier?
    Several questions pop up on reading up this very good report & analysis by Sandhya Jain
    * Will ARMY initiate who in Army HQ deputed this Col Srivatsava on this job?
    * Was the ARMY’s Pune Intelligence unit penetrated & compromised?
    * Who directed Maharastra ATS to do the DIRTY job?
    * Can NIA be trusted to do a great job? Since it took over this case in 2011 and sauntered along even now?
    * Is there a deep state that can manipulate NIA, ATS, Army Intelligence HQ as well as torture & foist false cases against sincere Patriots like Col Purohit who accidentally got smell of a deeper & dirtier racket?
    * Why is the defense & finance minister NOT pursuing cases against the deep state mafia? Including those that infiltrated and compromised the Indian intelligence apparatuses?

    Too Many questions!

    Hope Modiji really pushes hard to bring these crooks to account even while ensuring that Indian Patriots do NOT get caught up in a tsunami of anti national minorityism identity politics!

  24. If this is indeed a case fabricated by the Congress to paint Hindus as terrorists to appease their Muslim vote bank and these facts were brought to the notice of the present govt when it assumed power 3 years ago why was no efforts made to rectify the wrong doing and bring to justice the conspirators? This is all the more intriguing because BJP govts are in power at the Centre as well as in Maharashtra.

    • Exactly!! What is BJP doing from 2014? HM knows all the facts and access to all the information. Gen VK Singh also in the ministry. Why didn’t BJP openly support Col Purohit? where is Col AK Srivastava? Why not send him to army court martial? What action is BJP going to take against PC, Havidhar Shinde, Sonia & Dig Vijay Singh?

  25. Elsewhere in the media two more clear- headed analyses have appeared; one by a veteran and other by a journalist veteran. These two posts contain some comments from this writer both only as a veteran.The aforesaid comments which are pasted below suggest as to where exactly the squeeze should start from. Pasted comments:
    ‘To be brief on this part, you deserve all the appreciation from the Uniformed Community for spotlighting the case so well. May I add some thoughts, whatever be their worth? More than half a century ago we were taught in the Indian Military Academy that one of the Ten Principles of our profession was ‘CONCENTRATION of FORCE’. Let us concentrate argument on our own leadership in uniform to unwind the case and pend for the time being our attention against other perpetrators, if any. Did those who were mandated to protect a junior colleague upheld/failed to uphold the ethos of their Commission? They need to be probed first and if found guilty need to be exposed to the Might of the Law. Let them come out with their part of the story/ rationale/excuse or whatever. Let then the conscience of this nation define action/punishment for their bosses. If this does not happen in a transparent manner and as early as it may, the senior echelons of military leadership will find difficult to retain the confidence of the juniors, who are the real salt of the Armed Forces.’

  26. Thanks to the author for nailing the criminals right here! It is not merely a bar maid and her scheming mind but a whole lot to do with the traitors in India patronised by forces inimical to the nation and hindus in particular.

    • R u out of mind? Let. Col. Porohit had not done anything while he was under a course. But that bloody Shrivastava had acted as part of conspiracy witht. Col.Purohit.

  27. Where is col.srivatsav? Why is the defence, government and media shying away from providing details about his whereabouts? If the army has given a clean chit to purohit, what has it done to punish srivastava?

  28. Great Research work Sandhya Madam, now having known more or less complete truth, the duty of all citizens is to act, not just to express anguish in social media. we will ensure such actions are not repeated again, let us initiate multiple level legal cases by using our legal system and ensure, retired officers pension is stopped, serving officers get terminated and face the trials, including ex-ministers.

  29. Excellent piece; the author has exposed what the MSM and paid media in India has been hiding. The question now is why are the culprits who “fixed” an innocent patriot are roaming free?

    • Why govt is not able to deny or accept the charges of Col purohit.Where is col purohit?was hemant karkare killed by those forces who trapped col purohit?is there any link between death of vilas rao deshmukh and col purohit case?

  30. It is high time that such false, malacious and vindictive action of investigating officers, police, intellegence officers or army should be treated equally like False encounter and strictest jailterm be imposed on such govt. officials. Who will return the precious years Puruhit ji spent in jail for 9 years. Now a case criminal conspiracy should be registered aginst those involved in the false case.
    Thanks to Sandhya Jain for bringing the facts out…

  31. The players in this whole affairs are hiding behind cutouts of several layers. Usually it happens in any terror operations , the sources will be hiding in plain view. Unfortunately , Purohit found connections that were shocking to many in the Establishment at that time , i honest investigation would have shed light on top operators inside India and other foreign sources. Some say,
    ✔he uncovered nexus between Congress leaders and iSI
    ✔ He tried to understand Hawala network and about to file a report to his boss . This info reached Maharashtra police, Congress politicians via corrupt intelligence officers .
    ✔ On the whole he has unearthed the vital link between Hawala network and Terror modules, and the key people in various political parties
    ? The moral of the story is
    ✔ Terrorism will remain
    ✔ Sponsors will remain , key players will remain
    ✔ Only foot soldiers will be arrested , prosecuted
    ✔ One cannot reach to the top of the chain where the “Intent” is framed
    ✔ Intell operations can uncover only few layers above the terror hierarchy , but not the BIG BOSS or the team or the beneficiaries .
    ?Solution is what Modi once suggested in an article written few years back.
    ✔ Create a dedicated All India level Intelligence service similar to IAS, IPS.

  32. Though not educated the barwaitress had many crooked ideas to keep India weak and divided.If possible she should be booked and examined in this case as she is the manipulator at highest level.Indians should feel ashamed to have such cunning lady as our citizen.

  33. It is about time legal action must be taken against the president of congress party now without delay. Also against other members of the party mentioned herewith in the report.


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