Radhika Suda of US-IMPACT reveals that Dems spent $400 M in the Georgia Senate seat runoffs!

Thanks to organizations such as US-IMPACT, the percentage of votes Trump polled from Indian Americans has gone up to 36%! According to Radhika Suda, Democrats have spent an insane $400 million to try and capture both the senate seats of Georgia. Also discussed is WE-IMPACT and its outreach to empower women. A must watch!

Correction: The correct number is 1,20,000$ for 240 working days in a year.


  1. I fully agree with Radhika and that kind of money offered to me as well -considering me in US. But as per NBC exit poll by CNBC just now- said it is a close call, but white voters are up to 62% from 61 % in November, and black voters dropped to 26% from 27% in Nov. Counting is stopped for now and will resume at 1 PM means all crooked activities will go on to select Biden’s gangs.

    Wisconsin were sleeping so long- wake up all on a sudden. It may be too late to discover frauds.


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